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Empire total war naval battle.Gravy’s guide to naval strategies and tactics

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Empire total war naval battle.Empire Total War Naval Battle


Naval Warfare.Naval battles are stupid. :: Total War: EMPIRE – Definitive Edition General Discussions


May 27,  · › Empire: Total War. Gravy’s guide to naval strategies and tactics. System Posts: 7, May edited November in Empire: Total War. If you want a big naval battle, you can choose to let them build up, but I prefer to control pirates and have access to the trade theaters early. Note that once the trade theaters have been cleared. Apr 09,  · If you took the time to read the description let me just say thank you. I really appreciate you clicking on my content and I hope you enjoy it. You tube is j. Jul 16,  · Empire Total War Naval Battle by skitsnack1. Publication date Topics Empire Total War, Naval Battle, Gameplay, Gaming, YouTube Language English.


Empire total war naval battle.empire total war – How do I win naval battles? – Arqade

Apr 09,  · If you took the time to read the description let me just say thank you. I really appreciate you clicking on my content and I hope you enjoy it. You tube is j. May 27,  · › Empire: Total War. Gravy’s guide to naval strategies and tactics. System Posts: 7, May edited November in Empire: Total War. If you want a big naval battle, you can choose to let them build up, but I prefer to control pirates and have access to the trade theaters early. Note that once the trade theaters have been cleared. Apr 09,  · Naval battles are stupid. I’ve just about had it with this, honestly. I’m at the point where I’m probably going to autoresolver/forfeit naval battles from this point on. I’m using Darthmod with it’s final updates etc, as well as fully updated Empire. I’ve thought for quite a while that, on H/H difficulty, the AI had some crazy dumb bonuses, but.
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Gravy’s guide to naval strategies and tactics — Total War Forums
Empire: Total War Naval Battles Guide
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Steam Community :: Guide :: Empire Total War – Naval Unit Guide

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This guide provides an overview of the use of naval forces in the campaign as well as some useful comparison information which is unavailable to the player through the game. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Ragnar Offline.

Category: Gameplay Basics , Secrets , Weapons. Languages: English. Guide Index. The Role of the Navy. Vessel Categories. Auxiliary Ships. Cannon Frigates. Carronades Frigates. Ships of the Line.

Specialist Ships. Combat Performance. Sailing Performance. Technology Advances. The aim of this guide is to explain the role of different types of ships in battle and how to get the best out of them. Where possible it will avoid restating information that is readily available in other places, and instead focus on data that is somewhat hidden from view, but has a meaningful impact on the units. The strategic context has more impact on naval battles than it does on land battles and this will be explored briefly in the guide.

In the game, armies exist to capture and defend provinces which are the core to a faction’s existence. Fleets cannot gain territory, so their role is more strategic in terms of supporting the overall position of a faction. For example, a faction with a strong focus on a single global region, like Austria, Prussia, Russia or Poland-Lithuania will not have much need for fleets in the early game.

However, Great Britain, Spain, France or the United Provinces will live or die by their ability to bring trade goods back from overseas colonies, so will have to fill more diverse roles with their navies. Broadly speaking, there are five roles that fleets need to fill in the game. Commerce Raiding. The vessels in the game can be grouped into several categories within which there is progression representing roughly the historical evolution of naval strategy.

At a battle level, historically, large vessels existed at the start of the period and evolution was more subtle than represented in game. Of particular note are Galleons and Fluyts which are available to two factions as representation of their naval dominance in – these are antique battleships which operate as tradeships and so are harder to categorise.

The pure trade ships Indiamen and Dhows are not covered. The Xebec has some attributes of a Frigate, but is just too weak to perform the role well. The Brig has stern chasers while the Xebec has both bow and stern chasers. There are two Galley types: Light Galley and Galley. They both only have fore-mounted guns and while the Galley is quite a large ship, the Light Galley is absolutely tiny. They are only recruitable in the Mediterranean and the Baltic from any port type.

Being the cheapest ships to produce they are useful for occupying friendly ports to prevent naval raids. What defines a frigate is a warship that prioritises speed over combat ability.

They can be defined by the saying “they outgun what they can’t outrun, and can outrun what they can’t outgun”. They are truly multirole and will find a lot of service in the game.

The Race Built Galleon falls into this category based on attributes however it is an obsolete design that does not benefit from technological developments – dangerous early in the game when most nations can only produce 6th Rates.

Vessels in this category. Two fast frigate like vessels are armed with Carronades, very powerful but short ranged weapons. The strength and weakness of this armament shapes their role differently to other Frigates. Recruiting Steam Ships earns prestige. Ships of the line are vessels optimised for slugging matches with enemy fleets.

They exist to exert dominance in regions, and to protect important home ports. Designed for fleet battles these are precious vessels where number count. The Galleon and Fluyt are line of battle ships from the previous centuries, employed in trade roles however retaining significant firepower. These vessels are slow, expensive and time consuming to replace so should not be risked in solo missions or far from friendly ports.

There are two units which fulfil a niche role in fleets carrying long range artillery, the Bomb Ketch and the Rocket Ship. Prestige is earned by recruiting Rocket Ships.

One important statistic that is not readily available in the game is the total damage output of each ship’s broadside. The unit cards show the total number of guns, it does not relate what size of gun nor which are fore, aft or broadside.

As a result, the difference between the firepower of a say a 4th Rate and a 5th Rate doesn’t look like much. It is also worth noting that typically the heavier guns are on the lowest deck, and as you go up the decks the guns get lighter. To get the real picture, the data files were processed and each ships roundshot damage was collated.

The chart below shows the main vessels plotted against the total broadside damage output x-axis and hull strength y-axis. Broadside damage is calculated as the sum of roundshot damage for all guns on one side. There are some key contrasts that show up when viewed in this way. There are a few different sail types across the vessels in the game, and this impact how efficiently they use the wind. The chart below shows the efficiency at different angles to the wind. Generally, the square-rigged vessels, which are the majority of vessels rated vessels and brigs are the least efficient, while those with lateen sails catch the wind better across the angles.

It also shows that Galleys and Steam Ships suffer some slowing when facing into the wind. In Empire Total War, it is not unreasonable for a faction to completely neglect naval technology in favour of army advances, based on their strategic position. As a result, technological differences can have a significant impact on battles. This section covers those technologies that impact naval combat but are poorly explained in the game.

Reload Time. How do I make sure that the ships actually hit the enemy? They tend to go way over them. VFA Warhawks 16 Jun, pm. When i played prussia i was at war with everyone except marathas. That happens when you just keep conquering and not care about your relations to others.

But Prussia has probably the best land force to handle the situation. As for ships, even when i have naval dominance i do build lots of briggs and 6th rates. I keep crossing the T with them untill i shot their masts down. This way i managed sometimes to make a fleet of over 10 spanish galleons and support ships surrender while i only had 2 briggs, a 6th rate and one 5th rate admiral ship.

The battle took me like a half day. When i have naval dominance, i have in almost every port a small fleet with 6th, 5th rates and briggs. In case of war i can instantly harras trade routes, transport troups and so on. And then some main ports with 1st rate ships one in every theater at least and many 3rd rates and 5th rates. This way you can fight wars against whoever you want. Esspecially as brits you become untouchable this way. Archduke Franz Ferdinand 16 Jun, pm.

I swear, the Marathas were friendly with me, we had a long standing trade, and they just randomly invade me just as I kill Russia haha. Some weird things are happening though, the AI is landing troops more than I’ve ever seen, after I took Sweden, they had taken Tunis which is now their capitol and now they are still alive to harass me on the sea while I cannot actually reach them xD.

This is the most entertaining campaign I have ever had, even if I am constantly being overrun by 3 stacks at a time from Maraths and Ottomans. Ragnar [author] 16 Jun, am. Archduke Franz Ferdinand – Poland could probably just ignore a navy until later in the game as they have so many land issues to resolve being surrounded by Prussia, Russia and Austria! Although I do love being the underdog in naval wars as it is genuinely an achievement to build up a navy to compete.

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