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Fallout new vegas radscorpion.Pile of radscorpion eggs

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Fallout new vegas radscorpion.Radscorpion egg (Fallout: New Vegas)


Ruby’s casserole.Ruby’s casserole | Fallout Wiki | Fandom


Pile of radscorpion eggs is a quest item in Fallout: New Vegas. 1 Characteristics 2 Location 3 Related quest 4 Notes These eggs are quest items for the second part of Bleed Me Dry. Red Lucy of The Thorn will give the Courier caps for them or caps with a Barter check. It spawns once this. Ruby’s casserole or radscorpion casserole is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas. The small and normal radscorpion can be easily killed by shooting the stinger with a shotgun while walking backwards. I killed a couple of gaint radscorpions using only a lead pipe and a building.


Fallout new vegas radscorpion.Pile of radscorpion eggs | Fallout Wiki | Fandom

Ruby’s casserole or radscorpion casserole is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas. A radscorpion egg is a miscellaneous item which was cut from Fallout: New Vegas. Characteristics. Radscorpion eggs are presumably the eggs of radscorpions. They are similar in appearance to a number of other “egg” items found in the Mojave Wasteland, including deathclaw eggs and mantis eggs, with a different color scheme. Nov 16,  · A video showing you how to find the Radscorpion Queen located at the Radscorpion Burrow.
Radscorpion egg (Fallout: New Vegas) | Fallout Wiki | Fandom
How do I beat the Radscorpions easily?
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Radscorpion (Fallout: New Vegas) | Fallout Wiki | Fandom

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don’t have an account? Sign up for free! How do I beat the Radscorpions easily? What is the best way to easily kill the Radscorpions? User Info: dessysmama. Top Voted Answer. Hunting rifle or anti material rifle. I’m surprised no one suggested a flame thrower or incinerator weapon.

Since radscorpions don’t have a ranged attack, all you have to do is get in front of one, and let the fire do its thing and keep backpedaling until they’re dead. First you could get boone his scoped hunting rifle can kill a giant radscorpion in 3 hits. Or if you cant use then one of the bug perks helps alot. For the plain radscorpions or small ones then hit them with a strong melee weopon Nephies golf club, power fist , etc. For giant radscorpions use a sniper rifle or something strong and long range if cant you better be a fast runner and have alot of stimpacks.

And thats it. User Info: DSplayer A weapon that is crazy good against them are the Legion’s throwing spears. I think their mother radscorpion didnt love them when they were little. User Info: sshina Remember just use armor piercing bullets till u pierce their armor, then start shooting with normal bullets. User Info: Gabedu Take out the legs with any ranged weapon your capable of scoring a near guaranteed hit with, 2.

If you have time before it reaches you which you should, if you crippled it effectively take out the tail so that you don’t get destroyed by venom, 3. Hit it [repeatedly] with anything that does over 35 DMG, doesn’t matter the weapon type, or if your skilled in using it. With my gun based character I consistantly finished off every type of Radscorpion with a Powerfist and14 skill in Unarmed User Info: oddthefool.

In Primm you can steal spiked knuckles, and it really is all down hill from there. Melee utterly destroys Radscorpions, especially if you are specialized in melee. User Info: DasCryborg. All laser weapons User Info: mandalorian I useually just the Q 35 Modulator because with up to 3 shots it kills lots of things User Info: candyman Anti-material rifle with explosive rounds or esther, will take out a group of radscorpions small normal and giant, and will devestate the bark scorpions and bark scorpion hunters in scorpion gulch.

User Info: aaron Gotta Shoot’m In The Head. User Info: smn The small and normal radscorpion can be easily killed by shooting the stinger with a shotgun while walking backwards. I killed a couple of gaint radscorpions using only a lead pipe and a building, Hit the scorpions once or twice then enter before they get to sting you.

This takes a while but it gets the job done. Best thing is to just avoid them when on a low level, or until you found some good weapons or a couple of companions. User Info: smashingrascal. It’s simple. Almost all the things I kill in the wasteland I kill with a scoped weapon. I have like 6 scoped weapons, 2 being some types of average rifles, one being a sniper rifle, one being an anti-material gun, and one is a 9-mm pistol. But it sucks lol. You can buy weapon mods from vendors, and if your looking for weapons or anything to do with them, my best source is Mick and Ralph’s in or near the strip.

I’m not sure of the exact location, just near the East gate. You can mod the weapons in your inventory by hovering over the weapon and pressing whatever button appears in the top right corner of your pip-boy. It varies on different consoles. I use PC, and the mod button is X. But anyways, just get a scoped wepaon I highly suggest a rifle, a scoped pistol would probably fail!

If you are far enough away then just crouch For sneak attack and damage bonus then light ’em up! If you did go far enough away, they shouldn’t notice you. But I don’t think they will. User Info: ira-talon Yeah, the Radscorpions in this game are much more difficult than the ones that are in the third game. When I was a low level, they raped my face mercilessly.

My strategy was avoid if possible, but if I couldn’t, I’d shoot until they got close, and when they did, I pulled a melee weapon out, and circled around them while hitting. That way, when they tried to sting, they’d hit where I was, instead of where I was going, making them miss.

The only problem is when fighting multiple, in which case, you’re s. I designed my special and skills around using anything with bullets. I found that acquiring Boon helps tremendously. With him and E-DE in my party, it raises my perception to 8 and highlights enemies in red while aiming. But that doesn’t help. What does help is this and doesn’t matter if you have NPC or not. I got a Varmint Rifle and upgraded with extended mags and scope.

Whenever I saw a radscorpion nest ahead, I would scout out a cliff or hill that I could get the advantage from. Remember, whoever was the high ground most certainly wins. Also, it is good to be on a hill or ledge that is steep because often times the scorpions cannot climb and will in a way get stuck. If you have access to a hunting rifle, even better, I did not start seeing those until arounf LVL 16 I want to say. Which you will need if you even want a chance against Death Claws. User Info: mightEone.

Dont do this for giant radscorpions though. User Info: Tzrobson. What i do is for the small ones i use spiked knuckles and just beat them this works for the regular radscorpions but if you have a huge group of them then i suggest that you use a weapon that cause damage like catches them in fire so you can just shoot them when they are weak to save ammo User Info: shadowreaper6.

I find a rifle aimed in Vats at their tail works well as it seems to have less armour than their body thus takes damage quicker. I used to target their body til I noticed this difference! User Info: satanjesus. If I am in a high place where they cannot readily reach me, I just chip away at them with Ratslayer and 5.

Then I fire at them with the Hunting Rifle while backing up, hoping they don’t get close enough to sting. Crippling the legs helps considerably, even if you cripple only one set. I also recommend getting Entomologist so you do increased damage to them. Bug Stomper and Lord Death also help stack the odds in your favor. Just be careful to watch for its buddies User Info: JupiterRex. If you are at the beginning try using a shotgun and keep circling around it it will never sting you unless their is more than one i havent completed the game yet User Info: Threebdog.

Take out their legs and just keep running backwards while shooting. Or you could always jump up on a rock. NPC’s can’t jump for some reason. User Info: garaak. Try using a. That is when against the normal and bark scorpions ,when their are giants scorpions try aiming for legs because the giant ones are the fastest. S they will run when in to much danger. I had Veronica fall back and stay with melee and just aggro’ed them She has a decent chance at getting a crit while your back pedaling with a handgun.

That’s if you managed to get close without realizing their around. User Info: godlikenative. You can either use an incinerator or a cowboy repeater, depending on where your preferences lie. When going into any area within the game i generally utilize stealth mode. I also utilize a varmint rifle with extended mags, silencer, and night scope, this is the most stable and accurate off all weapons within the game.

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