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Moultrie m880i gen 2 review.Moultrie M-880 Gen2 Camera Review

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Moultrie m880i gen 2 review.Moultrie M-880i Gen2 Camera Review


2015 Moultrie M880i Gen2 Review.Moultrie Mi Camera Review –


Jun 12,  · The Moultrie M Gen2 camera has a similar design to theM we are reviewing although it has finer detailed greenish camo pattern. The camera has menus for its settings like the M but there are additional options on this camera, such as resolution options, timelapse, flash intensity settings and more. The Moultrie Mi Gen 2 is the perfect game camera if you don’t mind night pictures being slightly dim. I wish the flash was slightly brighter but there is a trade off. Animals will never know the Moultrie Mi Gen 2 trail camera is there/5. Moultrie Mi Gen2 Review Conclusion Stars Overall, this is a very solid no glow trail camera but it is not perfect. The programming could be tough for consumers that aren’t tech-savvy. Outside of that, we love the picture quality and the all-around durability of the game camera.


Moultrie m880i gen 2 review.Moultrie Mi Gen2 Game Camera Review

Moultrie Mi Gen2 Review Conclusion Stars Overall, this is a very solid no glow trail camera but it is not perfect. The programming could be tough for consumers that aren’t tech-savvy. Outside of that, we love the picture quality and the all-around durability of the game camera. Jan 18,  · In this video I give you a preview of the new Moultrie “Mi” Gen 2 Mini Cam including a look at the feature set of the unit. I also share some of my e. Jun 13,  · The Moultrie Mi Gen2 camera on the inside and outside looks nearly identical to the M Gen2 we are reviewing. The camera has the same two line backlit display menus for its settings which include resolution options, time lapse, video and more.
Moultrie M-880i Gen2
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Moultrie Mi Gen2 Camera Review –
Moultrie M-880i Camera Review

Moultrie M Gen2 Camera Review –

The set up was easy and somewhat familiar and I had this camera taking photos on the range quickly. Years ago I tested many cameras with a Wi-fi SD card from eye-fi and found that because the power was cut off after the image was saved the wi-fi card did not have time to send the image over wi-fi.

My guess is that this setting will leave power to the SD card longer or all the time. Also notable are settings called AC Connected and Overwrite. This is a small camera virtually identical in size to the M we covered in The layout of the buttons and switches have changed. The display is still the two line LCD thus no photo viewer on this one. The i uses a hinged, camera in the back design which is convenient as the camera does not flop around when you open it..

It requires 8 AA batteries which are stored in a pop out tray.. It has slots for a strap and a python cable hole on the back of the camera as well as two tripod mount threaded receptacles one on the rear and one on the bottom. It supports photo, video and time lapse modes.

The LED flash array cover is slightly tinted to take some of the shine off the array unlike the typical black we are used to. Also notable are settings called AC and Overwrite. I can see the flash but very faintly. I would put this one in the black flash category. Another interesting thing I noticed is that each time the camera triggered and captured a photo I could hear a long tone followed by a short tone. It is not very loud and I am guessing it is around 12 Khz. Unless you have good hearing you may not notice the tone but I am guessing that animals probably will if they are close.

Also, I noticed that there is a filter clunk but only one as it transitions from light to dark and back. I managed to get some range sample pictures. The sunny photos have a haziness which I believe is an over exposure problem.

Tonight I captured some flash range pictures. You can tell that the 50 foot deer has horns but there is not a lot of detail. I have seen better but this is a no glow flash camera. Also, I tested the PIR sensing range and could only get this camera to trigger within 30 feet. I would not have believed this result but earlier I left the camera on the range and poured out a pile of corn at 35 feet.

When I returned from lunch, I pulled the card, noticed the corn was gone. The only pics on the card were of me walking out with a bucket. No deer photos. I have gone through all the menu settings and there is no PIR sensitivity setting that I can find. The temp during the walk tests was 67F. Compared to most cameras there is little foreground as it is cropped to create the wide screen aspect on the photos.

We have seen this cropping on most wide screen formatted photos so you may need to tip it forward a bit compared to other cameras. So far nothing about this camera is a deal breaker, but this sensitivity issue is going to require more testing. After testing the Mc, I found that its sensing range is identical to the Mi. The sensing range is identical on the c as the i.

Both cameras will not trigger beyond 30 feet. I did jumping jacks, slow walks, fast walks and the limbo. I am wondering if the pir sensing cone is aimed more down, which is the problem or is it something they can tweak in the firmware and provide an update? I sent my Moultrie contact an email and I hope they will get back with me on this.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Toggle navigation. Go to the shop. Progress and Activity. The video trigger time is 1. This is close to the advertised numbers. This should improve the distant illumination. Another thing to note is that the ticks are out.

I have already pulled three off me this year!!! View the samples below. The pictures have good contrast and clarity however there is a moderate amount of motion blur.

I have moved this camera to video mode. It captured both day and night samples. On first observation I could tell that they had a low frame rate. Upon inspection the frame rate is 14 fps. This makes the videos look sparse but it does keep the file size down. I have never been a fan of 30 frames per second on a scouting camera.

I would rather have image quality and a lower rate personally. The quality a better than average but not the best I have seen. The average 10 second clip day time is 17MB. I find this a mystery since I got photos and 65 video clips. My only explanation is that I have recently run into a batch of bad SD cards. So, running a bad card in a camera for a few days does what? It would seem run the battery dead in this case. I will put new batteries in and restart my testing.

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