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Skyrim scroll up console.Console Commands (Skyrim)/Skills

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Skyrim scroll up console.Scroll the console box?


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.cant scroll up and down using “pg up/pg down” in console – Skyrim Questions and Help – Elder Souls


Scroll the console box? The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PC. Page Up and Page Down. User Info: Galahaut. Galahaut – 9 years ago 28 Answer this Question. The third chapter of the Elder Scrolls series lets you play any kind of character you can imagine. Be the noble hero. Nov 30,  · For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “is there a way to scroll through the console results?”. Is there a way to scroll up or down from within the console to see previous output, etc..? Abort, Retry, Fail? User Info: darth_star. darth_star 9 years ago #2. Pg up and pg dn. That is page up and page Estimated Reading Time: 40 secs. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. Apologies for the noob question, but is there not a console command to straight up level up and gain a skill point? Or can I only use the add perk command? Thanks in advance. Showing of 25 comments. smr


Skyrim scroll up console.Console Commands (Skyrim) | Elder Scrolls | Fandom

Nov 20,  · cant scroll up and down using “pg up/pg down” in console – posted in Skyrim Questions and Help: While in console I can scroll my own commands up and down using the up/down arrow keys, but I still cant scroll the results, which is actually more important. All the web sites tell me to use my pg up/pg down, so I should be able to do it that way. but I ted Reading Time: 5 mins. The up and down arrow keys will scroll through the things you’ve already entered as commands, I think only since opening the console that time, i.e. not from earlier in the same session or before.) #2. Dec 02,  · Page 1 of 2 – Console command scrolling issue – posted in Skyrim Technical Support: Hello folks. I’m sorry in advance for putting this question here, but I find there is really no place more specific to handle this very minor issue. The problem is when I use console commands I find myself unable to scroll up or down with the page up and down ted Reading Time: 5 mins.
is there a way to scroll through the console results?
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Console Commands (Skyrim)/Skills | Elder Scrolls | Fandom
Console Commands (Skyrim)

is there a way to scroll through the console results? – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. I checked again and couldn’t reproduce this. Skyrim typically uses the keys that I outlined in yellow.

The keys on the number pad outlined in red will not work without some additional fiddling around on your part. Do you have a second keyboard that you could test with? You could also experiment with the on-screen keyboard that Windows has. This is very frustrating and starting to shit me Did this just start happening? If so, one of the mods you installed could have mapped the buttons to something.

I’ve checked the control settings, cant find the PG up PG down anywhere This is a list of what I have on keyboard, although I always use Xbox controller on pc :. Stave right: the downward pointing arrow near the right-hand ctrl.

As you can see I couldn’t find pg up pg down anywhere, unless it is connected to one of these other keys? Alright David, as much as I would like to give you a holiday from my pestilence, there are unfortunately a couple of more issue we need to figure out. I think we should begin with this, the unable to scroll in console situation.

Keep in mind that i can navigate through my own commands with my arrow up and down key not the pg up and down , but i am unable to scroll through the results of those commands. Yes, of course, before you ask, I have definitely and purposely searched for things in console that would have a large result list, just to make sure that scrolling is actually applicable.

Didn’t help. It is so frustrating to know that the answer i want is hiding above the boarder of the console page, just out of reach so many times Oh, by the way, I’ve tried the mouse wheel as well as every friggen key on the keyboard! Please refer to the list in the post above if you need to know how my keys are set up. Also, i use xbox controller while playing the game, in case that matters.

And no, it didn’t just start happening, it has always been that way, for as long as I’ve used console. Are you ignoring me, pissed at me for some unknown reason, or do you just not have any answers for poor buttons? Buttons is sad. Nobody else talks to Buttons. Does anybody like Buttons? Is Buttons annoying?

Button’s remembers more people on this site when Buttons first became a member. Are they all avoiding Buttons? Well, ok then That worked!!!!

Thank you David for your time on this matter. My bad. In fact I really can’t figure out HOW i didn’t notice the second set of scroll up and down keys How’s that even possible?? Does anybody know how i could have missed that? It’s a good thing I’m cute because my brain sure don’t work too good. Maybe I should get laid, after all its only been eight years. Time to clean the cobwebs Community Forum Software by IP.

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Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Go to the full post ». Please log in to reply. Posted November 20, – AM. Buttons Member Posts. May actually need some help with this one. The discussion continues after this sponsored message.

Tired of seeing advertisements? Create an account to remove them. David Admin 4, Posts. Posted November 20, – PM. No, not a mod problem here, its always been like that. Will check the control settings. Posted November 21, – AM. This is a list of what I have on keyboard, although I always use Xbox controller on pc : 1.

Forward: X 2. Back: Z 3. Stafe left: the key above cap lock with the opposing arrows 4. Left hand: M1 6. Right hand: M2 7. Activate: Space 8. Ch Menu: Entre Pov: Backspace Jump: C Sprint: S Shout: D Sneak: Alt Run: Shift Toggle run: caps Auto: E Fae: Q Quicksave: F1 Quickload: F9 Journal: J Posted November 28, – AM.

Posted December 22, – PM. Buttons likes this. Posted December 23, – AM. Posted December 24, – AM. Posted January 05, – PM. See, here it is, i marked it as solved and gave you like this See, scrolling solved, as i marked it!

But still no trophy codes. Didn’t you like my “liked this”? Back to Skyrim Questions and Help. Reply to quoted posts Clear. Not a member?

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