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Killing floor 2 settings.Dedicated Server (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing floor 2 settings.Reset Settings To Default




Feb 15,  · For Killing Floor 2: Navigate to your mydocs/mygames/KillingFloor2/KFgame directory and delete the config folder. The game will generate fresh files the next time you launch the game. For Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm: Navigate to your mydocs/mygames/red orchestra 2/rogame directory and delete the config folder. Jan 19,  · I also tried optimising video settings in GeForce EXPERIENCE for the Killing Floor 2 (for OPTIMAL) but won’t work, it says: “Unable to retrieve all current settings. Try restarting the game or changing the setting within the game first.” I only just installed Killing Floor 2, I have not moved or modified any files or folders. Nov 18,  · Advanced Settings for Killing Floor 2. Environment Detail: High or ultra. Environment Detail are best kept at High settings. If you have a good GPU then ultra is better. Character Detail: High or Ultra. FX: Low or high. Texture Resolution: High or Ultra. Texture Filtering: Bilinear. Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.


Killing floor 2 settings.Dedicated Server (Killing Floor 2) – Killing Floor 2 Wiki

Nov 19,  · This is Killing Floor 2 running on the GTX at p. Settings are in the video and the framerate counter is in the top left corner. Thanks for watching!. Jan 19,  · I also tried optimising video settings in GeForce EXPERIENCE for the Killing Floor 2 (for OPTIMAL) but won’t work, it says: “Unable to retrieve all current settings. Try restarting the game or changing the setting within the game first.” I only just installed Killing Floor 2, I have not moved or modified any files or folders. Jun 27,  · Killing Floor 2. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews a hz monitor this guide will still help you if you are struggling to achieve 60 fps or just want to know what the settings mean/do. I did a lot of testing and found out which video settings had the highest FPS impact.

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Best Graphics Settings for Killing Floor 2- Fix lag & Boost FPS

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Guide Index. PAGE 2. It’s very simple. So these files are also very childish meaning: if you mess up the files then most of the time the files will not let you start the game and wont tell you what you did wrong and laughs at you. So this is why we save a backup of any file we change so you simply put the backup in and the childish files allow the game to run.

So here we go follow along with me and lets have some fun. I test each setting on mine running on a 4k screen which means if I can run the game at great settings efficiently then people should have no problem running this game at P. Theory behind this is simple: 4k is 4x the graphic quality approx than p. Dumb downed terminology. You’re running the game on one screen while challenging me to run the game on 4 screens and getting the same results.

So play around a bit with each setting if the game is still either too easy or too hard to run. Here we go!!!! INI First if I don’t mention a setting to change meaning I skipped some settings it either means that it has no graphical information to it or it is to no be touched because it will cause the game to crash. First setting to look up! More for quality, less for performance 0. More for quality, less for performance default 0. More for quality, less for performance. Default 2.

Definitely do not put this setting at 0. Everyone should have this at 1. It’s really not needed at this time in the beta game and saves a lot of resources. The game is in beta and may cause black squares on certain graphic cards. Down side is again you may get artifacting or black squares depending on other settings as I did when I played on ultra with this setting.

However that was a “custom map” not built by DEVS so it could have been just the map try it. Some graphic cards will actually run worse though with lower settings normally the best graphic cards do this So testing this on ultra I got a really good FPS boost using and the same when I lowered it on low to This setting though kind of depends on your setup so mess around with this for a bit.

This is how often the game “flushes” the used memory. Because my cards have 6gb of memory each, I cannot tell a difference in this setting. For me the game defaulted it to -1 off which is why I recommend trying this on 30 for people with small graphic cards. I don’t know if it is actually defaulted at off or not.

However after reading that this actually only affects load times before the match even starts, I recommend leaving it True. The reason is simple, you will no longer have the graphic card trying to load the level as you move along saving resources and increasing overall FPS. I love PhysX games personally, some can care less. I dont know if this will help FPS wise as I have an excellent i7 6 core processor so it can run physics based game really well.

If you have a low end nvidia card but an i7 processor or an AMD 8 core processor, Leave it as is. Otherwise I have heard enabling your Nvidia GPU to run Physics is highly recommended and gives you better performance. This is heavily GPU based and will increase performance quite a bit as it did for me. Default If value is larger, the function will return without resizing. Adjust the value between and up. Between The higher the value, the more particles. This works for any PhysX particles i. If you do not have a graphics card with more than 3gb ram then do Again I believe this is graphics based so for 3gb or higher do For better performance on lower than 3gb do If you are using PhysX might consider increasing this.

If you lower this too much the game may stutter trying to run the game raise it too much and the same thing. So AMD users I would not touch this setting just leave it alone. I would recommend a minimum of to a max of Play around with it. I believe this setting is for building up information to use so technically the higher it is the less your GPU has to refresh the information. The downside is the same as above. To much Cache and it will slow down the game.

I got it stable at 32 for my 6gb titans. I would think that if you have a 4gb card do 24, 3 gb do 16 2 gb card then just leave it at 8. AMD users leave this alone as well. This increases lighting build time but may improve quality when normal maps are used to represent curvature over a large surface area.

When this setting is disabled, ‘simple’ light maps will not take normal maps into account. True for quality, false for performance Default both setting are true. I get nearly the same framerate ups and downs from both of these. Making it False is suppose to turn it off completely but some people said that leaving it True and doing on min and max is more stable. However I cannot tell the difference so my recommendation is to just turn it to False. I found that 2. However this will vary with monitors so you can mess around with this if you dont like the darkness of the game.

I believe it goes from 0. This is basically the refresh rate of your monitor. I run a hz monitor so I use Gaming monitors specifically for gaming are usually So check your monitor on google to see the refresh rate and change accordingly. Lower assumes more bandwidth. Higher numbers result in illumination, not brightness and reduce shadow effects.

Also is the lowest but also barely able to see so it helps FPS but may actually make the game play harder. It basically boosts the textures of players online. However with it set to 0 the players are pretty dull but if you are looking for performance then definitely have this at 0. Lowering this will definitely help FPS but keep in mind if you lower it too much you may get incorrect artifacts or extremely dark areas.

So Here’s the thing: If you are using windows 32bit software you’re max usable ram is 4gb which is why 64bit is always preferred for gaming don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

So if you are using a 32bit windows then just change this to If you are using windows 64 bit then you have lots of room to play around to find your best settings.

I have 24gb ddr3 ram. I have the game using a huge 12gb ram half the ram for me and this is usually safe since it leaves half your ram to run everything else on your system. If you use too much ram then you will start getting the blue screen of death because you are not letting your computer run background stuff efficiently. If the game starts crashing then you are using too much. Low settings Quarter ram.

I could be wrong but either way increasing this really boosted my framerates almost double for me.

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