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Merge dragons summer dreaming event.Summer Event

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Apr 24,  · In Merge Dragons, events are time limited quests which have a theme and special rewards that you cannot get anywhere else. To unlock events, you must complete grassy 3 level and have 35 dragon power. Summer Event (alt: Summer Dreaming Event*) Summer: Diva Dragons, Camp Summer Shop (First Occurrence), Camp Ice Cream Shop (Second Occurrence). October 15, ·. Looking for a place to meet other players, exchange tips and tricks, and explore all things Merge Dragons? Head on over to the official Merge Dragons! Discord server and join today! Check out the Merge Dragons! community on Discord – hang out with other members and enjoy free voice and text chat. New in Merge Dragons! We’re making the transition from Spring to Summer in this version – it’s jam-packed with four events! Travel back in time with the Atlantis event, then sit back and relax with the Zen Dragon Event two weeks later!


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I’ve only been around for 2 events. It looks like the prevailing strategy is to first make a wonder that gives you more dragons (prism flowers -> leaves/trees -> wood -> bushes -> ruins -> many dragons), all the while building up life flowers to as high level as you can get, eventually healing most land to get to the big item at the other end of the level that lets you harvest tons of event items. May 14,  · Merge Dragons Summer Dreaming Event Cloud Keys Guide March 16, Merge Dragons Easter Event Quests March 31, Merge Dragons Owlympus Event Quests May 10, Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Comment. Enter your name or username to comment. Enter your email address to comment. May 27,  · The Merge Dragons Summer Delight Event will begin Friday May 29, @ 3PM EST (New York Time). It will last 72 hours until Monday June 1st, @ 3PM EST. Make sure to stay tuned in with the Live Stream schedule below, play along with Toasty and ensure you earn all the rewards!!!Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.
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Hey there! In events the most important is to get all the rewards to bring back to camp! The Rewards help increase your Dragon Power! Usually there is a Fruit Tree that gives Dragon Fruit which are awesome for coins! You can also get an Event Trophy which give you awesome rewards initially and can sometimes be kept to tap daily for cool items! For a specific Merge Dragons Event Guide refer to the link below for the current event for more specific information on the event!

You will find Cloud Key Guides, Quests, and specific reward info! I still got all rewards within around first 24 hrs by nonstop grinding with two dragons and two fairy house things, however when surfing around on the wiki I saw a tip on wonder 10 that it was the first wonder to work towards in an event for more dragons and the second being Stonehenge.

But that was all that I could find regarding the wonders during events and I was hoping you could elaborate? Is there an easier way then buying a prism flower and 8x hills from the shop and grinding up to the ruins of the sky palace and Stonehenge respectively? I had tried to do the cloud key. Did the Cloud Key Square turn green, red, or black? Hopefully this helps! You certainly can take the purple stars back to camp to merge. This will increase your gems much much faster. The Purple Stars yes Indeed!

Can we bring anything else back to camp without using purple coins or is it all lost? At the end of an event, I always have unhatched eggs and the unhatched mystery nest.

Can these eggs and nest be taken back to camp? Or if I merge them, do the dragons come back to camp with me when the event is over? This is a general question not event specific, how can I accumulate more purple stars? I hardly get any? I have question. The last event my game went all crazy. I had eggs for the event dragon and a regular dragon, but ended up with 2 regular dragons.

This event is the same. I have 2 Rock Dragon Whelps and not an event dragon. Usually the event dragon is way faster for me than the other dragon… but now I end up with 2 slower dragons and I need to collect way more event points. I have been playing for over a year and have not had this happen before. Any ideas? In a event if you make a life orb of the heavens before the quest for creation 3 orbs comes on does that count once you activate the quest? At the very beginning of any event, the first steps you want to take are… Get your 1st dragon Unlock Mystic Clouds to unlock helpful items Visit my Cloud Keys Guide!

Get your 2nd Dragon! Time to harvest!!! Once you have harvest Life Orbs of Heaven, you can activate them for huge healing power! Merge Event Techniques. Merge Magic Event Guide. Click here for the Owlympus Event Guide! Ashley 13 Apr Reply. These are great tips Thank you! Toasty 13 Apr Reply. Random pineapple 30 Apr Reply. Sarah 26 May Reply.

Toasty 20 Jun Reply. Angel 26 Oct Reply. The purple stars for finishing the quests, do I save those for merge or tap them right away? Toasty 26 Oct Reply. Tap them right away! Westravler 5 Jan Reply. Toasty 5 Jan Reply. Pepi 19 Jan Reply. Alicia Daugherty 24 Feb Reply. Toasty 25 Feb Reply. Vicky 11 Apr Reply. How do I clear a passing with a star? The purple ones dont fit? Toasty 3 May Reply. It should be the gold star at the end of the map! Momma Jan 20 Apr Reply. Amanda 1 May Reply.

I messed up in an event and I want to reset. Caz 14 May Reply. Rhonda 1 Aug Reply. What if you merge an item you need to open a cloud? Kiley 18 Oct Reply. Jay 31 Oct Reply.

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