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D link des 3226l.Cooling Fan for DES-3226L

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D link des 3226l.D-Link DES-3226L Reference Manual


Are you a human?.Cooling Fan for DESL | D-Link Parts Shop


Home / Cooling Fans / Cooling Fan for DESL. Cooling Fan for DESL. $ View and Download D-Link DESL reference manual online. Layer 2 Switch. DESL network router pdf manual download. The Managed Port 10/ Switch (DESL) by D-Link® provides all of the features you’re looking for in a managed solution with a return on investment that will please even the most cost-conscious network administrator. Its flexible port design provides 24 10/Mbps ports along with 2 Combo Gigabit Copper/SFP ports.


D link des 3226l.D-Link DES L – switch – 24 ports – managed – desktop Series Specs – CNET

Mar 07,  · D-Link Enterprise > DESL; Pages: [1] 2 3 Subject Started by Replies Views Last post ; New D-Link USA Website: JavaLawyer: 1 March 07, , AM by FurryNutz: Welcome! JavaLawyer: 0 November 17, , AM by JavaLawyer: DES Tagging port: qwaserdf: 0 Home / Cooling Fans / Cooling Fan for DESL. Cooling Fan for DESL. $ View and Download D-Link DESL reference manual online. Layer 2 Switch. DESL network router pdf manual download.
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Product Description
D-Link DES-3226L Manual
Command Line Interface

Table Of Contents. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Page 4 IP Interface Commands Page 6 Figure Initial Console screen. There is no initial username or password. This is the command line where all commands are input.

The switch can now be configured and managed via Telnet and the CLI or via the Web-based management agent using the above IP address to connect to the switch. There are a number of helpful features included in the CLI. Entering the? Command The dir command has the same function as the? When you enter a command without its required parameters, the CLI will prompt you with a Next possible completions The Available Commands Prompt The top-level commands consist of commands like show or config.

Most of these commands require one or more parameters to narrow the top-level command. Next possible completions: Show Command In the above example, all of the possible next parameters for the show command are displayed. At the next command prompt, the up arrow was used to re-enter the show command, followed by the account parameter. The online help contained in the CLI and available through the console interface uses the same syntax. Insert Can be toggled on or off. When toggled on, inserts text at the current cursor position and shifts the remainder of the line to the left.

Parameters none Restrictions none. Example Usage: To display the way that the users logged in Parameters none. Syntax disable clipaging Description This command is used to disable the pausing of the console screen at the end of each page when the show command would TCP ports are numbered between 1 and Syntax disable web Description This command disables the Web-based management software on the switch. Restrictions none Example Usage You can specifiy which version of the SNMP you want to use to monitor and control the switch.

The options are md5 and sha. DESL:4 delete snmp user Syntax show snmp user Description The show snmp user command displays information on each SNMP username in the group username table. Syntax show snmp groups Description The show snmp groups command displays SNMP v3 provides secure access to devices through a combination of authentication and encrypting packets over the network.

Restrictions Only administrator-level users can issue this command. The Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP , version 1, is a network management protocol that provides a means to monitor and control network devices.

Download configuration Only administrator- level users can issue this command. A value of 0 will send an infinite ICMP echo messages. The maximum value is For example, 3 would specify port 3. Restrictions none. Syntax enable syslog Description The enable syslog command enables the system log to be sent to a remote host.

Syntax disable syslog Description The disable syslog command enables the system log to be sent to a remote host. Syntax show syslog Description The show syslog command displays the syslog status as enabled or disabled. Parameters None. This corresponds to number 6 from the list above. This corresponds to number 21 from the list above. This corresponds to number 20 from the list above. DESL:4 delete syslog host Purpose Used to remove a syslog host, that has been previously configured, from the switch.

DESL:4 show syslog host Purpose Used to display the syslog hosts currently configured on the switch. The default is enabled. Example Usage The range of the value is 10 – seconds. The switch will always forward traffic to the specified device through this port.

Command Parameters config traffic [enable disable] control broadcast Example Usage: To configure traffic control and state: DESL:4 config traffic control broadcast enabled Command: config traffic control broadcast enabled Success. The switch has 2 priority queues. These priority queues are numbered from 0 Class 0 — the lowest priority queue — to 1 Class 1 — To customize scheduling to set up round-robin queue clearing, the MAX.

Latency and MAX. Packets values need to be changed using the config scheduling command. Syntax show Page Restrictions Only administrator-level users can issue this command. Example Usage: To add the mirroring ports: DESL:4 config mirror port 10 add source ports both Command: config mirror port 10 add source ports both Success.

DESL:4 config mirror delete Purpose The beginning and end of the port list range are separated by a dash. The port list is specified by listing the beginning port number and the highest port number of the range. Parameters The switch allows up to 7 link aggregation groups to be configured. The group number identifies each of the groups.

Specifies which port by port number of the link aggregation group will be the master port. This interval is calculated Example Usage: To delete a static address This mechanism is intended to allow only authorized users, or other network devices, access to network resources by establishing criteria for each port on the switch that a user or network device must meet before allowing that port to forward or receive frames.

Syntax enable Example Usage: To disable DESL:4 config Example Usage: To configure The default parameter will return all ports in the specified range to their default Network access is allowed. Example Usage: To initialize The default is Syntax create Syntax delete Restrictions None. Syntax Description This command will display all commands.

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