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Sony ericson t 630.Sony Ericsson T610

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Sony ericson t 630.Sony Ericsson T630


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: Sony Ericsson T user opinions and reviews – page Jan 21,  · Yadratorex Subscribe & Like please Thanks to all of you ☺. Here you can download the service guide manual for Sony Ericsson T and T mobile phone which include: installation instruction, test setup, service. X. Top 10 Articles. LM and PWM – Another Quick Look T.K. Hareendran – 04/27/


Sony ericson t 630.Sony Ericsson T – User opinions and reviews – page 54

Jan 21,  · Yadratorex Subscribe & Like please Thanks to all of you ☺. : Sony Ericsson T user opinions and reviews – page Nov 06,  · Sony Ericsson T features 65k color TFT display, Java, Bluetooth, MMS, GPRS and voice-commands.
Sony Ericsson T630 User Manual

Sony Ericsson T – Wikipedia

Sony Ericsson T – Full phone specifications

Also See for T User manual – pages Working instructions – 34 pages Troubleshooting manual – 18 pages. Quick Links. See also: Troubleshooting Manual , User Manual. Getting to know your phone 4. Key functions, quick keys, entering letters and characters.

Personalizing your phone Calling Messaging Camera Setting up WAP and e-mail All you need to know about setting up WAP and e-mail. Using WAP This is the Internet version of the user’s guide. Transferring and exchanging information Bluetooth wireless technology, synchronization. More features Security Troubleshooting Additional information Safe and efficient use, warranty, declaration of conformity.

Icons Index Previous Page. Next Page. Sony Ericsson T White Paper 86 pages. Sony Ericsson T Working Instructions 34 pages. Personalizing your phone 17 More features 74 Download settings or choose from the phone. Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Page 3 1. Restrictions: Software is confidential copyrighted has embargoed goods; or ii to anyone on the U. Customer shall not modify, Nations or the U. Page 5 SIM card and battery information It may take up to 30 minutes before an icon appears when charging.

Insert the SIM card. Slide the silvery holder over the SIM card to lock it in place. Place the battery on the back of the phone with the connectors facing each other.

Page 7 Navigating the menus Example The main menus are shown as icons on the desktop. To go to the desktop, press the joystick. To set an alarm 1. Use the joystick to scroll to Organizer, and press the Press to go to Desktop left key to select it. Page 8 Key functions Press once to activate camera Infrared port. Press again to take Press and hold to switch the a picture. Page 9 Quick keys To When in standby: Useful key combinations are described below. When in standby: speed dial press any of the number make an emergency call enter the emergency keys number and press Call Page 10 To During a call: When entering letters using multitap put a call on hold press Hold To Page 11 To get help When entering letters Select the menu or function and press To When you have inserted your SIM card and turned on your phone, your network operator can download data to your SIM card.

When you restart your phone after the first data download, a new submenu appears under the menu. Page 14 Entering letters Multitap text input You can enter letters, for example, when you add When saving names in the Phonebook or when writing names to the Phonebook, write text messages or WAP addresses, you enter letters using multitap text enter WAP addresses. Page Personalizing Your Phone Personalizing your phone To send a theme You can exchange themes via IR, Bluetooth wireless You can adjust the phone settings to suit your technology, picture message or e-mail.

Please note own requirements. Page 19 Exchanging pictures When editing or drawing a picture: You can exchange pictures via IR, Bluetooth Press… to… wireless technology, picture message or e-mail. Please note that you are not allowed to exchange copyright-protected material. For more information move the cursor up. Page 20 Ring signals and melodies When you receive a picture in a text message or a picture message, a new message appears in your Your phone comes with a number of ring signals Inbox.

To save the picture in My pictures, highlight and melodies. Page 21 To compose a ring signal or melody Receiving melodies 1. You can receive a sound or melody via IR, Bluetooth 2. Choose to insert a selection of pre-recorded music wireless technology, text, picture message, or blocks. Page 22 To set a specific ring signal for a caller Menu language 1. Scroll to Phonebook, Personal rings, New contact. Most SIM cards automatically set the menu language 2.

Enter the first letters of the contact, to the language of the country where you bought 3. Page 23 Status menu. You can set the date and date format in Start-up picture the Settings, Time and date menu. When you turn your phone on or off, the Sony Ericsson Advanced time settings start-up picture appears in the display. Page 24 Keypad lock Profiles You can lock the keypad to avoid dialling a number Your phone has a number of preset profiles which by accident.

You can rename, change and add accessories to these profiles. For Note: Calls to the international emergency number example, when you go to a meeting, you can simply can still be made, even when the keypad is Page Calling Automatic activation Calling Some profiles, for example In car, are automatically activated when used with a specific accessory. When Before you can make or receive any calls, you must disconnected, the profile is changed back. Page 26 Automatic re-dialling Your phone supports the international emergency If the connection of the call failed and the display numbers, , and This means that these shows Retry?

If you have are saved in the call list. Page 28 To check or change your standard priority level If your Phonebook is empty, you are prompted to 1. Scroll to Calls, Manage calls, Default priority. If you press 2. The network sends available priority levels. Scroll to Phonebook, Manage contact, Edit contact.

Enter the first letters of the contact, To call a contact from your contact list 3. Page 30 Default standard number 5. Select the contact. Each contact has a default phone number.

The first 6. Select a phone number. Repeat steps to add more members. If you scroll to a Business cards certain contact in the Call contact list and then press From standby, press and scroll to Turn on More Bluetooth or Turn on infrared. If you insert a SIM card with saved numbers in your 2.

When you receive the business card, press phone, you can call a number by selecting Phonebook, Advanced, Call from SIM. Scroll to Phonebook, Advanced, Position list. Select the phone number you wish to change. Page 33 Voice dialling 6. If the recording sounds OK, press to save the voice command. If not, press and repeat step 4. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each voice command To make a call with Voice dialling you need.

Page 34 Redialling To turn on voice answering and record voice You can use your voice to redial the last dialled answer commands number, if you record a voice command for 1. Scroll to Settings, Voice control, Voice answer.

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