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Lg v20 camera crack.MODERATORS

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Lg v20 camera crack.LG V20 owners report fragile, easily cracked camera glass


Want to add to the discussion?.Some LG V20 owners claim camera glass cover easily breaks


Oct 31,  · Several LG V20 users have claimed that the glass on the rear camera of their smartphone is extremely brittle and breaks without even being dropped. A user on Reddit said that the rear camera Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Oct 23,  · isn’t the V20 supposed to be some kind of “durable” phone like the V10 with the metal rails and the rubber back? How the fuck can the camera crack so easy? Why do they take one big piece of glass instead of going for a plastic layer with two cutouts for the lenses? Nov 01,  · LG V20 owners are taking to Reddit and other social media, claiming that the camera module’s glass is cracking on its own. In our review of the LG V20, we called it Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.


Lg v20 camera crack.#Shattergate: LG V20 Camera Glass Reportedly Cracking | Tom’s Guide

Oct 24,  · One Reddit user posted a photo of his LG V20 with a camera cover that allegedly cracked after he left the LED flash on for a long period. Another user claims his LG V20 had its camera cover Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins. Mar 30,  · This video shows how to fix the broken camera lens of LG VGet original Camera Lens for LG V20 at Your LG V20 phone goes through a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. The Glass Lens Cover to the Rear Dual Camera can easily get broken or scratched. Your LG V20 will not take clear pictures with the broken Dual Glass Camera Lens Cover Frame your investment and Save Money! Package Includes: 1x High Quality Rear Facing Glass Camera Lens Cover/5().
#Shattergate: LG V20 Camera Glass Reportedly Cracking
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Multiple reports of LG V20 camera glass cracking | Pocketnow

Perhaps you might even consider getting a case for it. There have been multiple reports of the glass on the head unit either cracking or shattering and usually because of minuscule impact activities such as scratching the surface or even setting the phone down.

The six other reports have all been over complete shatters from either leaving the flashlight on for more than 30 minutes, lightly dropping the phone in, of all things, an Otterbox case and placing the phone on a desk. Some had to pay up for a replacement while at least one moved to a different phone. The Pixel is susceptible.

The Nexus 6P is susceptible. Even the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are susceptible. But having a group of these bang-ups come from the gate for the V20 is simply not good news, especially not in the current environment where Samsung botched its handling of the Note 7 debacle and where LG cannot afford to drop its sales momentum after a lousy half-year with the G5. A second crisis of trust in is not needed.

One possibility brought up in the thread is that the parts supplier skimped on the glass annealing process for these units. A poor job here does mean harder glass, but it can become more fractious, too.

If you have a V20, hold off on freaking out just yet — these units could be just part of a bad batch or LG could announce that it will do the right thing if you come across the problem.

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Android Phones. LG has not addressed the issue yet, but Reddit has been able to track down seven cases where small impacts had shattering results for V20 users. Anton D. Nagy Anton is the Editor-in-Chief of Pocketnow. You May Also Like. Today’s best deals come from Amazon, where have the latest inch iPad Pro, Microsoft…. We have done the work for you and made it easy to decide which sleeve to buy.

Here are…. Android Phones Reviews. If I had to choose a single device to use for the next quinquennial, this would be it.

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