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Vagante how to combine potions.

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Vagante how to combine potions.


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Feb 07,  · There are a lot of consumables in Vagante. we are here to break down the basic ones for you. A easy and fast way to combine potions. Aug 02,  · Combine different potions to make a new potion. (Press the cast spell button while hovering over a potion, drag it onto another potion and press the cast spell button again) Level 3. Alchemist. Potions you drink have stronger effects. Level 4. .


Vagante how to combine potions.Items – Official Vagante Wiki

Feb 07,  · There are a lot of consumables in Vagante. we are here to break down the basic ones for you. Apr 23,  · Items can be found in chests, obtained in Shops or received as gifts from Shrines. Items come in various categories. Weapons are used to fend off monsters. This includes swords and bows, but also boomerangs, bombs, and rods. Wands are a kind of weapon with special effects. Armor includes suits of armor, headgear, boots, but also rings and necklaces. These items have no active use. . Aug 02,  · Combine different potions to make a new potion. (Press the cast spell button while hovering over a potion, drag it onto another potion and press the cast spell button again) Level 3. Alchemist. Potions you drink have stronger effects. Level 4. .

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Current visibility: Friends-only. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. It will start with very little but it will update fast and youll get something knew every week! If there is anything you want me to cover I’ll get on it if it isnt already planned and schedualed. Lets all learn and get better together. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Goxh Offline.

Lord Seth Online. Languages: English. Guide Index. The Dark Caves. Dark Cave Bosses. The Forest. Forest Bosses. The Catacombs. Catacombs Bosses.

The Rift. Rift Bosses. You can offer specific things to gain favor. Gaining favor will cause them to grant you blessings or gifts. The Light To gain favor: 20gold the first offer wont grant anything Blessing: HP Breaking Punishment: You will gain back all the gold you paid into him, but the view distance will get shorter and the game will get darker.

To get blessings again you must pay back everything you took. The Smith To gain favor: Offer weapon or armor, bombs to count as a weapon. Gifts: armor and weapons Extra info: If you offer about seven blunt weapons clubs, masses, hammers, and bludgeons. He will pay out with the “God Hammer” and the message “Behold will be displayed Breaking punishment: This will spawn a lot of arrows around you, that will all fly in at once. The Deranged To gain favor: Toss anything into the caldron.

Gifts and blessings: He can gift armor, weapon, scrolls, and potions. His blessings can be any of the buffs or debuffs in the game, this include things like berserk, poison, and throwing you. Extra info: He can gift you chaos scrolls, this is the only way to get them they do anything the chaos wand can. There is also a small chance to be gifted the “Blink Dagger”. Breaking punishment: This will grant you of his negative blessings and sometimes a good one.

The Shackled To gain favor: Give cursed item Gifts: He will return the item with better stats on it, but it will be god cursed uncurse scroll won’t remove it.

Extra info: You can offer him an unidentified item to find out if it cursed. If you offer him three uncurse scrolls he will gift you the “Ring of Adherent’s”, it will be cursed and you can god curse it for more stats. Breaking punishment: All of the items in your inventory and the shop on the floor are cursed.

The Bloody To gain favor: Offer up your own body and he will take 33 health Blessings: In return for 33HP he will grant you a stat point in either dex or srt.

Extra info: You can also offer the fairy girl from the caves if you do then he blesses you a stat point in dex, srt, int, and luck. If you do not have 33 health to give him he will bring you down to 1HP and whatever he took will be used for later offers.

He will only kill you if you break him at 1HP or have “death becomes easier” equipped. Breaking punishment: Half of your health is gone, and you can give as much health as you want without ever gaining favor again. The Scholler To gain favor: Throw books and scrolls into the caldron to gain favor. Books seem to grant more favor. Gifts: There are two things he can gift to you, books and enchant scrolls. Breaking punishment: He drops a book, and you can never gain favor again. These potions will not be identified until you drink the, use an identify scroll, or have alchemy level one with the wizard.

First the buffing potions. These will apply a temporary effect to the player. Vigor The potion of strange was changed to potion of vigor, it now grants plus 4 strength for about 3 minutes Defense The potion of defense will grant you 6 defense for about 3 minutes. Quickness The potion of quickness grants increased speed for about 3 minutes Regen The potion of regen heals you 40HP five at a time. Poison The potion of poison will deal damage over time but will not kill you.

If identified you can combine it with a melee weapon to coat it with poison. Magic The potion of magic will increase your int. Feather fall The potion of feather fall will give you slow falling you won’t die on spikes or take fall damage.

You can hold down to fall at a normal speed but can take fall damage. Next up the potions that increase the players stats permanently. Strength The potion of strength will increase your strength stat by 1 Intelligence The potion of intelligence will increase your intelligence stat by 1 Speed The potion of speed will increase your speed stat by 1 Dex The potion of dex will increase your dex stat by 1 Luck The potion of luck will increase your luck stat by 1 Vitality The potion of vitality will increase your vitality stat by 1 poison res The potion of poison res will increase your poison res stat by 1 Fire res The potion of fire res will increase your fire res stat by 1 Cold res The potion of cold res will increase your cold res stat by 1 Lightning res The potion of lightning res will increase your lightning res stat by 1 And now the potions that will decrease a player’s stats 1 at a time.

These can put your stats in the negatives. Lower Strength Potion of lower strength will decrease your strength stat by 1 Lower Intelligence Potion of lower intelligence will decrease your intelligence stat by 1 Lower Speed Potion of lower speed will decrease your speed stat by 1 Lower Dex Potion of lower dex will decrease your dex stat by 1 Lower Luck Potion of lower luck will decrease your luck stat by 1 Lower Vitality Potion of lower vitality will decrease your vitality stat by 1 Lower Poison res Potion of lower poison res will decrease your poison res stat by 1 Lower Fire res Potion of lower fire res will decrease your fire res stat by 1 Lower Cold res Potion of lower cold res will decrease your cold res stat by 1 Lower Lightning res Potion of lower lightning res will decrease your lightning res stat by 1 There are 8 different scrolls in vagante, if you have any you don’t want to read you can burn or sacrifice them.

Identify scrolls will require you to select a piece of gear after and it will identify it. They are common and helpful to avoid curses. Uncurse scrolls can help to remove all curses that you have equipped. Magical mapping will reveal the map of the level slowly. Scroll of enchant will add or subtract bonuses on weapons and armor that you select with it.

Jump scrolls this will give you the legs of a super hero so that your next rump will go incredibly higher. Scroll of teleport when used till teleport you to a random spot on the level, and yes this can be right beside where you are. Recharge scrolls will add charges to wands and rods, that’s about all they do, but you can save them in case you find a healing wand.

Scroll of chaos, this will do every thin the wand of chaos does, you can think of it as the blessings from the deranged.

Be careful with this on multiplayer. At camp fires you can cook some supplies for buffs and health. Chicken when cook you get roasted chicken, if alive this will heal you 20HP and give you strength and speed for one minute.

Piranha when cooked and eaten will grant under water breathing for three minutes and heal 2HP Bats when cooked and eaten will grant unbound sight for three minutes and heal 2HP Traps can kill you or really mess up a run so try..

Arrow traps can be set off by a dropped item or a shot arrow. Spike traps can be lowered on using a chicken feather falling or by crawling over a ledge at the same height as the tops of the spikes. Boulder traps can be set off by enemies or used to kill them, you can see pressure plates on the floor or vines in the ceiling.

Knowing your enemies move sets can help to avoid attacks and make faster kills Slimes: they have a dash shown by a charging glow and a jump damage. Best to jump attack or let them get just in front of you. Doge the stab by jumping or stepping back then attack. You can activate them and jump away and they will be left open shortly. Worms: they will only spawn on a single level of the caves.

They can die to arrow traps so be careful and watch for the boss. Sometime when entering the caves you’ll get a strange message above your head this means the floor has an event floor. The rocks do damage enemies aswell as the boss. This can make for some troubling areas down below, best to move fast unless you have underwater breathing on your helmit, or a cook fish.

The rainbow slime will move fast and jump like a normal slime. They are little green archers that have amazing aim so you have to keep moving. If they run out of their three or four arrows they will start to use a spiked club. They are no major threat once you learn how they move.

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