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Nba 2k15 update ps4.NBA 2K15 Patch Update 4 Is Now Available

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Nba 2k15 update ps4.NBA 2K15 Review


.NBA 2K15 Review – GameSpot


2K Sports has just rolled out a fresh update for NBA 2K15, bringing patch #3, which includes gameplay improvements and various fixes. The update is now available for download on PlayStation 4 platform, size is around GB. The same patch will be released for PC and Xbox One later this week. You can check out the full notes ted Reading Time: 11 mins. Oct 26,  · The NBA 2K15 PS4 and Xbox One update is live along with the full patch notes detailing what changed. If you didn’t get time to play yesterday, then you might be wondering today what changedEstimated Reading Time: 50 secs. Aug 09,  · Updated. August 09, The team is aware of a potential issue with the PS4 version of NBA 2K Upon inserting the disc for the first time, players will be prompted to start a download but may be unable to see a progress bar after that point. When this happens, players will be brought into a demo basketball game between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs.


Nba 2k15 update ps4.NBA 2K15 PS4, XB1 update live with notes – Product Reviews Net

Oct 11,  · PS4 To PS5: Full List Of Games With Free Upgrades And Game Boost. Mario Golf: Super Rush Trailer Shows Off New Modes Like Speed And Battle Golf NBA 2K15 isn’t as drastic a visual update . Oct 26,  · The NBA 2K15 PS4 and Xbox One update is live along with the full patch notes detailing what changed. If you didn’t get time to play yesterday, then you might be wondering today what changedEstimated Reading Time: 50 secs. Apr 02,  · Released yesterday on Xbox One, and previously on PlayStation 4 and PC, the April NBA 2K15 update is a “major” one, with 2K addressing a number of issues with the game.
[PS4] Stuck at Intro Game

[PS4] Stuck at Intro Game – 2K Support
NBA 2K15 PS4, XB1 update live with notes

NBA 2K15 Patch Update 4 Is Now Available | Attack of the Fanboy

The update is now available for download on PlayStation 4 platform, size is around 2. The same patch will be released for PC and Xbox One later this week. You can check out the full notes below. Please ensure you have plenty of balanced lighting natural light is best for best results.

Get out there and represent your Park! Rajon Rondo now has a new body type. Updated the Atlanta Hawks uniform to match the look for the season. Updated the Toronto Raptors uniform by reducing the thickness of the red trim around the arms. Updated the referee uniforms to match the look for the NBA season.

Improved lip sync and facial animations for a number of the Real Voice interviews with Doris Burke. Fixed an issue where the commentator would occasionally reference an on-screen overlay when one was not being displayed. Fixed a case where the game would occasionally hang when scrolling by the created players tab in the Roster Creator. The shooting form and shot base animations are now correctly coupled when scrolling through them in Edit Player.

A League Members screen has been added to Online Leagues, with the ability for admins to kick users from the league as well as the ability to award a win to the user of their choosing.

When accepting an Online Leagues invite on the Main Menu, the user will no longer lose functionality after accepting an invite, then canceling out of the Retrieving Content Data dialog. When spectating or in Got Next in the Jordan Rec Center, the quarter and time remaining will now appear in the score bar. Updated the Adidas Ankle Brace to match its real-life counterpart velcro now faces out.

Fixed an issue where parties of 5 would sometimes get split up when searching for All-Star Team-Up game. Records will now be shown with the correct values when loading into quick matches online.

Resolved a rare issue where the game would randomly hang during the Dunk Contest at All-Star Weekend. The correct players names and scores are now shown during the tiebreaker round in the dunk contest at All-Star Weekend.

Fixed a rare hang that would occur if the user attempted to Rematch during a very small window at the beginning of the Halftime Report. PC Support for resolutions has been added. PC Support for adjusting controller vibration has been added into the VideoSettings.

Fixed several issues preventing shooting fouls from being called at a high enough frequency for both the user and CPU. Fixed 3PT line recognition for jump shooters to prevent them from stepping over the line when attempting 3PT shots.

Pass speeds have been increased to reduce “floaty” passes. Implemented a casual walk-up state and new back-to-basket walk launch to get rid of the “hunchback” walk-ups.

Also made it easier to dribble walk in general. Disabled technical fouls due to excessive timeouts in online games to prevent griefing. Fixed overpowered behind-the-back dribble moves. Addressed several cases of control unresponsiveness in the dribbling system. Tuned interior and contact shot success for more predictable outcomes. Reduced contact dunk frequency for Posterizers in all game modes. The AI will now evaluate more options rather than always doing “auto-putbacks” off of offensive rebounds.

Several improvements made to balance offensive and defensive rebounding. More impactful penalties instituted against “zig-zag” 3PT exploit. Corrected a case where block inputs were being dropped near the basket. Increased the frequency of reaching fouls.

Tuned defensive closeout speed and effectiveness. The shot meter is now enabled during free throw situations. Reduced the frequency of moving screen violations. Fixed an exploit in which the user could continually engage and disengage from the Post to get to the basket. Changed the default setting for Defensive Assist online to 50 to help with on-ball defense. Re-worked the shot fatigue system to take more factors into account to better simulate real life. Fixed the ability to throw long touchdown passes by alley-ooping to the receiver from the backcourt.

Force receivers to play standing catches on check-ball passes. Fixed an issue where a user’s pass release type request was being overridden during fast breaks.

Fixed several cases of rebounding goaltends being called too frequently. Improvements to passing and catching into the post. Made passers more aware of defenders behind them when selecting pass animations. Fixed Play-call messages not appearing when calling a play in the Jordan Rec Center. Prevent post players from auto pump faking from dropsteps.

Improved Deny Ball movement when Out of Position. Improved the responsiveness of the Right Stick defensive Quick Steps. Fixed on-ball defense facing when out of position and really close to the ball handler. Prevented off-ball defenders from going into a shot contest if an on-ball teammate is already in one. Made it easier to control your player during the 2K Camera flip transition. Improved post shot selection for AI-controlled players to better match their tendencies.

Reduced the frequency of steals in perimeter body-ups. Fixed the logic for the AI dribbler passing to the roll man in pick-and-roll situations.

Removed dribble drive stutter that was occasionally playing in the wrong situations. Improved Points of Emphasis logic for late game situations. Improved logic and spacing for players in the Triangle freelance offense. A number of other smaller changes have been made to address issues as well as enhance the user experience.

Several improvements made to the Teammate Grade evaluation. Fixed an issue where tattoos equipped while in the Practice Gym failed to apply to the player when playing the next NBA game. During the offseason, your favorite team should no longer try and recruit you if you are already on that team.

Users can now preview sounds in the Arena Media menu prior to purchasing. Fixed an issue where pre-game rituals would occasionally not trigger before a played game. Corrected a case where the camera would sometimes look at the other team during a speaking huddle. The Hall of Fame environment has been completely re-lit to increase the visual fidelity of the experience.

Tuned generated draft class creation to create more variety with respect to body scale proportions e. Tuned DPOY formula in order to get more accurate award recipient finalists. When a player worsens an injury by attempting to play through it e. Your Trainer will now inform you of exactly which body part he is worried about when uncovering an injury concern on a draft prospect.

Corrected an issue that was restricting some players from signing contract extensions in-season despite having the appropriate number of bird years. Players that are focused on Injury Rehab will no longer aggravate existing injuries during Training.

In MyGM, the user will no longer receive an offseason owner goal to not lose a player to free agency when that player is already signed for the next season. In MyGM, your owner will no longer ask you to upgrade a position where you already have a star player when you have another position in need of a clear upgrade.

In MyGM, fixed an issue where upgrades that affect durability affected only the miscellaneous durability instead of the durability of all body parts. The game will no longer hang when trying to finish the offseason with 4 or less players on the roster What are you thinking anyhow? Addressed an issue in the Gameplan where the rotation would reset when leaving a team-specific gameplan for a team that had 15 players on the roster.

Fixed a bug where the social media messages from different Power Rankings personalities would be incorrect when starting with a Fantasy Draft. Note: All patch fixes will work in your existing game mode saves. The new patch is already live on the PlayStation Network. Home Privacy Policy Sitemap.

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