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Style master madden

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Style master madden 16.MODERATORS


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Aug 31,  · MADDEN NFL 16 (Sony PlayStation 4 PS4, ) BRAND NEW/SEALED. by PlayStation. out of 5 stars 2. Madden 16 DUAL STYLE MASTER COMPLETED!!! – DUAL STYLE LINE UPS and TIPS!! 94 McCoy and 94 Mangold Like and Subscribe for more Madden 16 Ultimate Team! Follow. Madden NFL 16 Master (Platinum): Congratulations on earning every Madden NFL 16 trophy! Lab Rat (Bronze): Change 1 or more penalty sliders in the settings menu. Run Degree (Bronze): Earn at least a bronze medal in all 6 Run Concepts inside of Skills Trainer. Peanut Punch (Bronze): Successfully use the strip ball mechanic.


Style master madden 16.

Aug 31,  · MADDEN NFL 16 (Sony PlayStation 4 PS4, ) BRAND NEW/SEALED. by PlayStation. out of 5 stars 2. Make a bunch of Schefter’s Stars with +16 to +20 style boosts in one style until it’s easy to hit the limits. E.g. +20 LP Blake Bortles. Plan, get creative, and buy the boosted silvers and bronzes you need to finish it. Obviously, #1 is easier. You could just make a boosted style player for every position out for every style. Madden 16 DUAL STYLE MASTER COMPLETED!!! – DUAL STYLE LINE UPS and TIPS!! 94 McCoy and 94 Mangold Like and Subscribe for more Madden 16 Ultimate Team! Follow.

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RttP is just around the corner! We just missed it this week, so I would anticipate a Tuesday announcement with a release of the program sometime between Tuesday and Thursday.

Hopefully on Tuesday so my Bortleses sell faster! I’ve already discussed at length my investment strategies for RttP see last couple weeks, but essentially buy Elite Badges and buy SS players that will still be in sets. This week I’m mainly going to focus on completing Dual Styles. So the DS challenge, for the uninitiated, is a challenge consisting of 12 sets of 4 games.

It will be similar to the Styles challenge, in that the first game you’ll need 10, then 30, 60, 90 for the last three games respectively. It will also give two sweet reward players that will be around OVRs and probably retail for k plus right off the bat.

So, DS could net you a cool k if you get it done quick. The only caveat in comparing with Styles is now you will need to get TWO styles to 90, and they are on the same side of the ball.

That means 90 SP and 90 LP in order to finish. With no special players this is impossible. Obviously, 1 is easier. You could just make a boosted style player for every position out for every style.

You would need to drop k to do that for the Gurleys alone right now. Also obiously, this is not the greatest way to finish it, as you can’t sell the elite SS. You’re sinking coins in and not getting them back out. Now, 2 is my way of doing it. So, since we’re trying to make coins here, let’s go with 2.

Here’s my example spreadsheet. I did it in google docs so you should be able to copy and paste into your own sheet to fill out. You’ll see I started it bare bones in the first sheet. It includes the style reward players in this chart that you get from the styles challenges. You can use that as the bones to plan your lineup. Hooray for that mistake! Makes things easier for us. If you can find these 20 silver and bronze boosted style playersfor a good price before DS drops, you’ll be in good shape.

You should be able to sell these guys for 1. Not only are you able to sell the players back, negating the SS sunk cost, but you’ll be able to sell them back for a profit. Now you’re talking k made from DS instead of the k we were talking about before. I just wanted him on my team and that was a good way to slot him in as a styles-positive player. Because we don’t know the DS reward players, and we don’t know their boosts. Each of the first 3 games in the series will reward you a style boosted player, much like Styles.

This year, those guys are probably untradable, like in Styles, so we’re SOL. That’s essentially enough to cover the gap I have in there now. So, I’m comfortable that I’ll be able to finish whatever they throw at me with these 20 players and the original Styles players. You probably won’t need half of the 20 players I’m recommending, but the problem is you won’t know which half you need until after DS is released. With this strategy, start planning on how you’re going to spend that k, because it’s money in the BANK.

Now, just because we’re planning it out doesn’t mean other people are doing as good of a job. So, what will they do? Most people don’t mind sinking most if not all of the k they’ll get in the process into SS, and they use the final reward to justify the purchases.

It works to get you to the finish line, but isn’t very efficient. To take advantage of this, make sure to stock up on the current CB, Kevin Johnson, on Monday before the announcement as CB is one of the most important positions in DS since you can start 3. The prime stockup time will be after the ToTW update when people are pulling packs. So get out there and prep for the huge surge in demand when DS drops.

In addition, if you’ve got any Gurleys or HaHas, save them until after the announcement. I plan on selling on announcement day, even if it is before DS officially drops, just to be safe.

Badges everywhere. Week 9: I try price fixing Week Enraged Edition. I think buying the silver and bronze players that have a special boost is a better idea than doing SS.

I spent a fair bit of money on the AH, but I should make it back. In fact they had an error where you could sell Elite Gurley right after launch, but they quickly killed that. They don’t want it to happen. Bought all the Style boosted players and held onto them in September.

As you said, going to knock Dual Styles out immediately when it drops and then sell those dudes for profit. It takes a fair amount of legwork upfront, but once you have your spreadsheet complete and all the players at the ready it makes completing the challenges a breeze.

It really helps because there is no auto-dual-styles button like there is “generate best styles. If you plan ahead you don’t have to think or experiment in game, you just plug in your guys, knock out the 4 solos, and finish DS. When the RTTP collapse possibly occurs, there will be a lot of cheap Base elites available to fill in positions you might need for Dual Styles.

Can help tremendously when it comes to filling in the blanks. Try to snipe guys, use them for the games you need them, and then put them back on the market preferably the same day. Could net you a few coin as well. Accidentally added all of the boosted style from the single style solos to the sets for gold badges. Is there any way to do it the second way? If I were you, I’d save up a bunch of coin for RttP.

Finish out every DS series until you are stuck at the last game. Fill out your spreadsheet and see what you need. If you can buy one for a slight discount, finish the game, and then sell back for full price, you should be fine. Obviously Dual Styles help a lot with SS but like everyone says you can’t resell them.

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