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Tales of majeyal dungeon order.Tales of Maj'eyal – Tactical roguelike!

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Delete this please. I changed the title to “Zone order” instead of “Dungeon order”. Jul 10,  · PA forums seemed to lack any (recent) discussion of this excellent game, so here goes: Tales of Maj’eyal ToME is an open-source tactical roguelike that’s more user-friendly than many roguelikes, featuring clickable UI, clear skill descriptions, and tileset. Dec 02,  · lukep Sher’Tul Godslayer Posts: Joined: Mon Mar 14, am Location: Canada.


Tales of majeyal dungeon order.Steam Community :: Guide :: Dungeon Order [Spoilers]

Jul 10,  · PA forums seemed to lack any (recent) discussion of this excellent game, so here goes: Tales of Maj’eyal ToME is an open-source tactical roguelike that’s more user-friendly than many roguelikes, featuring clickable UI, clear skill descriptions, and tileset. Dec 02,  · lukep Sher’Tul Godslayer Posts: Joined: Mon Mar 14, am Location: Canada. Jan 26,  · I’ve always ended up with 3 pieces of lore that, in total, mention 6 elements. They’ll mention things like blood, earth (dust), magic, mind, fire, cold, etc. You need to hit the orbs in the same order that mentions of those elements appear in your lore log for the Ruined Dungeon. If you screw it up, a usually minor monster or two will appear.
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Dungeon order – Tales of Maj’Eyal

As was foretold, we’ve added advertisements to the forums! Keemossi Registered User regular. July edited July in Games and Technology. PA forums seemed to lack any recent discussion of this excellent game, so here goes: Tales of Maj’eyal ToME is an open-source tactical roguelike that’s more user-friendly than many roguelikes, featuring clickable UI, clear skill descriptions, and tileset. Tactical roguelike?

ToME has a much bigger focus on the actual combat than most of the big roguelikes. The combat system is heavily focused on activated skills, so melee classes get to do stuff too. There is no hunger, no consumables, equipment cannot break in any way – the game is more a turn-based hack’n’slash than a more traditional roguelike.

Basically every build ends up with loads of cooldowns, and often also uses MMO-style damage rotations and stuff. UI, graphics and difficulty settings..? ToME has a much, much more casual approach than most roguelikes. The default game has actual simple, but rather nice graphics, and basically everything is clickable, with mouseovers and stuff.

There are also difficulty settings. There’s the actual difficulty, which adjusts how hard stuff hits and stuff. Adventurer is default. You get multiple lives when playing on adventure, starting with few and getting more with every x levels up to a total of 9 at the maximum level of Is it any good? Yeah, it is. What’s not so good? The game throws an occassional lua – error, with varying reasons between versions.

I haven’t seen anything game-breaking outside of chronomancer’s spells, possibly , but they can be annoying. Also, there’s currently a bug that’s causing extremely long loading times between zones at times, which is new to beta They can be really easy, or they can be fatal.

Loot can be like that too. Unique items are usually all interesting and nice, but the random loot is mostly very disappointing. The early game can get tedious. Optimal gameplay includes clearing the same dungeons every time, usually in the same order. The game doesn’t offer much clues on which dungeons are more difficult than others in the early game, at least.

There are basically 3 tiers of dungeons in the initial world map, and unless you know them you need to cruise around the map checking monster levels. Where do I get it Here. The classes have some skill categories that are common to all, some that are shared between subclasses, and each class has at least a few skill categories of their own. The classes are quite different from each other, and currently all of them are at least viable, if not balanced.

There are also 9 races, with main differences between them being maximum health, experience penalty, and each of them having one skill category except basic humans who get a free category point. You start out with some of the classes and races, the rest have to be unlocked via various achievements. How to unlock stuff. Contains spoilers The classes: Some of the descriptions are very brief because either I couldn’t figure much to write about the class or I haven’t played it much.

Better descriptions welcomed are welcome! Warrior Warrior classes use primarily stamina, which is kind of like the common mana except more limited. Berserkers, the main 2 hander – users of the game. Hit hard and get survivability for hitting stuff. Bulwarks, the main shield-users. Bash with shields, take ridiculous amounts of damage in melee. Shoot things with bows. More fun than it sounds like, really. Arcane Blades, spellcaster hybrids that want to use every stat in the game.

Sword hits trigger spells, get to blink around and other mage’y stuff while being melee. Brawlers are the unarmed fighters who get their damage and on-hit effects from gloves instead of weapons. Combo-based, either hit stuff fast or grapple them to death. The usual stuff, hit things with daggers, crit hard, sneak around. Like Arcane Blades, except with rogues. Cast illusions, sneak and hit hard.

Less sneaky, more bashy actually I haven’t played these. Alchemists get two characters in one. The golems are tough, can be equipped with weapons and some other stuff, and get their own skills.

Alchemists themselves throw HUGE bombs, shoot with staffs and kind of walk over everything. Archmages are the classic spellcasters. Extremely versatile, and ridiculously powerful. Early on they nuke stuff hard and can’t take much damage. Later on, they nuke stuff hard while being hasted, blinking around, and surrounded by a number of big damage shields.

Necromancers summon undead, get to become liches and cast a number of direct-damage – spells too. Their summons are permanent, but limited by souls, which they gain by killing enemies inside their aura. Also, they get murdered by their own summons because friendly fire is a thing.

Wyrmics are warriors who imitate dragons. Usually walk around in heavy armour, and get a number of dragon breath – type abilities, in addition to other spells. Summoners are just that. Very heavy focus on summons, don’t really do much themselves.

Summons aren’t permanent, but last for a short time, and get effects on summoning, so somewhat more active than the usual summoner classes.

They have excellent defensive spells with shields, heals and damage reduction among other things, while their offensive side is a bit weak.

Sun paladins use only positive energy, with some spells generating it and others consuming. They have some problems with spellcasters, as they don’t get much protection against spells and can’t initially reach them fast, but otherwise they’re nigh-impossible to kill. Anorithil are spellcasters. Basically endless spam of damage spells, resources never run dry. While being covered by a shield, damage reduction and good saving throws and heals.

Use both positive and negative energy, with negative energy having the better damage spells. Somewhat tanky for spellcasters. Reavers are the only class that can other weapons than daggers in off-hand. Deal damage, can’t take it so much. Corruptors deal damage, loads of it.

They kill stuff really fast, while lacking much of the protection spells other classes can get. Besides damage, they get to use heavier armor than other casters with less penalties due to the resource they use , they get a huge life draining spell, and some ridiculous lategame big spells.

Cursed are a melee class that gains Hate by hitting and killing stuff. In practise a pure melee class with really strong debuffs and good damage.

Excels in disabling and killing single targets, while having an aura that constantly causes status conditions on any surrounding enemies. Excellent in lategame, can have problems early on. Doomed are spellcasters that get good protection especially against melee, summon shadows, darkness and other nasty stuff. Gain Hate by staring angrily at their enemies, and killing them as usual.

Very short ranged casters, with some of their better damage spells having a range of only few squares. Also tanky for casters, as they can wear heavy armor with little penalties due to Hate not being affected by fatigue very much if at all? Laugh at melee, but casters can be problematic as Doomed don’t have the range to kill them fast and lack protection against them. They can spread darkness that may hide them from enemy line of sight though, while they gain movement speed bonuses in the darkness and can see through it.

Paradox Mages are spellcasters. They don’t get much direct protection, and they don’t really deal much damage either. They also get great crowd control spells, and much versatility.

These guys can basically force enemies to stay in one place and die slowly. Also, timeline-splitting. One spell lets you try to kill an enemy, just like you would normally.

Except if it dies you return back to the time when you cast the spell with the enemy gone and you still having all the cooldowns and health. Another lets you try the same situation three times and choose one of the outcomes. Hilarious, and possibly still buggy.

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