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M-audio audiophile usb.All user reviews for the M-Audio Audiophile USB


M AUDIO AUDIOPHILE USB DRIVER DETAILS:.User reviews: M-Audio Audiophile USB – Audiofanzine


*Changed installer to use Avid license file rather than the old M-Audio/MidiMan license. *Changed build to use Avid signing certificate in place of the expired M-Audio signing certificate. *Changed installer to use static product and package ID GUIDs versus dymanic build time generated GUIDs. Acclaimed audio interfaces, studio monitors, and keyboard controllers. Apr 27,  · M-AUDIO Audiophile USB drivers. Free drivers for M-AUDIO Audiophile USB. Found 6 files. Please select the driver to download. Additionally, you can choose Operating System to see the drivers that will be compatible with your OS. If you can not find a driver for your operating system you can ask for it on our forum.


M-audio audiophile usb.M-Audio Audiophile USB

Aug 29,  · The M Audio Audiophile USB was purchased for dollars which is a decent price point for this interface, its not over priced but not under priced either. It was a perfect interface for my home set up during the few months that I was using it. The sound that it gave me was pretty good, there really isn’t much to argue about with it.4/5(20). Manufacturers of MIDI and audio devices for the PC or Mac. Product catalog, company information, news and support center. Super DAC is a USB digital to analog converter with stereo RCA analog outputs and both coaxial and optical digital outputs. With audiophile-grade Wolfson DAC/ADCs, the M-Audio Super DAC performs bit/kHz high-definition audio conversion over a USB connection. This results in the highest possible audio quality, which is critical for users who want to connect their audio equipment to their .
M-Audio Audiophile USB Audio and MIDI Interface (Macintosh and Windows)
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M-Audio Audiophile USB
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Le site Web ne peut pas fonctionner correctement sans ces cookies. Add this product to Mon ancien matos My current gear Mon futur matos. USB audio interface from M-Audio. This product is no longer manufactured. Product presentation. Write a user review Filter Keywords. Average Score:. Write a user review. USE Prepare to then you eat the balls Seriously I have to install about 6 to 10 m-audio so that it works even when I ca not redmarre my computer working again everything blows.

The worst is that the line input sound does not yet walk in my store or I bought the AC has air market apparently ca dpendrait installing your computer.

Oh and I forgot that his walking half the time when he wants to get out of my speakers! Well the manual saw it in English Ben is the merdeeeeeee!!! And I add me well I torcherai ass with. PS: I’m going to get my money back so much that ca nerv me that this card does not. I use Cubase and it detects no sound no tape recording in general there is just a horizontal stroke without frquence the curve there ame no tape the Latency is not famous for a card she Exceeds 20 while with preset Asio I have a much lower latency.

And I do not record anything and I do not see a big difference from its This is crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! Level report qualitprix? Better go get sucked cock whore by a heavyweight matte style version of camioneur is more profitable. Last critical AC would that I will put ngative rating this product con but I’m sorry but it threw me out of me a product that does not work in the end I record my pod xt pro and rendering is much better!

Big Fat Duck. In any case, the records have always ended up crashing. I record my DJ mixes with this audio card with Virtual Dj. I know it is not as terrible software. Otherwise I had mixed live by skype The M Audio Audiophile USB was purchased for dollars which is a decent price point for this interface, its not over priced but not under priced either. It was a perfect interface for my home set up during the few months that I was using it.

I came across the Audiophile after seeing it in computer maize years ago and decided to give it a shot. The Latency is pretty low, but you can still notice it with the naked ear a little bit. But its not enough to be a deal breaker. I think the Audiophile would be perfect for a beginner because its affordable and will still give you something decent you can start with.

I only record simple 1 tracks at a time and they are mainly vocals. I am happy that I chose to use this interface for a short while when I needed to. The quality of sound was very solid for a dollar interface. I bought this sound card for broadcast on Radio Paradise first radio station in Britain with 22, daily listeners to replace a Soundblaster Audigy, which caused me some problems with MP3 playback disappearance of a second random image or two in the middle of reading.

My son 6 years could have done. Last day rgulire M Audio site in French! Is the Is the joy. I use Raduga broadcast on this map, no multitrack editing. Fortunately even when the volume is adjustable on the case I have to wait a week for rcuprer the thing. The power supply is not Intgr origne packaging, do not forget the rclamer! A simple and reliable card that is perfect to use radio. For Euro I’m surprised such a quality. Docteur Frog. Plug it, it installs the driver and “here we go!

The features are good trs next to the price. Configuration is easy to implement. Despite my dboires, the hotline is Franaise trs effective. But for the price!! I use it to record guitar and vocals for compositions. No incompatibility.

Configuration comfortable because there is no normment of rglages, which is not worse. The manual is very well done and clear rev. Mdium mode, I get 24ms latency, which good enough for me. The quality of the converters seems to me beside the excellent price. I have not tried other cards but I’m fi testing. I would do without this choice hsitation.

I bought this card because I have a desktop and a laptop. The vboitier looks super tough for the raw, should go Usage: Mainly to make the recording bass voice, and especially to run with less latency vsti my SB 23 ms lol My config: Fixed: P4 2.

Now cubase The SP1 was good, but still happens So, reboot required So, taking big head to find the best combination of settings for a running properly in Cubase SX. Take at least one or two hours to find what runs best depending on your config.

I’ve been running more than 11 audio tracks, plus 3 VSTi, no cracking, no jumps.. With the VSTi Host brainspawn as strong, there’s no problem, more than two hours in a row All I’m running without problem, without taking head As I said, the case is super strong. Pay euros Submitted often in a store in the ads with whom I had also qq problem but For a low budget who want a cheap card quality LET you, it’s all good For more information, Do not hesitate.

First M-Audio’s hotline is really on top! Only the cost of the call remains shamefully lev I bought it for MIDI, a few virtual instrument. Has surely come to my PC, but hey SoundForge same thing in his creaking SoundForge same thing in his creaking after a few minutes. The problem would not be rsolu but I board since switched to another for the same version of firewire.

My use via my config does not allow me to DPOS an objective opinion, just give you the experience I had with the audiophile usb.

Last thing, when one sees the arrival of the same card with the firewire hardware monitor version for 50 dollars more, I think we should not hesitate to take it Version firewire course! I had taken for his connection jack, headphone jack and noon. A priori good performance and reliability of M audio. I need to close applications for editing audio, etc Finally finally, crackles in recordings but more due to my VIA chipset config. The advice he gave me: for the same price, go to firewire audiophile who just left home.

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