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Total war attila eastern roman empire.Mercenaries

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Total war attila eastern roman empire.Eastern Roman Empire (Attila)


Eastern Roman Empire.Mercenaries Mercenaries – Total War: Attila – Royal Military Academy


Total War: Attila; Total War: Attila >. Factions: Eastern Roman Empire: Units: Custom Battle Units: Buildings: Technologies. Feb 27,  · Before attila was born i had 10 k (and 5 full stack armies) income and the east was secur and i was moving on rome. any minor faction that still existed i simply declared war on and my puppet states did the rest. The division of the Roman Empire has unshackled the East, allowing it to take control of the Roman world. The setting-up of a new administrative centre at Constantinople has allowed the Eastern Romans to replace the antiquated systems throttling the economy and enfeebling their Emperors.


Total war attila eastern roman empire.Eastern Roman Empire (Attila) | Total War Wiki | Fandom

Feb 27,  · Before attila was born i had 10 k (and 5 full stack armies) income and the east was secur and i was moving on rome. any minor faction that still existed i simply declared war on and my puppet states did the rest. 5 rows · The Eastern Roman Empire is a playable faction in Total War: Attila. 1 Overview 2 Faction. Total War: Attila; Total War: Attila >. Factions: Eastern Roman Empire: Units: Custom Battle Units: Buildings: Technologies.
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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. Current visibility: Hidden. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Current visibility: Friends-only. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Updated: effectiv and cheap eastern roman empire army Here is some advices and information to win as the Eastern Roman Empire campaign in legendary.

It is not the only way to reach victory and probably not the best one, but it was enough for me to archieve it. As i said it’s for the legendary difficulty so it may be a bad idea to follow it in lower one as you may hold some lands that you want to scorch in legendary.

It’s not complet yet but i publish it already as the most important tips are already written. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Category: Achievements , Walkthroughs. Languages: English. Guide Index. External ennemy and borders.

Keeping Constantinople and anatolia you should be able to defend your west front with only two small armys. I’ve keep greek for historical and weepy reason, but it was a bad idea, for some meager income i have to spend a lot to protect it, and wasn’t able to avoid raiding there.

Here you have a big choice, or you ask for peace by putting some money on “the altar of friendship” with Huns and you will probably be at war with all new german kingdoms, or you try to fight them, doing so you can hope for a good relationship with europe. Be aware that Huns have a scripted system, you cannot beat them until Attila is dead, they will always come back. That’s the main reason why i’ve choose peace with Huns but at the price of an eternal war against german’s kingdom.

You may even want to start a war against them when they collapse , not to take any territory but just to improve your relationship with almost everybody. Whatever you do. But they’re is some way to make it easyer to deal with them: -It can be tempting to improve your public order where it is really bad, but it’s actually a bad idea.

Your goal will be to make the rebelion arrive at differents moments so you have the time to run from a province to another one with soldiers to “calm them down”. To do so you want to improve the public order where it is almost positive in order to make it really positive and have some “safe places” To improve public order the first thing to do is to have enough food everywhere, the second is to build an administrativ building in the capital of each province.

It’s a really cost effective building giving you boosted garrison and that’s useful public order, money and tax rate, what else could you ask for? You want to have this building in every province capital, if you have no place just destroy an existing building. The only other building that have public order are the church who cost an insane amount of money and some theater that give some old religion.

About religion the church are really expensive i advice you to use the technology until plumbing for this, trying to go back to paganism might be a solution too. If the game was starting with good public order and diplomatic relationship you would win in a few years.

After a few years most of your territories will have a good public order and most of the migratory folks won’t be a threat any more, but three more threat are here: -On the East the sassanide empire will get over the white Huns at one moment or another, if you’re lucky they will have some more inter-war with they’re own client-state, allies or arabic folks, but one day or an other they will come for you. Buildings: Military buildings are really expensive to run, it go up to for the last tier and the’re is three branches so you cannot afford them all, fortunatly you just need one: -ranged weapon military building level 3.

That’s really all you need, let me explain myself. Mele: The legio-comitatense-or whatever technology level you are can be recuite in any military building and they’re realy good enough for your frontline.

The infantry recuitement building give you slightly better units but with 2 turn recuitement and no javelin you can hope to kill at least 50 guys with your javelines when on barricade It’s really no worth it. The spearman you can recuite everywhere is all you need against cav. They’re doing less domage as javeline when you care about the time, but in defence you will hold the streets for a while, you won’t be overwhelmed so what you care about is the total domage they will do with they’re amunitions and for this crossbow are the best, I’ve reach kills for one balist many time, and that was not kills made by slaughtering the runaway ennemys.

Cav: You don’t need the cav building either, in the ranged weapon one you can recuite mounted archers, they’re less good in mele as the light cav but that’s still more than enough to kill ennemy’s long rang units, plus, in the case where an ennemy cav decide to get yours you can always kill them from distance as you move as fast as they do. Once your done with this you can catch the ennemy archers while they’re mele units are busy to make pogo in the the streets blocked by your own soldiers.

The next step is to shoot on this units in the back, once you’ve run out of amunition you can charge if they start to crumble. Cioby 2 Dec, am. And you forgot the most important tip with this faction in particular: when you are “stable” enough, you should disband your armies or stop spending gold, increase taxes a few rounds, and get a huge pile of gold.

Once you’re rich you can start spending again on elite troops or building and either leave a pile to generate income or use it all if it’s urgent like huns are all out attacking you with their 9 hordes. Many wrong ideas here. Secondly you need to keep WRE alive as long as you can. You can ask them or join wars with WRE for money, I used this with ERE which are more rich I guess but still, they should be invaluable allies as long as you keep a good relationship.

Third, if you keep legio only, you will die to mostly any enemy. The uar warriors of the huns will cut through your lines like butter, not to mention the cavalry. You need the super heavy armored infantry. ERE has the strongest pikes as far as I remember, which can hold their ground if not shot by archers, way longer than any legio. Lol, hordes, not horses. Played a few dozen turns on hard a while back, and this guide was very viable. The only difference was that I was able to barely hold onto some of Greece and used it as a staging ground to salvage some of the WRE.

One roaming legion, using WRE garrisons and armies as support when possible, was able to keep the horses in check near the tip of Italia. Granted that I cheated a bit and switched my battle difficulty down to Normal on really tough fights, but it was still a tough and exciting time, and the battleground provinces became scorched wastelands. Truly epic fun, and Attila at its finest for me. Sheev Palpatine 7 Jul, pm. Thanks i am going btter now.

Thank’s for your feedback Frank, as i said i think it’s better just to give up about Trace, just abandon the territory with the “raze” option, migrating barbarian won’t have enough money to take that lands, it will creat a “no man’s land” between you and europe.

About money I was fine, first as you destroy the european part of your empire you get much money for it and can build some money building. About the army i will add it in my guide soon but you can get some effective one for cheap :. Sheev Palpatine 7 Jul, am. Very good guid. The problem is the money at the Easter Roman Empire. To start building you have to get money.

The barbarians suck your cities at the west and ypu need to make an army to prevent them to attack at the constantinoupoli. So if you spend your money to the army shitty army you will n ot have money for buildings. The roman empire is not lke the rome 2 i think that it is the most week nation. Any advice for how i can destroy them? Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

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