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Dharma initiative alarm clock.Dharma Initiative


What code do I have to type?.Dharma Initiative – Wikipedia


Dharma Initiative Hatch Clock free download – Multilingual Speaking Clock, Analog Clock, Sharp World Clock, and many more programs. Apr 01,  · » News» April » Dharma Initiative Alarm Clock. Dharma Initiative Alarm Clock. Jun 22,  · Dharma initiative alarm clock Lisa Katayama pm Tue Jun 22, It’s not a real product, but as an homage to LOST, ThinkGeek lists an alarm clock that wakes you up every minutes and only.


Dharma initiative alarm clock.Dharma Initiative Hatch Clock – CNET Download

Jun 22,  · Dharma initiative alarm clock Lisa Katayama pm Tue Jun 22, It’s not a real product, but as an homage to LOST, ThinkGeek lists an alarm clock that wakes you up every minutes and only. High quality Dharma Initiative inspired clocks by independent artists and designers from around the world. Natural wood or black or white bamboo frames. Four hand colors. Thousands of designs by independent artists. Clocks give you so many ways to customize . Dharma Initiative Hatch Clock free download – Multilingual Speaking Clock, Analog Clock, Sharp World Clock, and many more programs.
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Dharma Initiative Alarm Clock

It was introduced in the second season episode ” Orientation “. In , the Dharma Initiative website was launched. The logo is a circle with the word “dharma” inside, all inscribed inside a bagua.

The Dharma Initiative and its origins are first explored in the episode “Orientation” by an orientation film in the Swan Station. Pierre Chang Francois Chau , under the alias of Dr. They imagined a “large-scale communal research compound”, where scientists and free thinkers from around the globe could research meteorology , psychology , parapsychology , zoology , electromagnetism , and a sixth discipline that the film begins to identify as ” utopian social-” before being cut off.

The episodes ” LaFleur ” and ” He’s Our You ” indicate that mathematician Horace Goodspeed was in charge of Dharma Initiative operations on the Island, at least from the very early s through the time of “the Incident”. Key decisions that needed to be made on the Island were taken by a committee, which included all department heads, including Head of Research Stuart Radzinsky and security head LaFleur the name the time-traveling Sawyer was assuming.

They, in turn, answer to the Dharma Initiative HQ based at the University of Michigan , as evidenced when Radzinsky threatens to call the University to override a key decision by Goodspeed.

The ” Lost Experience “, an alternate reality game which took place in , revealed that the objective of the Dharma Initiative was to alter any of the six factors of the Valenzetti Equation , an equation which “predicts the exact number of years and months until humanity extinguishes itself,” to allow humans to exist for longer by changing their doomsday. These factors are represented as numbers in the Valenzetti Equation and are also the numbers frequently mentioned in the show: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and In , the Dharma workers based on the Island drilled into a huge electromagnetic pocket, releasing a catastrophically dangerous amount of electromagnetic energy.

This is referred to as “the Incident” and is frequently alluded to in other Dharma Initiative sources. Radzinsky insisted on drilling despite warnings from Dr. Chang about the danger. In the Swan Station orientation film, recorded in , Dr.

Marvin Candle insists that the computer at the Swan Station not be used for any other purpose, specifically to communicate with other stations. When the Oceanic survivors travel back in time to , they attempt to negate the release of this energy by detonating the plutonium core of a hydrogen bomb , causing a massive explosion that returns all of the time travelers back to The future remains unchanged, supporting Miles’ assertion that the bomb is the very cause of the Incident.

The actions of the survivors in the past cause a temporal causality loop , in which their own actions in the past were in fact the cause of the events of the future. After the Incident, according to notes on the blast door map painted by Stuart Radzinsky in the Swan Station, the Dharma Initiative’s facilities on the Island seemed to fall into disrepair.

The blast door map has been annotated about destroyed access tunnels, a breakdown in the Cerberus Security System and mentions facilities being abandoned or destroyed via other incidents or accidents, specifically one happening on October 28, , another in , and a final one on December 7, By the time Danielle Rousseau and her crew shipwrecked on the Island, in , many of the facilities on the Island had been abandoned, including the radio tower.

At no point between then and the eventual purge of its members did the Dharma Initiative attempt a search and rescue for Danielle or her crew, despite Danielle broadcasting her own distress signal on a continuous loop from the tower for sixteen years.

When the Dharma Initiative arrived on the Island, they fought with the Island’s natives, known to them as the Hostiles and to the survivors of Flight as the ” Others “. At some point prior to , a truce of some kind was brokered with the Hostiles. A series of protocols were put into place between the Hostiles and the Initiative. Several episodes mention that there was a “line” and that certain parts of the Island were considered to be the “territory” of each group.

This conflict ended in , [7] when Linus joined the Hostiles, who killed the Initiative, [5] an event which became known as “The Purge”. In , after Stuart Radzinsky’s alleged suicide in The Swan, Kelvin Inman, a man who found Desmond adrift on the beach, was still working for the Dharma Initiative in the Swan station.

This drop was made by a drone launched from the Dharma Logistics Warehouse located on the Orote Peninsula on the island of Guam. Two of the last known living members of the Dharma Initiative, known only as Hector and Glenn, had been sending regular supply drops to The Island for over twenty years. This indicates a financial structure had been left in place by the Hanso Foundation, hinted to in the Sri Lanka video, [12] to pay the two workers and keep them supplied with packaged foodstuffs and equipment sufficient to continue sending pallets to The Island in perpetuity.

They were regularly given the coordinates of The Island via a teletype link to the still-working Lamp Post station, allowing them to program the drones with the exact drop locations for their cargo. In the epilogue short video “The New Man in Charge”, [13] Ben Linus arrives at the warehouse and, after answering Hector and Glenn’s questions, shuts it down, correctly telling the Dharma workers that there’s a new man in charge Hurley [14] and their work is no longer needed as people are now allowed to leave The Island.

At the Lost panel, Hans van Eeghen, a Dharma executive, revealed that the results from the booth were “abysmal”, and a few people had been selected to view a video that had been sent from thirty years in the past. The Dharma Initiative placed nine known research stations around the Island as well as the off-island Lamp Post , most of which take the form of hidden underground facilities or bunkers.

After Oceanic Flight crashes on the Island in September , the survivors encounter several of these stations. The first to be discovered is “The Swan” which they refer to informally as “the hatch”. Nine additional stations have since been visited over the series, each with its own particular logo associated with it: an octagon , similar to the bagua design, with a differing symbol at the center.

The other structures are labeled by question marks or numbers. Two of the alleged stations are drawn with dotted lines. The 6 structures all surround a big circled question mark in the center of the map. At the top left, there is another structure a 7th structure which is scribbled out. The Swan Station’s blast door map makes reference to a light manufacturing facility, a meteorological research station, station “CVII”, and others that were never shown on the series.

CV stands for Cerberus Vent, which was revealed in secret writing on the back of one of the Lost jigsaw puzzles.

The Swan station’s blast door map claims that there was, at one time, a tunnel network that connected many of the stations. Notations on the map suggest that the tunnels started falling into disrepair in the early s, soon after the incident occurred. The Hydra is a zoological research station located on a small island roughly two miles off-shore from the main island. It is described as being about twice the size of Alcatraz Island. The Hydra facility has cages outside the station in the jungle where polar bears used to be kept.

An underwater complex was once used as an aquarium, which housed sharks and dolphins. The symbol for this station is the usual Dharma Initiative logo with a hydra in the middle, which can be seen on a large canopy behind Kate and Sawyer’s cages in season 3. At the start of season three, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are held captive on the Hydra island by the Others. Kate and Sawyer are forced to build a runway, until they manage to escape.

Also in season three episode ” A Tale of Two Cities “, Tom comments that the polar bears that used to be housed in the cage Sawyer was being held in figured out the “food” puzzle in two hours. A leather collar bearing the Dharma Hydra symbol is found near a polar bear skeleton in the Tunisian desert. Chang threatens to send an over-inquisitive Hurley to the Hydra Station to participate in their “ridiculous experiments” if he mentions a body delivered to Dr.

Chang by Miles Straume. The Arrow station is first seen in ” And Found “. In ” Because You Left “, a flashback shows Chang doing the initial recording for the orientation film, where he explains that it is a station for monitoring the Hostiles and formulating strategies to combat them.

He is interrupted before he can finish. In ” The Man Behind the Curtain “, flashbacks of the Dharma Initiative in operation on the Island show one of the members, Horace Goodspeed Doug Hutchison , wearing a jumpsuit bearing the Arrow station logo with “mathematician” written below it.

When the tail section survivors come across the Arrow Station in ” The Other 48 Days “, it has apparently been converted into a storage room. The Swan was planned to be a laboratory used by the Dharma Initiative for research on electromagnetism.

According to the feature “Access Granted” on the third season Blu-ray , Dharma drilled into the earth and hit an area containing a large electromagnetic buildup, which their drilling released. The Swan was built over this area to act as a cork.

Dharma then came up with a scheme to “dam” the leak but with the drawback that the field built up behind the dam and would eventually break it. A failsafe key could be used to permanently “seal” the leak. On the station’s orientation film, Doctor Marvin Candle explains that an “incident” occurred early in the station’s experiments.

An edit to the film, which according to Inman was made by Radzinsky, removed specific details of this incident. This event required the entire Swan station area to be sealed with a large amount of concrete “like Chernobyl” according to Sayid and Daniel Faraday to contain the dangerous energy. This caused a consistent build-up of electromagnetic energy, which resulted in a change of the station’s focus: a two-member crew, replaced every days, were instructed to enter a numeric code into a microcomputer terminal every minutes.

The station is equipped with a split-flap display timer, which is interfaced to a microcomputer terminal and connected to an alarm system.

The station is stocked with food, a record player with a collection of old LPs, a small library, an armory, a shower, and bunk beds. It is almost entirely underground, except for an entrance shaft and a concealed door possibly due to being hidden in the Hostiles territory. The station also has several internal blast doors , with a map in invisible ink on one of them.

Analysis of the map suggests no less than five unique handwriting styles, and thus five different contributors. The map has direct revision dates on it, and as well as the obvious map entry, also seems to serve as some sort of history to happenings on the island, as there are many annotations that seem to suggest the writers were attempting to locate and ascertain the status of many stations on the Island.

There are sections that are written in Latin. Kelvin Inman is seen writing in the lower right hand part of the map in ” Live Together, Die Alone “, near a revision dated for 6. There are also acrylic based paints and several murals painted in different portions of the hatch by unknown people as well as tick marks on the wall derived from them. In the episode ” Some Like It Hoth “, set in , the Swan Station is shown to be under construction in an area designated as the Hostiles’ territory, a violation of the truce Dharma had brokered with them, under the primary authority of Radzinsky.

In the episode ” The Incident “, Dharma hits the pocket, releasing the energy and drawing all metallic objects into the hole. The plutonium core of a hydrogen bomb is detonated by the survivors in an attempt to negate the energy. Here Kelvin Inman explains about entering the numeric code then pushing the button to save the world. In September , Kelvin and Desmond get into a fight, resulting in Kelvin’s death.

Desmond enters the numbers too late, resulting in an electromagnetic build-up, which causes the crash of Oceanic Flight After discovering the Pearl orientation film, Locke believes pushing the button is a psychological test, and with Desmond’s help decides to find out what will happen if the button is not pushed.

This causes all the metal objects in the Swan to fly about, and the ground begins to shake. Realizing the importance of the button Locke accepts he was wrong, and Desmond turns the failsafe key.

The sky turns violet temporarily, and the Swan is destroyed. The energy signature is detected by a monitoring station under the control of Penelope Widmore , which reported to her that they had “found it. In the video game Lost: Via Domus , the Incident Room is the abandoned laboratory revealed to be on the other side of the concrete wall in the Swan.

The room was accessed by a tunnel and a large locked door. The room contains a large reactor and other severely damaged equipment. The reactor is tilted to one side and discharging electricity as well as coolant fluid.

It has the appearance of two large electromagnetic coils suspended over a drilled shaft into the Island surrounded by severely damaged concrete.

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