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Rainbow six siege hit registration.Subreddit Filter

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Rainbow six siege hit registration.

  coding and hit registration :: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege General Discussions


Addressing Hit Registration Concerns. Official. Following the deployment of on all platforms, we launched an investigation to understand the increase of concerns and issues being reported by the community. In our investigation, we have seen a slight increase of shots being rejected by the server. Jun 15,  · Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege > General Discussions > Topic Details. Sturm_Doggo. Jun 15, @ pm net coding and hit registration A game so slanted towards competitive aspect needs it’s net coding, hit reg and hit boxes fixed for good. Regarding network and latency, we fixed an issue relating to network compression that was causing. Nov 09,  · These are a few clips I managed to put together showing how bad the hit registration/netcode is. It is really unfortunate how such a competitive game suffers.


Rainbow six siege hit registration.Addressing Hit Registration Concerns : Rainbow6

Jan 08,  · The development team at Ubisoft in charge of Rainbow Six Siege is announcing that a new major update, labeled , is now out for the PC version of Rainbow Six Siege . Aug 30,  · Rainbow Six Siege – In Depth: HIT REGISTRATION- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -Facebook: : Jun 15,  · Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege > General Discussions > Topic Details. Sturm_Doggo. Jun 15, @ pm net coding and hit registration A game so slanted towards competitive aspect needs it’s net coding, hit reg and hit boxes fixed for good. Regarding network and latency, we fixed an issue relating to network compression that was causing.

Operation Black Ice arrives in early February
Rainbow Six Siege Gets Hit Registration and Matchmaking, More Improvements Coming Soon

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Hit registration :: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege General Discussions

Welcome to the Rainbow 6 subreddit, a community for R6 fans to discuss Rainbow Six: Siege and past favorites. Click here to request an event to be added. Official Addressing Hit Registration Concerns self.

Following the deployment of 2. In our investigation, we have seen a slight increase of shots being rejected by the server. As a result we are rolling out a server-side fix to address this slight increase that we have tracked. We want to be clear that this fix will not address all hit registration and there are still going to be a small amount of shots that may get rejected or may appear as though they are rejected. Regarding appearance of hit rejection, there are many factors.

The biggest one is related to kill cam misalignment. We are working hard to make kill cams more accurate, but at the moment they are not always reliable. Along the same lines, we are working to make the camera alignment feel more accurate. Hit Registration quality has been an on-going priority for the development team. We monitor it closely, and when there is an increase of mentions or concerns from the community we turn to our data and tracking to understand the situation better.

Sometimes our tracking does not align with the community sentiment, where we do not see an increase of hit rejection. This may mean that there are other issues you are experiencing, such as, kill cam inaccuracy, latency issues, or a bug regarding camera misalignment.

We are working on all of the issues mentioned above and we appreciate your passion and dedication to helping us improve the game during Operation Health. I’m disappointed that the servers will run at only at 60 tickrate, merely 10 ticks more than what they’re now, while this will definitely help with hitreg on consoles where no more than 60fps will be displayed people with hz won’t really see that much benefit, I must say tho that this is a step forward towards a fully functioning rainbow 6, for which I waited so long..

As someone with a hz monitor, a tickrate of 60 is infinitely better than whatever the hell it’s been at. This is just server logic, even at hz, the games logic is still much less than that, having rendering decoupled from logic is good game design. While the server can still do higher tick rates afaik in most games your command rate to the server is limited to your FPS.

That means if everyone is only running at 60fps there really isn’t that much reason to raise the tick rate. While the commands from each player won’t come in synchronized and things will happen slightly differently, you won’t be getting commands from every player every tick.

Your computer or console also doesn’t really benefit from the higher update rate that a higher tick rate can provide if you aren’t getting a frame rate higher than the update rate. This is a poor design decision and does not represent what good code does. In many cases, the client will send a higher tickrate unbothered by FPS to the server than the client will receive.

This allows the server to have a fully up-to-date world, and update client’s a specific rate. ArmA 3 comes to mind. That really depends on the model used.

If the game uses client side hit registration, whether fully client side or client side with server checks, the client can’t really send updates faster than the frame rate. The client has to run its own simulation which is tied to the frame rate before sending the information.

At least that is my understanding. Many games recently use client side hit registration or client side with server checks. R6 I think is fully client sided, out they really fucked up. Glitch clips where you shoot through walls before server teleports you back also R6 had a magic bullet cheat as well in private which leads me to think it’s fully client sided.

Hm, that is true I guess the hitting people while rubber banding points to fully client side hit registration. Also by magic bullet I assume you mean shooting people from anywhere on the map? That also sounds like client side. I actually thought R6 was just straight client side, but epi’s post in this thread made it sound like the server was rejecting hits which lead me to believe there was some kind of server side check.

Tickrate isnt the most important thing. Youre already talking like its fixed. An extra 10 ticks is insignificant at best. I wouldnt count your chickens beforw they hatch.

The point is that the tickrate doesnt matter, what really matter is that the actual system is peer to peer based, this means that each computer has to been conected with the others , they are gonna implement client based servers that are a lot better, and with that 60 tickrate is aproximatly 18 ping, the big difference is in the system not in the tickrate.

Was this just for PC? Because I started up the game on console and it didn’t have me download anything. This is how we respond when we get communication. Things would be generally calmer, I feel, with more of this stuff. ALJOkiller 34 points 35 points 36 points 3 years ago 0 children. Community: Ubisoft is shitty they can’t even make good patches without breaking the game, reeeeeeeeeeeeee. While I do think there are some hit registration issues, I have also seen players calling bad hit reg when in fact they are hitting a part of the enemy that’s not included in their hitbox anymore, so that’s also something to consider for the players.

Not because of new hitboxes. Because of blood splatters. They spray 10 bullets at someone only 3 hits makes huge blood splatter but they dont die.

That will make then shooter feel like at least 8 of his shots hit. Also shooting people in the shoulder,upper body looks exactly like a headshot in most cases. And since people read the idiots here saying that hitreg is terrible they dont even think about the possibility of them missing. Hello again. I agree, blood splatters give the impression you should have hit when you missed, but it’s also sometimes server miscommunication and indeed the hit was ignored by the server.

Hit reg has been pretty bad lately, more noticeably for me has been headshot reg, and I’m not talking I shot someone’s helmet and the new hotboxes mean that I missed, I’m talking I shot them in the nose 3 different times within 10 seconds the guy was repelling and couldn’t see me and all three one taps did not register.

I recorded it so I’ll have to make a gif and link it here later. I would love to see that gif. Hitreg issues do happen. But its far from being pretty bad. Really far. Because in fact hitreg issues are a lot more rare then yo uand most people think. They do happen but not more then once or twice in a match. But sometimes even less. Latency issues dont count as hitreg issues so i leave those out of the count.

What i see is people missing shots and blaming them on hitreg issues left and right. Not sometimes all the time. There are youtube vids talking about hitreg where the clip they show isnt even a hitreg problem just a miss. A guy potato aiming around fuze’s head got upvotes and tons of people talking shit about ubi in the comments. As i can see my original comment has already been downvoted because i didnt hop onto the “hitreg is shit” bandwagon.

Because its false. The reason why many people experience terrible hitreg is because they read all these idiots saying its bad. Then they play the game and guess what. Experience a lot of ‘hitreg issues” aka missed shots that look like headshots. Hitreg issues do happen no doubt. But its far from the biggest issue of the game and this whole hitreg whining is totally pointless. For those who think hitreg is bad now it will never get good. Latency and desync issues are much bigger and frequent problems with the game atm.

Have to agree. Alarm bells. Agreed wholeheartedly, most of the time it’s someone who has bad ping or a blood splat that shouldn’t have displayed. I’ll find it later but it was bad. It’s happened to me a few times but I’m hoping yesterdays patch helped although now it seems I’m getting killed by people teleporting around corners since yesterday. I’ve seen clips of people spraying whole mags point blank and getting nothing, so it’s definitely still an issue. So what’s your point?

That we don’t need hit reg improvements? Because Ubisoft is admitting that we do? Especially when one bullet makes the difference between winning and losing. Yes people complain when they shouldn’t. The complaints keep coming up and being recognized by the developers because they are real and need to be addressed. I made a video describing it on my channel but basically they are migrating the party system and VoIP to server hosted only because it currently relies on peer to peer to keep your squad together.

This means NAT will go away as well. These changes are supposed to come with the new servers which also means they hope to make the tick rate Oh thank christ. My mate has been stuck with a strict NAT for ages. It has been making out lives a huge pain.

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