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Copernic desktop search alternative.Copernic Desktop Search Alternatives

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Copernic desktop search alternative.5 Best Alternatives for Google Desktop Search


Who Uses Copernic Desktop Search?.Copernic Desktop Search V7 Full Edition Free 1 Year License Key


The best alternative (Copernic Desktop Search) to replace built-in search functionality in Windows is now free. Copernic offer free 1 year license key for Copernic Desktop Search V7. The giveaway full serial license key is collaboration with ComputerBild. Save . Copernic Desktop Search Alternatives #1 Anytxt Desktop Search. Free. 0. Anytxt Desktop Search is a free-to-use and lightweight document content search application having a robust full-text engine. This extensive searching tool is helping you out to find local documents and is ideal for your desktops. The software extracts the text of the. /5 (9) Write a Review! Explore alternatives to Copernic Desktop Search that are most similar in terms of key features and benefits. Review the following Copernic Desktop Search alternatives to see if there are any Copernic Desktop Search competitors that .


Copernic desktop search alternative.Google Desktop Search Alternative for Windows – Copernic

May 04,  · If you want to search for a specific file and the native Windows 10 search box doesn’t help, then you need the best desktop search alternative. Copernic provides you with a software that allows you to centralize your document, file and email searches in a . Copernic Desktop Search Alternatives #1 Anytxt Desktop Search. Free. 0. Anytxt Desktop Search is a free-to-use and lightweight document content search application having a robust full-text engine. This extensive searching tool is helping you out to find local documents and is ideal for your desktops. The software extracts the text of the. Hi, I’ve been using the paid version of Copernic Desktop Search for many years, but bugs with PDF indexing and constant price rise, plius the turn to a subscription model, while not really providing new features, is making me look at alternative.
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File search application which assists businesses of all sizes with indexing, filed refining and contextual menus. Provides companies with the means of finding the right information wherever it is located, inside or outside the organization. View full list of Portal Software. Comments: I had used Google Desktop successfully for many years in my business despite it being discontinued some time ago.

Recently, it stopped working and I was forced to look for an alternative desktop search program. I run a media monitoring business and it is essential that earlier articles or sections thereof that have appeared in my prior reports are not repeated. Google Desktop was used to perform that checking task. After evaluating several options, I finally selected Copernic and it is now in daily use and works much better than the old Google Desktop.

It has many advantages but also challenges. The company did not offer a trial, so it had to be purchased and then evaluated. The cost was reasonable so that was acceptable. It was difficult to set up compared to Google Desktop, but then again, perhaps my computer skills or lack thereof, was the problem! The indexing process was rapid, and I could readily identify the specific USB flash drive which needed to be searched. This had been a difficult task with Google Desktop.

Copernic stopped working every few days and had to be re-indexed. I finally found out that this was my fault, as I had set up the indexing process not entirely correctly. This had never happened with Google and the indexing was simple never gave problems. I attempted to install Copernic on my second computer, but to my surprise discovered that the license was per computer.

Pros: The search results are rapid, accurate and comprehensive. The search findings are presented in date order, and useful search options are offered. I could readily set up the specific USB flash drive which needed to be searched. I do need my entire hard drive to be searched. Reasonable cost. It also updates regularly and easily.

Cons: Difficult to install and index and this was a long learning curve! A trial is not offered. The license is per computer. Comments: Probably the worst customer support I have ever encountered.

Pros: The search is fantastic and probably the best search engine I know. It goes through every single document to find all the words etc. It makes proper filing of downloaded files obsolete to a large extent because you can find anything on your computer with this search engine.

Cons: I had installed CDS many years ago, when they first came out. I started with the free version and then upgraded because I thought it was simply fantastic. After that, I had to change laptops and was unable to use it because it would not instal properly, however, I still had the license number for it. Recently, I had to change laptops again and gave it another try. Somehow it still did not work. I then contacted customer support almost three weeks ago.

I am still waiting for an answer from them today Comments: I need to search local files by name and contents, which quick contents preview. I have been using CDS for more than 12 years. Cons: It now has recurrent indexing problems on basic things. The current Indexer is unfortunately completely buggy.

After reindexing from scratch many hours of work using highest priority , it finds the expected files. After a while no more than a couple of weeks it only finds a few files.

Older version didn’t have this problem. I just reported again the situation : using a a small string in the file name find 6 files while Windows 10 find 20 files matching this string. You may think you lost files while it’s just a very buggy indexer.

It is frustrating because there are very few tools who offer speedy search, contents indexing and preview. If you want it on your home desktop, your laptop, and your office desktop, you’ll have to buy three licenses :- for a basically unsuable program. How frustrating. Comments: It has become one of the most useful tools in finding items that were done prior to my employment or from years past.

Pros: The search of not only documents but e-mails is quick and efficient. I only need to come up with 3 to 4 unique words and I get my document. Cons: Having to put the unique words identifiers in order of priority because the search window allows visualization based on placement within search engine. Pros: Searches in the background, by file type, with some control over what you do and do not wish to scan.

Once everything is indexed, response times are fairly quick. Cons: Indexing can really slow down processing times, even when it’s set to run in a minimally intrusive way in the background. We had problems with false positives and false negatives – ie: thinking something was there, then when you went to look it wasn’t the thing, and also missing strings that were clearly there.

Who Uses Copernic Desktop Search? What Is Copernic Desktop Search? Compare Copernic Desktop Search with similar products. Image not available.

View Profile. Visit Website. Starting price. Free Version. Free Version Yes. Free Version No. Free Trial. Free Trial Yes. Free Trial No. Copernic Desktop Search deployment and support.

Windows Desktop. Training Software. Copernic Desktop Search Features. High-end solution designed for effective collaboration, communication, social networking, and workflow and knowledge management. Visit Website See Comparison. BoardPro provides a smart, elegant way for SMBs and Non Profit organizations to run productive board meetings with less effort.

View Profile See Comparison. The easiest way to share files, manage projects and communicate with each other. All from a central, secure online workspace. Knowledge engagement software enabling teams to access, collaborate across, and draw upon their organizations collective intelligence. Let your clients pay online with any credit card, Square or PayPal, and get your invoicing and billing tasks out of the way. More Copernic Desktop Search alternatives.

Copernic Desktop Search Reviews Read all reviews. Overall rating 3. From 11 users reviews. Average score Ease of Use 3. Customer Service Software 1. Features 3. Value for Money 3. Review software Share your experiences with other software buyers. Write a Review! Read all reviews. Malcolm K. Overall Rating. Reviewer Source Reviewed on Bruno M. Senior Accelerator Physicist.

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