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Final fantasy patron deity.The Twelve

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Final fantasy patron deity.Which Deity are you choosing for your character?


Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn.Does your patron diety choice do anything? – Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn


I would say that the patron goddess would be Hydaelyn, the mother goddess of all creation. However, I don’t think there’s any on god who is canonically the Paladin patron. . Apr 14,  · From a simple first look the deities don’t provide anything too special, but in the long run, depending on your chosen class the deity/god that you choose are going to be a useful addition to your character in one way or the other. In Final Fantasy XIV there are 12 different deities that you can choose from before you embark upon your adventure. Aug 16,  · chrono01 7 years ago #1. I know, they influence so little [only a small bonus to Elemental Attributes between them all], but I still feel encouraged to choose the “correct” one for my character. Since I’ve decided to main the Black Mage, I figured Rhalgr would be the correct choice [him being the God of destruction, carrying a bronze staff, and Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.


Final fantasy patron deity.Which patron deity did you choose? : ffxiv

Apr 23,  · Correct – the altar inside the Sanctum of the Twelve shows the symbol of your character and your partner’s guardian deities during the ceremony (one one either side), but apart from that, the only other benefit your chosen guardian used to grant was a slight native elemental resistance to that particular element (for instance, my character’s guardian, Azeyma, granted a slight resistance to. Saint Ajora was, in fact, a human host for the Esper, or Lucavi as they are known in Final Fantasy Tactics, Ultima. Saint Ajora became a prominent figure in the Church of Glabados. The Lucavi attempt to resurrect their leader, the Archangel Ultima, by orchestrating the War of the Lions and finding a . I would say that the patron goddess would be Hydaelyn, the mother goddess of all creation. However, I don’t think there’s any on god who is canonically the Paladin patron. .
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Paladin Patron Deity : ffxiv
Does your patron diety choice do anything?
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I just got into this game and struck in a character creation, since I am not sure which Deity to chose. I know that it is not significant choice, but I want it to be lore-wise.

I plan to main Hyur Midlander-Paladin seems lore-fine to me, I suppose. Which Patron Deity will fit Paladin better? One think to keep in mind is in this game, Paladin aren’t Holy Warriors dedicated to the protection of a specific god’s temples and people; they’re the elite guard of Ul’dah’s Sultanate. Yeah, I thought about that too, if there are no exact god tied with Paladins.

Choosing mainly between Halone and Azeyma for now. Azeyma is associated with sunlight and protection, seems thematically the best choice. First thought is Halone , the three immediate references that come to mind are Rage of Halone, Holy Spirit, and the shield. Rage of Halone is kind of obvious, Holy Spirit seems to have an “ice” symbol for the animation, Halone is affiliated with Ice, Halone is also depicted as “a warrioress armed with a great bronzeshield”.

Paladins aren’t “really” paladins lore wise in any sense of the word. They’re guards of the Sultana. Despite the theme of their powers, lore wise there’s nothing holy about them. BUT, with all that said, Halone is the most appropriate god for the typical interpretations of pallies. Technically the word ‘paladin’ originally specified officials within the imperial palace called the palatium , so FFXIV paladins are possibly the most paladin paladins out there.

But they do diverge from the typical fantasy Paladin pretty hard. Nodomi 2 points 3 points 4 points 3 years ago 0 children. Uldah’s got Nald’thal out the ass, so there’s nothing wrong with going with them if you want to go full on Ul’dahn what with being the sultana’s bodyguards free paladins aside and you can make up snappy one liners about balancing the books when someone dies by your blade.

Since you’re a free paladin, just go with whatever god embodies what you feel is worth protecting. Do you fight to protect your right to freedom? Bending knee to no one? Go with the wanderer. Fight to protect the weak? The protector. Fight for lo The lover. Or just pick Halone cause if you’re gonna smite people in her name lvl 26 skill might as well. Nothing quite gets a giggle like “The power of Halone compels you!

Read their descriptions, choose the one you think fits you most. You’re going to have to do a lot of reading in this game, even while mid-battle. For example, I went with Azeyma the Warden because she’s the goddess of the sun and is the patron deity of the Seekers of the Sun.

There is no patron deity for Paladins. Also, you don’t even start out as one; you begin life as some random gladiator if that’s the class you pick for starters. As someone else in the thread said, the Paladins start offering training for prominent gladiators, and you’re one of those picked.

Doesn’t matter. Pick the one that fits your character specifically, not the paladin class. Because of how you join the paladins there isn’t one specific deity that “should” be your patron.

The paladins don’t follow any specific god, they’re essentially the royal guard of the ruler of Ul’dah. Ul’dah is a big merchant city and the patron god of the place is Nald’thal, god of commerce and the underworld. But you are not a “real” paladin, you don’t work for Ul’dah. Essentially, the paladins decide to start training randoms one day, and you are one of those randoms. I would say that the patron goddess would be Hydaelyn, the mother goddess of all creation.

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Job quests get into this. Nodomi 2 points 3 points 4 points 3 years ago 0 children Depends. Just pick whatever. Your pick of deity rarely, if ever, comes up anyway. There is no such god associated with Paladins?

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