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Teamspeak female sound pack.Military sound pack

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Teamspeak female sound pack.MODERATORS


Search Criteria.TS-Skin: Military sound pack –


(read-only, click to copy) Package Base: teamspeak3-soundpack-rc1-female: Description: Soundpack for Teamspeak 3 from the RC1 release. Features a British female . Jun 02,  · To disable audio notifications on TeamSpeak, open the app and go to Settings or Preferences. Scroll down to Notifications > Sound Pack and choose Sounds deactivated from the drop-down menu. Click on OK to apply changes and close the window. Photo: Sep 07,  · settings > options > notifications > sound pack there is small button next to the drop down menu “use as default for all bookmarks” September 6th, , AM #3.


Teamspeak female sound pack.Any Female Australian Accent Sound Packs? : teamspeak3

Feb 14,  · Anonymous Sound Pack – Adds the anonymous voice to your TeamSpeak FoggyIO. Read more German Sound Pack (Male) Updated on German Language Notification Sounds Hîro. Read more Battlefield 3 Sound Pack. Updated on Aug 06,  · If you want the Default Sound Pack (Female) to be the sound pack for new servers, complete Step 1 except set the sound pack to Default Sound Pack (Female). Scenario 1: MCGamer is not bookmarked On the default TeamSpeak screen, click: Bookmarks → . Make TeamSpeak your own and customize your client to meet your personal style with the included plugins, sound & icon packs, and themes. Choose from hundreds of add-ons created by the user community, or even create your own. View More.

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Clear sound pack for TeamSpeak 3 by Adam Strandberg | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Package Details: teamspeak3-soundpack-rc1-female 1-1
Russian Female Soundpack

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JoelJCE Career. Joined Aug 12, Messages Reaction score Users can set their own phonetic nicknames, which at times may be difficult to moderate by MCGamer staff! Please be aware that use of this configuration may result in hearing inappropriate or offensive content that is incredibly difficult to track! Though the length of this thread is incredibly extensive, the process is fairly simple! Please refer to Feature: Custom Phonetic Nicknames for a possible solution to this inconvenience!

As it’s become somewhat of a daily routine and seems to be a highly requested feature, I’ve decided to post this tutorial to benefit the entire community!

By default, your TeamSpeak is set to be notified of all server-related events and events related to channels you are not in.

If these notifications are left enabled, you will receive auditory notifications of all events related to renames, kicks, bans, channel switches, connections and disconnections across the entire server. This is not necessary. Instead, we will disable server-wide notifications and only enable auditory notifications for events related to the channel you are in.

As the Default Text To Speech sound pack is intended to assist those who are visually impaired, the notifications include information that is bothersome to ordinary users I don’t mean to be rude here! As a result, information about the channel and server’s name is constantly being relayed back with the default configuration. Since we only need information about the channel’s name in some situations such as when you’re moved or kicked to a different channel or when a user in your channel leaves or moves to a different channel , we can remove some of that unnecessary information, make the notifications more swift and to the point, and still retain some of the familiar sounds associated with text events.

To do this, we can manually change each individual notification, or we can simply overwrite the settings file for the Default Text To Speech sound pack and complete all of the changes in one fell swoop.

Note: The following settings file simply overwrites an existing file and makes changes to text events. No additional files will need to be downloaded as any sounds are simply redirections to sound files that already exist. This will bring you to the TeamSpeak 3 Client folder. Changes will not be fully applied until TeamSpeak has been restarted. Simply restart the application and you’re good to go!

You can also set a phonetic nickname for buddies and blocked users! This is extremely helpful for buddies who have names pronounced as an abbreviation, or to make your TeamSpeak a little more personalized! If the user has not been set as a friend or blocked user, right-click the user and press Add as Friend or Add as Blocked.

Ensure that each step was followed correctly. Please review each step and ensure that you’ve followed it thoroughly. There are a lot of small mistakes that may occur that could be the reason why your configuration is not working correctly.

Common mistakes include: Disabling notifications under a tree other than Client Not applying any of the changes Naming the settings. This means that this sound pack will be inherited by every server connection made on TeamSpeak.

However, using TeamSpeak’s built in bookmark system, we can specify whether to use the default sound pack or a different sound pack. Note: You’ll want to set your default sound pack to whichever you’d prefer to be used on new servers. This can be done by modifying the settings. However, as there are infinite possibilities for what can be put, I will not offer support if you intend on modifying these files. You can use this as a guideline to create your own personalized sound pack! You may use sound files instead of the default text to speech, but you’ll need to specify the pathway to the sound files!

Last edited: Aug 6, Lively District Joined Jun 25, Messages 2, Reaction score 3, Great guide. It’s really useful. Also, Thread moved by request. Decemberr VIP ;.

Joined Jun 17, Messages Reaction score Exnys said:. How do potatoes make love? Nobody knows this. Levah District Joined Jul 8, Messages 2, Reaction score 2, Thanks for the help! LagunaLoire Spectator.

Joined Apr 11, Messages 2 Reaction score 0. Sooooo, similar kinda thing I guess, but how do you get teamspeak to stop trying to use Abbreviations. Example being any user [or server name or channel ect ect ect] that has FM as if it were a radio station comes up as Field Marshal, not FM.

Mt says Mount as if it were a mountain. Hell, you can’t say Mur [a friend’s username] without it replacing it with Muconic acid which is given to people with herpes. I’m sure it’s obvious why this gets annoying fast. LagunaLoire said:. JoelJCE said:. That has to deal with the text-to-speech TTS in your operating system. The abbreviations are coded into that TTS voice, so you would be required to modify a much deeper level of your operating system in order to remove those abbreviations.

The abbreviations have nothing to do with TeamSpeak; they’ve been in many TTS applications for many years so they cannot be modified in any TeamSpeak configuration files. You must log in or register to reply here. Sign up now! Latest threads X. From my point of view: The whole thing GeckoGoggals May 4, When is the shut down date? Melancon2 Apr 27, Latest posts.

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