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Xcom 2 random seed.Random vs Seed (XCOM: Enemy Unknown)


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Jan 09,  · XCOM 2 saves a seeded list in the save. The first reload can generate different results, but each subsequent one will not because it will always use the same saved list. This is why the result will be exactly the same when you constantly reload and take the same action. Feb 12,  · XCOM 2 is great! Well, mostly. It has some performance issues and, more pertinently, it can get a little frustrating with fickle random number calculations and Central screaming at . My major grief with the fixed random seed in Xcom is the idiocy behind a 98% shot missing, just because the random seed dictates that the first shot in your turn misses. And I don’t really get why save scumming is bad. The Long War guys put that option in there for a reason. I don’t see it as ruining my own experience. As long as it’s fun for me.


Xcom 2 random seed.Random vs Seed (XCOM: Enemy Unknown) | XCOM Wiki | Fandom

Jun 01,  · WTF is up with the seed generation in XCOM 2 So it autosaves, I make a turn, all goes well, enemies die. Mission ends I get garbage random promotions, go back to autosave, make the same moves, all misses. Jun 01,  · XCOM 2 (and 1 before that) do NOT generate new seeds if you reload a mission. This means, if you load a save and take a shot, then reload the save and take the same shot, then reload the save and take the same shot, again, it will ALWAYS yield the EXACT same result. Same to hacking and literally any other mechanic out there. For example for two given seeds 0 and 1 a given random function may generate the following sequences. RAND (0) = 3,1,4,1,5,9,2,6,5,3,5,9. RAND (1) = 2,7,1,8,2,8,1,8,2,8,4,6. In practice this would be implemented using two functions. The first SRAND (X) would be called once at any time to seed the pseudo-random number generator and a second RAND.

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Why XCOM’s Random Results Sometimes Aren’t (and You Should Play on Ironman) |

Warning — If you are not interested in learning how the game produces its outcomes and effects or you are not interested in reloading a saved game to produce a more desirable result then this guide will be of little use to you. A pseudo-random number generator PRNG , is a deterministic algorithm designed to produce repeatable, but seemingly random sequences of numbers.

Properly developed the sequence of numbers generated will pass any randomness test, while still being repeatable.

The repeatable nature is done by requiring a starting input or “seed” value which acts as a kernel for manipulating the sequence in an unpredictable manner. This can be very useful for testing simulations which depend on random numbers but can create problems for applications which depend on random numbers but do not pick an adequate starting seed to ensure that a non-predictable sequence of numbers is generated each run-through.

For this reason most computer programs automatically use the current time as the initial seed. This will guarantee that no two sequential runs of a program will generate the same sequence. For example for two given seeds 0 and 1 a given random function may generate the following sequences. In practice this would be implemented using two functions.

Storing a given seed and the current index in the sequence allows developers to produce unpredictable outcomes going forward, which can also be repeated.

Pseudo-random numbers can be generated at a much higher bit rate than true random numbers, which depend on some hardware component for generating random sequences from some constantly changing sensor value.

Pseudo-random numbers have the additional benefit of allowing repeatable tests given an interesting outcome for further analysis, or in the case of XCOM making sure you are never at the mercy of your local power company.

When balancing XCOM it was decided that that in order to LOCK players in to their choices and to help players repeat “lucky” events if for some reason they were forced to reload a save prior to those events they would store the SEED and INDEX inside the save file so they could resume the game exactly where the save left it. In normal games SEEDS are chosen based off the current time or some other input source when the game is initialized and such no guarantee can be given.

Below is a list of ways to manipulate this to your advantage. Therefore, the same action produces the same result, while a different action produces a different result. Each user action causes a new stage of the seed’s “growth” or evolution. If the user repeats the same actions the seed will “grow” into the same “shape”, but each action the user changes will consequently change the “shape” of the seed’s “growth” and the outcomes that go with it.

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