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Mega boost adventure capitalist.AdVenture Capitalist: How to get loads of Mega Bucks and Mega Tickets

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Mega boost adventure capitalist.AdVenture Capitalist Strategy Guide & Tips to Earn More Mega Bucks and Mega Tickets


About Evan Heisenberg.AdVenture Capitalist: How to get loads of Mega Bucks and Mega Tickets | WP Mobile Game Guides


Sep 10,  · AdVenture Capitalist Strategy Guide & Tips to Earn More Mega Bucks and Mega Tickets. Simulation Tim September 10, Kongregate’s popular mobile game AdVenture Capitalist has been out for a good long time, and in the past we’ve shared a few sets of tips and tricks with you, dealing with general strategies, angel investors, a couple of ways to get unlimited money without Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Mega Bucks are a form of currency in AdVenture Capitalist. They can be purchased on each planet (including events, when finished) for a large amount of that planet’s currency. 1 Cost Events 2 Usage 3 Trivia The cost of each Mega Buck is significantly higher than the previous Mega Buck. On. Sep 04,  · AdVenture Capitalist. because its huge boost comes so incredibly late. Today I reached lasers and my next ticket (I have 9 mega bucks so 1 left currently) will go towards them which will be another huge boost. For moon my order is: 1 – moon express 2 – helium 3 3 – lasers.


Mega boost adventure capitalist.My Megabuck Strategy :: AdVenture Capitalist General Discussions

Sep 04,  · AdVenture Capitalist. because its huge boost comes so incredibly late. Today I reached lasers and my next ticket (I have 9 mega bucks so 1 left currently) will go towards them which will be another huge boost. For moon my order is: 1 – moon express 2 – helium 3 3 – lasers. Mega Boosters, or Golden Investments, are a huge new part of the game. Read on for some tips on how to get more Mega Bucks and Mega Tickets in AdVenture Capitalist! Mega Bucks, as with before, are had by spending a good chunk of change for them, whether you are on the moon, earth, or even Mars. Go to the new AdVentures menu (formerly Launch) and you will see three ted Reading Time: 2 mins. Mega Tickets are golden tickets in AdVenture Capitalist that allow the boost of an investment by x permanently. They may only be used once on each different investment opportunity. To boost an investment, the player must click on the golden Mega Ticket icon and select “Boost” under the investment they wish to boost.
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Mega Tickets

What to Mega-Boost on Mars? :: AdVenture Capitalist General Discussions

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Global Achievements. Siku View Profile View Posts. Alright, lots of discussion about them megabucks and i’ll be sharing how I plan to spend mine. With gold boosts. Current Plan and what I think are solid investments: 1 Oxygen Bars. This one is a no-brainer.

Oxygen is just, incredibly good at any and all levels on the moon. It starts to fall later on, but htat’s MUCH later on. Yeah, ive heard some people complain that its a waste and donuts are the way to go, but honestly Lemonades are the one that skyrocket you in new tiers every time. While it falls at few points, whenever there,s a new series of crazy multipliers, he’s always the first to get it, which helps you get the other ones.

That definitely deserve its golden ticket. Yeah, they arent the greatest of Earth business early on, but they always seems to be just behind donuts most of the time right next to pizza but after you get the x30 bonus they are just straight up stupid good.

For people with much lower progress, this should be much higher on your list. Next Megabuck purchase: Pizza Shop, Because i’ll have the x30 to them by that point Honorable Mentions: Oil has its great moment but Im seems incredibly lackluster in the endgame, because its huge boost comes so incredibly late. Werewolf Colony and Helium Farms are also things I would like to boost, but they will have to wait a while longer. Helium will probably gain value by the time i can afford it, but I dont know if Werewolves are actually going to be worth it.

Last edited by Siku ; 4 Sep, pm. Showing 1 – 15 of 17 comments. Thanks for the info. I’m little bit behind you, but taking note of your findings.

I’m currently on duotrigintillion angels on Earth, 48 quadrillion on the Moon, bought three tickets and can buy three more.

On Earth I spent one for oils. I agree with the lemons idea in general, but at the moment, they aren’t generating enough for me to want to use tickets on them. But maybe soon. I also agree on donuts not being the best thing at least not anymore. Past they start doing intervals and have only 7 unlocks left.

On the Moon I spent one ticket on lasers the other on cheese mines. Laser is sort of a safe bet with lots of unlocks left and good big multipliers. Even though they aren’t cheap, I still figure it’s a good bet. Lots of people have indeed said they’ve spent tickets for things like heliums probably because of the graphs included in the detailed moon guide , but as you said, they become good at later stages, so I’d rather spend at least one ticket on a business that’s generating good money now, and that’s a decision between oxygens and cheese mines.

Dunno really why I chose cheese mines instead of oxygens. Probably gonna spend one more on moon express, and possibly one on oxygen, that leaves me with one ticket which I’m not at all sure what to spend on. Geomancer View Profile View Posts. I don’t imagine it making all that big of a difference. At the start, I liked the game and spent some money to get the permanent x6 bonus on Earth. So that applies to everything, and isn’t that much less than what the tickets give.

Things are still glacier on the Earth where it takes weeks to even do anything. Yeah, the tickets will help a little, but will still probably be weeks between getting to do anything. No other way to look at it really, waiting weeks between getting to do anything just isn’t fun.

Checkmate View Profile View Posts. I’m still at newspapers. I’ve been playing since the first 2 weeks this game came out. This is how far you get when you DON’T buy gold. I’m not against spending money on in game currency, but it boggles my mind that some of you will buy it on single players games like this one where the only objective is to make more fake money.

What about Helium-3 Farms? Originally posted by Amonite :. I’m a bit ahead of you, but this is pretty much exacly what I did. The other business really are not worth upgrading. Today I reached lasers and my next ticket I have 9 mega bucks so 1 left currently will go towards them which will be another huge boost.

For moon my order is: 1 – moon express 2 – helium 3 3 – lasers 4 – coming probably cheese or wolfs didnt make the math yet 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 not sure yet Earth: 1 – lemon 2 – car wash 3 – pizza 4 – oil 5 – coming donuts 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 not sure yet. Last edited by Never Lucky ; 6 Sep, pm. Goog View Profile View Posts. Because my carwash is at 1. Broken or what? I don’t really care to read though a lot of the official forum posts out right now to find the answer. Originally posted by MR. It’s interesting seeing everybody’s strategies.

Here’s what i did: I am in the range on news to donuts, and range on shrimp to oil and lemons. And I’ve reached the Cana-dough upgrade.

So to see what my best rate-earners are, I reset and bought everything up to only That way I could directly compare the profit rates. I spent my five tickets on news, car, pizza, donuts, and hockey. If I ever manage to get another ticket, it will go toward the shrimp. Originally posted by Peil :. Splax View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by WhaiFuji :. Well you’ve screwed up somewhere along the way. You are far ahead of me on Earth and Moon and I have everything gilded on both.

And haven’t spent a dime. Still have a few months to go on Moon and an eternity to go on Earth. Originally posted by Siku :.

Last edited by The Cow ; 25 Mar, am. This thread was made a looong time ago, back before the Moon was revamped, and it took a several months just to reach lasers, and another year or two to reach lasers.

This may be why you’re seeing odd strategies related to Moon, because it used to take forever and a half to get anywhere, and Cheese was the 2nd best business, now its the 2nd worst. As for your post: Depending on where you are, Earth’s best business moves around a lot.

Early on its often Lemon, Oil or Donuts. Then Cars and Pizza also become remarkably good because they keep upgrading every , while Donut, Lemon and Oil upgrades every Resetting when you double your angels is still the way to go.

Earth just takes a long time. As long as you have boosted Oxygen Bars on Moon, you’ll be fine until you finish it. Mars doesnt requires any boosts, save your megabucks to boost all ten of Earth’s businesses. The last time I reset Earth and doubled my angels was a month ago.

That’s 30 days at x30 speed, Basically 3 years for a free player. So, dont o finish earth too seriously, it’s mathematically impossible until they fix it. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 4 Sep, pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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