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Eternal conflict angels and demons.Eternal Conflict

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Eternal conflict angels and demons.Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons


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You must have the appropriate A&D Group tag activated to use the vendors. If you are an Angel activate the ‘Eternal Conflict: Angels’ Group. If you are a Demon activate the ‘Eternal Conflicts: Demons. Eternal Conflict – Grid Wide Role Playing Systems. Angels & Demons. The Angels and The Demons roam the mortal realms unnoticed, only to transcend/descend those that seem worthy to join in this Eternal Conflict. Demons seek to bring chaos to the realm of mortals while Angels seek to form order and peacee. Afterlife. This Eternal Conflict compromises of three species known as Vampires, . Participate in a duel with the Prime Evil (Demons) or the Empyrean Reaper (Angels) to test your might and to prove that you are ready to rise. In order to complete this task you will have to get the Prime Evil (Demons) or Empyrean Reaper (Angels) below 50% of their health.


Eternal conflict angels and demons.FAQ (A&D) – Eternal Conflict

Apr 21,  · The Eternal Conflict (a.k.a. “Great Conflict”) is the name for the war between the forces of the High Heavens and Burning Hells. It has since spilled over into the mortal realm. Only a few angels and demons have ever questioned their purpose in the Eternal Conflict. Fewer still have acted upon it. Participate in a duel with the Prime Evil (Demons) or the Empyrean Reaper (Angels) to test your might and to prove that you are ready to rise. In order to complete this task you will have to get the Prime Evil (Demons) or Empyrean Reaper (Angels) below 50% of their health. Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons is a free-to-play, HUD-based roleplaying system where you can play either angel or demon in Second Life. The angels and demons roam the mortal realms unnoticed, only to transcend/descend those that seem worthy to join in this eternal conflict.

Eternal Conflict
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How do I join Angels and Demons? What are the Guilds? Profession Guilds were created for enthusiast that enjoy the professions. Each profession will have its own Guild. Each Guild will decide on prices that items in that particular profession can be sold for. Also this will be the place to speak about ways to better the particular profession. There can be additional add-ons to this but for now those are the basics.

These guilds will be composed of a mix of Angels and Demons. What should I do if I have an issue? If you have an EC related issue you can contact on of the Archs or submit a support ticket on the website. How much blood do I lose nightly? Also, sometimes changing your group tag will work. Another suggestion is to keep more than one copy in your inventory. What are Relics, what do I use them for and where do I turn them in?

Tairise Relics are special items that are given for the following: — Participating in official battles — For participating in Ranks. You can get revived by an alive member of your same species. You can ask your Mentor or anyone in your respective species group. If you are not wearing your HUD, you can still get killed. No wearing the HUD simply means that you will not get any notification if you are getting attacked. How can I stay protected outside of the EC safe sims? How do I go Invulnerable?

This will keep you invulnerable for two hours and thirty minutes. Can I change species once I chose Angel or Demon? It will seem as if you have freshly joined the system. To switch species you do not need to be revived if you are dead. The kiosk will change your species and you will be alive once you successfully change. If you are an Angel you cannot feed on a Fully Blessed Mortal. If you are a Demon you cannot feed on a Fully Tainted Mortal. Will attacking my same species in Practice Mode make me Criminal?

What age do you get your 2nd, 3rd and 4th attack? Your attacks will unlock at the following ages: — 2nd: Age — 3rd: Age — 4th: Age. Can I be attacked anywhere in Second Life? If an angel kills a deviant angel they will become criminal, same applies for if a demon kills a heretic demon. When can I start fighting? You can start fighting as soon as you join the system; Though if you fight before you turn and age of 6, you will become criminal. If I become criminal, will my reputation go down?

The amount of time you attack that person depending on their rep. What is the Chain of Command? The Chain of Command is as follows: 1. The Archangels and Archdemons 3. How does the Eternal Vow raise? Can one go invulnerable only once a day? Can I help take Land Dominion of a sim if I am invulnerable? That same answer applies for working on professions. If someone sends me resources does it count towards my progressing achievements?

No, only resources you acquire yourself by mining, lumberjacking, chiseling, picking reagents, gemcutting, and etc will count towards your progressing achievements. When you get the rewards for getting Rank 2 or Rank 3 it is showing you a total amount that you are have received for that specific achievement. For Rank 1 you receive 5 relics and for Rank 2 you receive 10 relic.

Will I get credit on the achievement boards or the progressive achievements if I kill or attack a player 5 days old or younger within the system? No, you will receive no achievement credit or points of any kind for attacking or killing a member that is 5 days old or younger.

I am trying to buy an item from the vendors but it keeps refunding my Lindens, why? What Legion should I choose? What are the Officer positions? Being Criminal means that both your own species and the opposite species are free to attack you without any consequences.

By mere definition the terms Deviant and Heretic mean Choir-less and Horde-less. What professions have nightly drops and how much?

All professions lose 0. The professions that have nightly lose are as follows: — Blacksmithing — Inscription — Magery — Gemcutting — Jewelcrafting. Is there an order I should complete the skills in? There is no specific order that you must complete the skills in. Though some certain skills work together. What should I do? This means that the item is stuck on the actual backpack but is not really equipped on the server.

In order to fix this delete that Backpack HUD and get a new one from the kiosk. My jewelry bonus is not taking effect when I equip it? My magery is maxed like my Herbalism is. Can i change that to Grandmaster Mage? Can I attack or feed while Incognito? Yes, you can do anything in the system while incognito. Incognito is simply a spell effect to remove you from the perception scan when you do not want other players to sense you or hear your heartbeat if they are the opposite species.

General Questions. No, you will not become criminal when attacking with practice mode activated. For example a Chieftain is also above others that are under some other Chieftain. You are banned from the region. You must have a gemstone imbued within the jewelry for the bonus to take effect.

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