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Canon t3i magic lantern.Ready to get started?

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Canon t3i magic lantern.


What is it?.Magic Lantern | Home


Feb 13,  · This tutorial is a quick overview of how you can access your newly installed Magic Lantern menu on your Canon will also show you how to get into the H. Sep 19,  · Remember, even though this can potentially harm your camera, I would recommend this to every videographer! Here are the links you’ll need.*Firmware ht. Aug 02,  · This video shows how to install Magic Lantern software (the most current version v ) on your Canon D T3i in 4 steps. The steps are as 1. C.


Canon t3i magic lantern.

Aug 02,  · This video shows how to install Magic Lantern software (the most current version v ) on your Canon D T3i in 4 steps. The steps are as 1. C. Sep 19,  · Remember, even though this can potentially harm your camera, I would recommend this to every videographer! Here are the links you’ll need.*Firmware ht. The megapixel T3i offers HD video capability and features a new, articulating, very high-resolution LCD screen that makes for easy viewing at any camera-to-user angle. The T3 has 12 megapixels, and also shoots HD video–but this lower-cost budget camera has no articulating screen/5(39).

Etiquette , expectations , entitlement Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? News: Etiquette , expectations , entitlement Home Help Search Login Register. Avenger 2. Code: [Select]. I’d also like to maintain this thread. I’ve been around the forum for almost 3 years now and my D is still ticking and still running Magic Lantern.

Elinchrom D-Lite 4 it studio lights, some big-ass cm reflector. Unlimited German Models. Quote from: rainless on June 16, , PM. Going to do some work with my build from last year and the new one I just downloaded from a month or two ago. Looks like D has the updated installer. I’ve added some details to the OP and will leave for Avenger to make look pretty. Let’s restore ML help together! Quote from: Audionut on June 21, , AM. Well it got a new installer.

Not sure what’s needed to get the builds kicking again. I don’t recall the builds being disabled because of broken features. Users may ask: Where is this new installer? If they are following your updated information installation will fail.

Users don’t read OP’s! In the download-section of ML-homeepage I can read: “What are nightly builds? Walter, you wrote, the project ist disabled. Where did you read that? In my eyes, the D should be supported with or without maintainer-thread.

I did so today with success, all went fine. But I would be interested in an answer. Compiling with default settings does not boot on D, that’s why it’s disabled. Thanks Alex for the quick answer. ML boots on my D with the sourcecode from today. And my makefile. Maybe it’s time to upgrade the compiler on the build server since your version produces a slightly smaller binary, small enough to boot. So, there is no hope for new builds for d?

How do you came to this conclusion? Posts above indicate a solution. LU72 New to the forum Posts: Solid – zero crashes. Not interested in installing another version unless there’s a critical upgrade to ML functionality. Installing to additional SD cards for me worked well this way: 1. Remove working ML card from camera, mount on laptop, copy all contents from it to a folder on my laptop named “ML April 19 Nightly”. New card – format in Camera, then mount card on laptop no format 3.

Remove card from laptop, load it on camera. Run “update firmware” on Camera. I’ve installed ML on 3 other 32gb cards and they all run smoooooth. So you are describing something not reproducable by others and therefore misleading which is worse than useless. I don’t know who has hurt you, Walter, but you could use a bit of a lesson in civility.

You’re constantly abrasive like a disgruntled employee at a video store. You may think that because you answer to just about every post here that you’re entitled to write the things you do, but no – you’re not. Being helpful doesn’t entitle you to be a condescending a-hole, no matter what you may think. I’ll create a video showing how I’ve done it and will post it it’s going to take some time because I’ve got a ton of things on my plate. I don’t know who else has tried this and failed, but to everyone else BUT Walter, my apologies if I’ve mislead you, I promise you this works for new cards and I’ll eventually prove it.

Frank7D Senior Posts: LU72, the fact that Walter is not “employed” or paid here makes it all the more remarkable that he is so helpful. Without him or someone like him there would be a lot more people wandering around this site searching fruitlessly for information.

Frank7D, Walter isn’t the only helpful person here. I’ve learned quite a bit from reading other users’ posts and they’re helpful and cordial. Walter tends to be short and inarticulate; personally I can’t say that Walter’s posts have been the most helpful for my needs.

I’m not sure if your response here is to defend him and give him a “pass” for his tone on these forums, but I guess you’re entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.

In the meantime, I’ll just shut up and try to find time to create a video showing how I’m able to copy the contents of a working card to another as I described above. I can’t tell due to his inarticulateness. Datadogie Member Posts: I have a picture memory exept I forgot the sd card. LU72 I see no reason why this would not work. I assume you always kept the first fir you downloaded when you first installed ML. Walter I think jumped the gun and thought you only put on the nightly download. The one without the fir.

No need for the fir as long as you have used it once in the camera. Which way is best is the one that works for you. DIY Slider and crane. Hello, Full on newby here, I have a T3i, and will be using it to shoot video for company purposes. Until we purchase our primary video camera, this will be what I am shooting all video with.

I came across a youtube video that recommeded ML for the audio metering, and other features. I have a couple of questions before I do this. I realize there is risk in everything, but what would be the best process to install this? What are the real world chances of me Bricking the camera during this process? Are there any known issues with the T3i and this software?

SMF 2.

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