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Snip not working spotify.MODERATORS

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Snip not working spotify.


Want to add to the discussion?.Snip isn’t working with Spotify · Issue # · dlrudie/Snip · GitHub


Jul 30,  · For example, if I have Discord open and start Snip with Spotify already going, it works fine. However, if I have a Google Chrome browser window open and then try to start Snip with Spotify already running, that’s when I get the “Spotify is not currently running” message. As soon as I close that Chrome window then Snip begins to work correctly. Aug 10,  · On Windows 10, Snip does not detect that Spotify is running and a song is playing. When it finally does know Spotify is running, it continues to say No Track Playing even though I have a track playing. Josh-Cropper commented on Aug 10, I believe the main issue is that Spotify update their software much more frequently than Snip and the different in the versions might be causing Snip to no longer detect Spotify. My solution for this was to use the Spotify extension for Twitch, still displays the song, less space taken from my .


Snip not working spotify.Snip Does Not Detect Spotify · Issue #49 · dlrudie/Snip · GitHub

Aug 10,  · On Windows 10, Snip does not detect that Spotify is running and a song is playing. When it finally does know Spotify is running, it continues to say No Track Playing even though I have a track playing. Josh-Cropper commented on Aug 10, Jul 19,  · I noticed that the Spotify source for Snip was really buggy, but somehow in the middle of using it, Snip had stopped working entirely, only saying “No Track Playing” or “Spotify is not currently running”. I tried running the source code in Visual Studios, but noticed this in the output. Snip not Working – Spotify So after a long break from streaming due to my new job I am starting back up again after revamping my schedule (1 day streaming, 1 day Web Dev. This may change further to doing web dev while in queue (League of Legends).

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‘Spotify is not currently running’ · Issue # · dlrudie/Snip · GitHub

Snip not reading Spotify again · Issue # · dlrudie/Snip · GitHub

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Snip used to work very reliably until perhaps two weeks ago. Now it intermittently decides whether or not to detect songs. Sometimes a song will change and it will pick it up, and then mid-song just switch to “Spotify is not currently running. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. I’ve run into the same problem. I’ve have reinstalled Spotify and Snip. I checked whether spotify web helper was running, it was.

I ran as administrator as well. It seems to be succesful for around half the song then it removes the text. If you hover your mouse over Snip in the system tray it says ‘Spotify is not currently running’. Yup, done all of the above, hasn’t change a thing.

Occasionally if I restart my PC I’ll get it working for a half dozen songs, but then it quits. I’m almost completely sure it’s the most recent version of Spotify that broke it.

I’ve been banging my head for 2 days on this issue. I tried running stock 6. It was working fine a month ago, so I’d second what microkorg just said above. It seems to have something to do with spotify speakers. Cause when I turned mine off it worked fine. Any update on this issue dlrudie?

I have a few things I’d like to implement in Snip but this issue is a total blocker for me. It compiles, I described the problem earlier comment. Just add a messagebox that pops up with the JSON to see if it’s actually getting any kind of result.

If you have some spare time, is there any place where we could take this issue further? I don’t want to monopolize this thread with my issue. I can show you what happens on twitch if you want link on my profile.

What if you show the trackId? Just noticed I forgot to include that after I posted. Updated screenshot above. It doesn’t matter if I enable “Allow Spotify to be opened from the web” or not. Make sure cache metadata isn’t enabled. If possibly you downloaded a blank json file and it stored it as metadata then it’s going to have nothing in it. The value of json is empty in both cases. I wiped my bin and obj folders, problem still occurs. What’s weird is that this. GetTrackInformation returns stuff with the name of the song and the artist and jsonSummary has stuff in it too.

The only thing I can really think of is that it’s an endpoint issue for you. Maybe the token is not right or the API key is not right. Just as an update to this, for me this is occurring, but only seems to effect local files. Any local file that doesn’t have an existing entry in Spotify’s online library is not updating within Snip. I actually produce my own music, and I’ve imported a lot of it into Spotify despite their clunky system specifically designed to dissuade local file uploads.

So naturally, a good chunk of my music library does not update within Snip because these are all local files. I’m not even close to a level to understand the level of coding that went into this, but I think the bulk of these problems can be boiled down to the fact that the API you are looking at probably only pings back from Spotify if they have the track and track info in their own online database.

If Snip requires the online Spotify API to provide it with the now playing info, it will never update for any track that’s stored offline and not housed in Spotify’s library. Just my two cents here. If I’m wrong, by all means, please correct me. I’d like to find a solution for this the same as anyone else. Local file support should be added in the next release according to ed I’ve noticed that my Snip stops working and shows “Spotify is not currently running.

I’m not sure if this is related to what everyone else in this thread is experiencing, at first it looked to me like it would just glitch out randomly but after messing around with my OBS overlay for hours today the connection was obvious. I’m using the latest version of Spotify 1. Edit to add, using Snip v6. I actually wrote a gist a while ago to avoid this kind of problem. While I’ve had no issue with Discord and Steam on Win10, running these applications before Spotify and Snip may prevent the correct window handle from being found.

Then I decided, what fixes everything? I restarted my computer , this time I loaded both Steam and Battle. I opened a bunch of different games all while keeping the launchers open and haven’t encountered an issue yet. I’ll be testing more later today and if I notice this program sequence not working in the future I’ll post an update.

Thanks again! I just noticed you said to open the launchers LAST. If I run into issue I will try that method, too. Hmmm, theoretically you’re supposed to run Spotify and Snip before anything else. There’s no guarantee your sequence is consistently going to work. If, however, you run Spotify and Snip, then give Snip some time to get the Spotify window handle Snip should at least change its status to “No Track Playing” , then it should always work, at least in theory Hi, Im having the exact same problem while trying to install this.

I installed snip perfectly but then ended up not working and currently saying “Spotify is not running” when it clearly is. And the text file is completely empty while i am playing a track.

I also have no other applications open other than OBS, Spotify, snip and chrome. Any help is appreciated. It seems to work then randomly when the song is playing it stops. Snips thinks that spotify is not running. It will work for a random amount of time then it does the same thing.

This work for me. Any news yet? I updated from 6. I use the windows executable only. How does the compile work? See Skip to content. New issue. Jump to bottom. Copy link. Things I’ve tried: Reinstalling snip the last few versions and the most recent. Clearing the snip registry settings. Reinstalling spotify. Changing as many spotify settings as I can possibly try. I ran as administrator as well It seems to be succesful for around half the song then it removes the text.

Thanks for the help in advance :D. I’m just posting here on the offchance there’s something that can be done to fix it. I’ve Downloaded the latest update snip and its working fine for me v6.

The released version of 6. It probably doesn’t work for you when compiling because you’ll need your own API key. So what’s the problem when compiling? There’s not enough detail here. I couldn’t say at all then. If you have a good key then it should work.

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