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Lg g6 vs pixel xl.LG G6 vs. Google Pixel XL: Which one’s better?

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Lg g6 vs pixel xl.Google Pixel XL vs LG G6 Plus


LG G6 vs Google Pixel XL vs Pixel: Design.Compare LG G6 –


Mar 07,  · LG G6 vs Google Pixel XL vs Pixel: Hardware. The LG G6 has the Qualcomm Snapdragon , supported by 4GB of RAM and either 32GB or 64GB of storage, both of which have microSD support. There is a. Home > Smartphone comparison > Google Pixel XL vs LG G6 Plus. 62 points. 66 points. Google Pixel XL. 75 points. 87 points. LG G6 Plus $ 32GB. Mar 01,  · LG G6 vs Google Pixel XL: You could argue that last year’s LG G5 was a misstep on the company’s path to dominion over the smartphone market, but ’s LG G6 looks to be a far more.


Lg g6 vs pixel xl.LG G6 vs. Google Pixel XL: Which phone is better? – CNET

Home > Smartphone comparison > Google Pixel XL vs LG G6 Plus. 62 points. 66 points. Google Pixel XL. 75 points. 87 points. LG G6 Plus $ 32GB. May 04,  · LG G6 vs Google Pixel XL: Camera Comparison. LG is known to experiment with their smartphones, but one thing they’ve kept fairly consistent is the dual camera setup for the last few generations. Introduced first with the LG G5, the company has stuck to retaining the dual camera setup in a ultra-wide angle and wide angle configuration despite. Google Pixel 4A XL vs LG G6 Mobile Comparison – Compare Google Pixel 4A XL vs LG G6 Price in India, Camera, Size and other specifications at Gadgets Now.
LG G6 vs. Google Pixel XL
LG G6 vs. Google Pixel XL
LG G6 vs Google Pixel XL: Which is best for me?
LG G6 vs Google Pixel 3a XL
Google Pixel XL vs LG G6 Plus: What is the difference?

LG G6 vs. Google Pixel XL: Which one’s better? April 21, Notification on. If, for whatever reason, Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 isn’t doing it for you, there are other great Androids to consider.

To help decide which one is for you, we considered The phones in five different categories to see which one is better. The elegant Pixel and its glass shade is a differentiator. The winner If it were purely esthetics, I’d give it to the Pixel.

But water resistance gives the G6 the ultimate leg up. The G6 can take wide angle photos with the back and front cameras, meaning you could fit more content in each frame. The preloaded Square Camera app also edits neat photos that’s perfect for Instagram.

Aside from a lens blur mode, the Pixel doesn’t have many camera tricks. But then again, it doesn’t need to considering it has a fantastic camera especially in dim lighting. It takes sharper selfies and records steadier video albeit with a floaty, drone like quality. While the G6’s wide angle feature has its uses, I take the Pixel’s low light prowess over that Any day. Both phones are equipped with the Qualcom Snap Dragon chip set and on paper their benchmarks were neck and neck.

Real life usage was also on par with one another and both were fast when it came to launching apps, browsing the web, etc. As for battery, during our test for continuous video playback on airplane mode, the G6 Lasted 13 hours and 21 minutes while the pixel last 13 hours and 49 minutes.

The Pixel XL wins this round but only barely due to it’s slightly longer battery test time. With both handsets running Android 7. The winner here is both. And by both, I mean neither.

Since they both have unexciting software feature. While both are premium phones, the G6 is consistently less expensive across different countries and carriers. Barring any crazy pixel deal I’m not aware of, the G6 is of better value, for now. Tallying up the score, we have a tie. Hashtag sorry not sorry. Hey, are you surprised? At least we didn’t say something cheesy like the true winner here is you, the consumer.

Or whatever. But the G6’s lower price, not to mention water resistance, give it a big boost. Ultimately a lot of what makes a phone quote, unquote better depends on you. You’re budget and your priorities. Whatever you go with you’re guaranteed to be satisfied. Up Next. Find your ‘lost’ money in 2 minutes with these tools. Chromebooks turn From the first prototype to the latest models. Did the AirTags survive our durability test?

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