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How to install windows 10 on acer aspire one.I want to Install Windows 10 on my old Acer laptop.

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How to install windows 10 on acer aspire one.[GUIDE] How to install Windows 10 cleanly


Question Info.[GUIDE] How to install Windows 10 cleanly — Acer Community


Windows 10 Pro. Smart Working. Windows 10 Pro on Acer lets you focus on what matters most. Your business. Windows 10 Pro devices provide you with the powerful essentials you need for your business PCs — more security features, enhanced control, and robust and innovative devices — and help stretch your resources to get more done. This video will assist with you installing Windows 10 onto your Acer laptop computer. Before installing Windows, you can create your own Windows 10 Install. Nov 12,  · hin guys this videom will show you how to install windows 10 pro from a usb drive on all types of acer aspire ones and mini notebooks i hope this method work.


How to install windows 10 on acer aspire one.I want to Install Windows 10 on my old Acer laptop. – Microsoft Community

Please backup your data from your hard disk before you want to know how to Download Windows 10 & Create a Bootable Flash Drive? Please clic. Jul 29,  · It gave the error “Windows Setup could not configure Windows on this computer’s hardware” when trying to install WINDOWS 10 FREE UPDATE METHOD: h. Nov 12,  · hin guys this videom will show you how to install windows 10 pro from a usb drive on all types of acer aspire ones and mini notebooks i hope this method work.
how to clean install of Win 10 on Aspire One
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Installing Windows 10 on a 7-Year-Old Acer Aspire One: Flawless Performance

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Sign up for an Acer ID and get exclusive access to deals and the Predator Den community, where you can ask and answer questions about gaming and gear. For the purpose of this guide I’m going to be using the official Media Creation Tool to download and copy the required files.

We’ll be using it to make a backup of the ones the system has already, if one can access the system that is. Acquiring the media: Download and run the tool and proceed through its wizard style dialogs to create the bootable media. Have the USB flash drive inserted into the machine so it can copy it directly. The architecture you’re looking for when asked in one of the steps should be set automatically, but it’s likely bit. After the process, that USB stick will contain Windows installation files, but we’ll be adding to it several things.

For one, depending on your system whether it’s Intel based or AMD you’ll want the storage drivers to be installed from the beginning of the procedure. By the way, if your system has an Optane module accelerator RST is going to be mandatory, but we’ll get there in the end. There are 2 packages, we’ll need them both.

There are drivers that come already with Windows, and some components have inbox drivers present that then get overwritten by Windows Update.

What we’re interested in are the WiFi or Ethernet ones, just in case the card was finicky and there were no drivers by default in a fresh Windows installation; I don’t know about you but I’d like to connect to the net after I’m done. Open the program and you’ll see some drivers are selected by default, those are the ones that didn’t come with Windows. If you which one is your network adapter, you can select only that; but if you don’t keeping the defaults is fine too.

Choose to back them up in another folder inside the stick, Double Driver creates a folder structure so if you’re like me and used a “drivers” folder before just point to that: And now the fun begins! Access the firmware settings of your machine by pressing F2 repeatedly when booting and ensure 2 things: – The default SATA operation mode.

We’ll be booting from the USB stick instead, so that needs to be enabled. UEFI is more modern and the current standard to be fair and in newer systems there may not be any other option.

When the settings are right, save them and reboot. Then press F12 until the boot manager is presented and choose the USB stick that was just created: You’ll be presented with the Windows installation in a possibly huge manner, don’t fret, it’s because at this point of the installation the graphical drivers aren’t installed yet. If your machine came with Windows, the appropriate version will already be selected actually, you may not even see the selection screen , otherwise you’ll be asked for the key.

You don’t have to enter it now, it can be skipped. Next order or business, custom install all the way. And now 2 things can happen: – You see no drive, nowhere to install to: that happens if we need to load the driver we downloaded before e.

In any case, this is the stage in which I like to load the storage driver, just click on “Load driver” and point to the drivers folder we had previously created. The appropriate driver, if any, will be selected automatically: After you’re brought up to the previous window, delete every partition you see. Yep, that’s it, we want a clean install, so everything must go. Windows will create the appropriate set of partitions depending on the boot architecture legacy or UEFI.

NOTE: Optane users are in for a treat, because Intel or Microsoft didn’t test things properly, the Optane configuration utility may throw an error later on about not being able to resize the last partition of the disk to create metadata. If that is your case, you’ll need to delete the last partition the recovery one and switch to a recovery in main partition scheme, or disable recovery altogether which doesn’t sound right, does it?

Then click on the empty space, and click “Next”. The first stage of the Windows installation will begin and a reboot will come next. After a couple of reboots you’ll be presented by the OOBE, the out-of-the-box experience. Now you have a series of choices and settings to go through.

It’s pretty much a personal choice, but I like to not connect to the Internet just yet, I’d rather use a local account at least at first. When you’re done you’ll be greeted with your new desktop: Now is where we could deal with the Optane acceleration if your system has it, run the RST installation and enable Optane or run into the error I mentioned earlier.

I didn’t have any Optane module in my machine because I was already using an SSD so that’s what it reads. If you weren’t presented with the option to connect to a WiFi network, and you have a laptop with a WiFi card, it’s likely that your card requires a driver that’s not provided by Windows. Here is where the Double Driver backup comes in handy. Disregard the rest of the yellow triangles for now.

If there’s any, right click it and choose to update its drivers: Browse to the “drivers” folder in the USB stick and let it do its thing, after that you should be able to connect to your network if you weren’t before.

Last but certainly not least, Windows Update. After you’re connected to the Internet run Windows Update. It will not only install the latest cumulative update but also drivers for those yellow triangle devices.

You’ll need to reboot the machine most likely, but afterwards you’ll have a cleanly installed Windows 10 system on your machine! A couple of things remain, first make sure there are no devices in the Device Manager that display a yellow triangle. If there are, those don’t have drivers available in Microsoft’s Catalog and you’ll need to download them from the support page or use one of those driver update utilities, like Driver Easy for example.

Another important thing for laptops is installing the app that controls keyboard shortcuts, which is called Quick Access in Acer systems. You can download it from your support page, but here’s a quick link just in case: v3. And that’s it, install anything you like at this point and enjoy your new system! Give some a try, you may find one that suits you By the way, activation, you should already be activated upon installing if your machine came with Windows preinstalled, but if you were activated with a digital license before, or if you entered a key during setup, you’d have been activated as soon as you connected to the Internet.

Best Answers. July edited July Accepted Answer. EXTRA: If you need to relocate the recovery image, whether you want you want to get rid of the recovery partition or you must, follow these steps to get it done. I must say I can’t possibly recommend this unless you want to have a single partition system, or you need it for Optane.

Having the recovery image separate is a good idea. Mount the recovery partition. It’s likely that the partition numbers are the same in your system, but, double check that we’re selecting the recovery partition just in case The highlighted areas are generally things one needs to type: After that, the recovery partition is mounted in the letter R.

Now we need to copy the recovery image to a folder in the C drive the operating system drive in this case , so we create it, copy the file, disable the use of the one in the partition and direct Windows to use the copy when necessary: Finally we need to remove access to the recovery partition and delete it, for which we’ll use DiskPart again: And that’s it, the recovery partition is no more and the system will use the new location instead Enabling Optane now shouldn’t give you any problem by the way, after all the last partition of the disk is now the main one and there’s plenty of space in there plus some MB we freed up from deleting the recovery partition.

July Accepted Answer. Same thing in PDF format, in case anyone finds something like that more useful to read through their phones while doing it: Cleanly install Windows July I liked the topic. I have also already installed the chipset drivers, using the.

Now, it would be interesting to try to integrate the intel rapid storage drivers with the windows iso. I’ve already managed to do this integration, but only using the video card and wireless network card drivers.

Mas estou aqui para ajudar! I’m not the cortana! But I’m here to help! If you liked my answer, mark it as a solution by clicking on yes! Aceite somente a resposta que ajudou a solucionar o seu problema! Please accept only the response that helped to solve your problem! Detection tool click here to find the serial number or partnumber of your model! July edited July October I just wanted to let you know how great this tutorial was, i am on a nitro 5 and this was the only online tutorial that ive found that actually lets people know if they have an RST premium and Optane you must downloand the RST setup onto flash drive before running Windows Setup Sign In or Register to comment.

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