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Sharp ar-m257.Sharp AR-M257 Key Operator’s Manual

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Sharp ar-m257.Sharp AR-M257 MultiFunction Printer-Scanner-Copier


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Current Sharp Windows 8 ® Operating System print drivers are compatible with the Windows 10 ® Operating System with the following minor limitations. PC-Fax Limitations – The preview and sent image files may become corrupt when the resolution is set to x or x dpi. The Sharp AR-M/M Digital IMAGER MFPs can duplicate both sides of an ID or insurance card by holding the first side of the card in memory and then capturing the reverse side. Automatically, both sides are duplicated onto one side of paper—minimizing resources and saving valuable time through improved workflow efficiency. Quick and Easy Sets. contact your sharp dealer or servicer for instructions. This product utilizes tin-lead solder, and a fluorescent lamp containing a small amount of mercury. Disposal of these materials may be regulated due to environmental considerations.


Sharp ar-m257.Sharp ARM Supplies and Parts (All)

Sharp ARM Supplies and Parts (All) for less. Free shipping on orders over $! Sharp AR M Digital Imager overview and full product specs on CNET. contact your sharp dealer or servicer for instructions. This product utilizes tin-lead solder, and a fluorescent lamp containing a small amount of mercury. Disposal of these materials may be regulated due to environmental considerations.
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Sharp AR M257 Digital Imager Specs

Sharp AR M Digital Imager Specs – CNET

Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Digital multifunctional system key operator’s guide 24 pages. Page 2 The key operator code is initially set to “” at the factory. This guide explains key operator programs that are common to all functions of the multifunction system copy function, fax function, printer function, and network scanner function , as well as programs that are specific to the copy function, printer function, and network scanner function. If a checkbox with a checkmark cleared and the setting is disabled.

Refer to this menu when enabling or disabling the settings that are explained beginning on page 8. A maximum of account numbers can be stored. From an environmental perspective, this also helps conserve natural resources and reduce pollution. When the machine is first used, the key operator adminstrator of the machine should change the key operator code that was set at the factory to the desired 5-digit code. These programs can only be configured on models that have the printer function.

This program is initially enabled factory default setting. These programs can only be configured on models that have the network scanner function. Operation is Exercise care in this area when removing misfed paper. Doing so may damage your eyes. Page Cautions On Handling The Machine Be sure to connect the power cord only to a power outlet that meets the specified voltage and current requirements.

Also make certain the outlet is properly grounded. Connect the machine to a power outlet which is not used for other electric appliances. If a lighting fixture is Note connected to the same outlet, the light may flicker. Page Environmental Information The products without the logo may not meet the Environmental Choice Program guidelines. The appearance of your machine may be different depending on the model and options installed, however, the basic operations are the same.

AR-M at dpi. This is ideal for business use and provides a big boost to workplace productivity. First-Copy time may vary depending on the power-supply voltage, ambient temperature, and other operating conditions. Page 35 Interior Paper trays Each tray holds sheets of copy paper.

The display will show the status of printing, copying or network scanning according to the mode that is selected. For details see the next page. A job list showing the current job and the stored jobs or a list showing completed jobs can be displayed.

The contents of jobs can be viewed and jobs can be deleted from the queue. When the power switch is turned on, the machine starts up in the previously used mode. The following Note explanations assume that the previously used mode was copy mode. When the machine reverts to the initial settings, all settings and functions selected to that point are canceled.

Page Loading Paper When a tray runs out of paper, a message appears in the touch panel. Load paper in the tray. PAPER The specifications for the types and sizes of paper that can be loaded in the paper trays are shown below. Tray Paper tray type If other than SHARP recommended media must be used, feed each sheet one at a time using the bypass tray Do not attempt continuous copying or printing. Loading the paper in the paper tray Pull out the paper tray until it stops. If you are loading the same size of paper as was loaded previously, go to step 4.

To enable correct detection of the paper size, be sure to pull out the bypass tray extension. Set the paper guides to the copy paper width. The settings cannot be changed when operation has stopped because the paper ran out or a misfeed occurred, or when an interrupt copy job is being performed. Touch a key to make a selection. Open the RSPF and place the original face down on the document glass. See the “Key operator’s guide”. Make sure that an original has not been left on the document glass and then close the RSPF.

In this case, the image of the original will be rotated. Page Original Size] Key Copying originals of mixed length Mixed feeding When using the RSPF, originals of mixed length can be fed together as long as the width of the originals is the same. The bypass tray can also be used to feed standard copy paper.

Place the original s. When the RSPF is used, two-sided copies of two-sided originals can easily be made. If you wish to specify the original image type or manually adjust the exposure, place the original in the RSPF or on the document glass, check the paper size, and then perform the following steps. Page 59 Touch the [X] key.

The [X] key is selected highlighted by default, so there is normally no need to perform this step Go to step 5. When the other job is finished, the copy run will resume using the original copy settings. This screen contains the following special function keys. The erase modes that can be selected are shown below. It is especially useful when copying books and other bound documents.

Two original pages are copied onto each side of the copy paper, such that a total of four pages are copied onto each sheet. The maximum number of originals that can be placed in the RSPF at once is Example: Copying four originals onto one sheet of paper Page number: 4 in 1 , layout: One-sided copy of one-sided original The mix feeding setting p. The cover setting screen will appear.

Select the cover s that you wish to add. This function is convenient for making copies for certification purposes and helps save paper. Select the number of copies and any other desired copy settings, and then press the [START] key The front side of the card is scanned. This displays the number of pages output by the machine.

The setting screen will appear. Each of the custom settings is explained on the following pages. Up to 10 job programs can be stored, and the programs are retained even when the power is turned off. By storing frequently used copy settings in a program, you can eliminate the bother of selecting the settings each time you use them for a copy job.

The counts can be viewed whenever necessary. The power is on but copying is not possible. Two-sided copying is not possible. It will soon be time for regular maintenance. It is time for regular maintenance. Page Troubleshooting Many problems can be easily resolved by the user. If you are unable to solve the problem using the troubleshooting guide, turn off the power switch, unplug the machine, and contact your SHARP service center.

The following problems are related to the general operation of the machine and copying. Page 89 Problem Original size is not selected automatically, or copying does not take place on paper that matches the original size. Paper size for a paper tray cannot be set. Order of copies is incorrect. The job is canceled after the originals were being scanned. Paper from the bypass tray misfeeds. Paper misfeeds. Cause and solution The number of sheets placed on the bypass tray exceeds the maximum number.

Text is not clear in a copy. Part of the copied image is cut off. Blank copies. Paper is wrinkled or the copied image comes off when the paper surface is rubbed. Take care not to touch the photoconductive drum while removing the pieces. Check sections A, B, and C in the illustration at left and remove the misfed original. Section A Open the document Document feeder cover feeder cover and carefully remove the misfed original from the document feeder tray.

If paper is misfed here, go to “A. Misfeed in the paper feed area” Page 95 Close the front cover and side cover. Make sure that the misfeed message is cleared.

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