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Alcatel pop astro lte.alcatel Pop Astro

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Alcatel pop astro lte.Verify your identity


Shop with confidence.ALCATEL ONETOUCH POP ASTRO T USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib


Apr 28,  · Yep, it’s true. T-Mobile is the FIRST place you can get the new ALCATEL ONETOUCH POP Astro this spring. Starting today, the slick new 4G LTE Android smartphone that won’t break the bank is available at participating T-Mobile stores and online for $0 down (and $ per month over 24 months; $ FRP). The POP Astro provides an incredible value at an affordable price, offering . 15 rows · Alcatel. Alcatel OneTouch POP Astro – Smartphone – 4G LTE – 4 GB – microSD slot – ” – 3/5(56). General information mobile .Your ALCATEL ONETOUCH POP Astro is a transceiver that operates on GSM Quadband with / // MHz or LTE Triband B2/B4/B12 MHz.


Alcatel pop astro lte.Verify your identity

15 rows · Alcatel Onetouch Pop Astro Android Kitkat Smartphone White 4g Lte, 5mp Camera, ” Hd /5(22). General information mobile .Your ALCATEL ONETOUCH POP Astro is a transceiver that operates on GSM Quadband with / // MHz or LTE Triband B2/B4/B12 MHz. The operating system that drives the whole package is Android KitKat, with an Alcatel OneTouch.
Alcatel Pop Astro
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T‑Mobile first to bring ALCATEL ONETOUCH POP Astro to U.S. market this spring

T‑Mobile first to bring ALCATEL ONETOUCH POP Astro to U.S. market this spring | T‑Mobile Newsroom

Table Of Contents. Quick Links Download this manual. For more information on how to use phone or to find frequently asked questions, visit www.

Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Alcatel owner’s manual telephone one touch , , , 98 pages. Page 2: Table Of Contents Introduction The T comes General information Your mobile Page 4: Your Mobile General information Final screen will say Finished. Page 8: Home Screen Home screen 1.

Slide the Home screen horizontally left and right to get a complete view of the Home screens. The To access an application, touch it with your finger. Page 9 1. Page 10 Notifications panel 1. Touch and drag up to close it. Page 11 1. Page 12 Repositioning Apps and Widgets 1. You can move items both on the Home screens and in the Favorite To return to the Home screen, touch the Home key applications tray.

Page Applications And Widgets Menu Using volume settings menu To download new applications from applications menu or Home screen touch Play Store search for preferred applications by name, subject or category. To access Volume settings menu from home screen touch then touch Settings , select Sound to display volume controls for Ringtone; Prevent others from using your phone without your permission.

Device protection is automatically activated when you add a Google Account and set a screen lock. Even if your phone gets wiped, your google Account password will be required before anyone can use your phone. Page 15 To deactivate Select Deactivate. Touch , then touch Settings and select Security. Scroll to Protect your phone and unselect box. Page Using Onscreen Keyboard 2. Touch to view messaging options.

Touch to add a contact from saved Groups. Using Onscreen Keyboard Contacts or Call history log. Touch to enter phone number or contact. Onscreen Keyboard settings Touch to enter text. Page Text Messaging Text messaging Switching keyboards from new message screen When in new message screen and cursor in Type text message line, drag down the Status bar to Use the text messaging feature to send and receive text SMS and multimedia MMS messages.

Page 19 To hang up a call, touch or the Power key 3. Page 20 3. View and manage all of your Favorite contacts by touching Call log You can access your call log by touching from the Dial screen. Page People Touch the Menu key in Contacts screen to display contacts list option below.

The People app provides you with quick access to all your contacts. Page 24 3. You can add, remove and view groups in the Contact To add a contact to favorites, touch a contact to view details then touch to add the contact to group screen. Page 25 3. Page Messaging And Email 3. Contacts, data or other information can be synchronized from multiple accounts, depending on the applications installed on your phone. To add an account, drag down the Notifications panel touch and touch to enter Settings, then touch Add account; Page 27 Sending a text message Sending a multimedia message MMS enables you to send video clips, images, photos, animations, slides and sounds to other compatible mobiles and e-mail addresses.

Page 28 Slide show edit screen 4. Drag down the status bar to open the Notifications panel, touch the new message to open and view. You can also access messages using Messaging application, touch message to open for viewing. Page 29 4.

Page 32 Touch and drag down the Status bar to display the Notifications panel, touch the new email to view. Touch and hold a message thread to display the following options: Or you can also access the Gmail Inbox label and touch the new mail to view.

Touch to archive the email message. To manage Gmail settings, touch the Menu key and select Settings in the Inbox screen. Page Hangouts Hangouts In addition to your Gmail account, you can also set-up external POP3, IMAP or Exchange email Google’s instant messaging service, Hangouts, lets you communicate with your friends whenever they accounts in your phone. Page Clock 5. Page Calculator Touch and hold an already existing alarm and touch icon to delete the selected alarm.

Page Getting Connected To activate notification when a new network is detected Getting connected When Wi-Fi is on and the network notification is activated, the Wi-Fi icon will appear on the status bar whenever the phone detects an available wireless network within range.

You can go to www. Google Play Store is an online applications store, where you can download and install applications and Before adding a VPN, you should set a lock screen pattern, PIN code or password for your games to your Android phone.

You can also select a subcategory if Be especially cautious with applications that have access to many functions or to a significant available. Within each category you can select to view items sorted by Top paid, Top free, Top grossing, amount of your data. Page Manage Your Downloads To request a refund Update notification If you are not satisfied with the application, you can ask for a refund within 15 minutes of the purchase.

Page Multimedia Applications To take a picture Multimedia applications The screen acts as the viewfinder. First position the object or landscape in the viewfinder, touch icon to take picture, picture will save automatically. To shoot a video Camera Switch Camera mode to Video mode.

First position the object or landscape in the viewfinder, and touch icon to start recording. Page Gallery Advanced settings Gallery Gallery acts as a media player for you to view photos and playback videos. Touch to switch between filmstrip view and grid view. Touch to open camera.

Touch to return to gallery’s main screen Slide left or right to view more pictures. Page Youtube 8. Touch a video to play it. In the Playing screen, you can view information and video comments, and also YouTube is an online video-sharing service where the user can download, share and view videos. It browse links to related videos. You can also rate, share, label as favorite, create a new playlist, etc from supports a streaming function that allows you to start watching videos almost as soon as they begin this screen.

Page Video Player 8. Playlists allow you to conveniently organize all songs stored in the SD card. You can create a new playlist, add a song to the list, and delete or rename a playlist. To create a playlist Touch Recently added from Playlists screen, touch the Menu key and then Save as playlist, enter the name and finally touch Save.

Page Google Maps To move the map, drag the map with your finger. Google Maps To zoom in and out of a map, pinch or spread your fingers, or you can also zoom in by double-tapping a location on screen. Search for a location Get My Location While viewing a map, touch the search icon to activate search function. Page Star A Location Star a location Get driving, public transportation or walking directions Just like bookmarking a web address on the Internet, you can star any position on the map for later use.

Page 51 Your phone is equipped with a radio with RDS functionality. You can use the application as a traditional radio with saved channels or with parallel visual information related to the radio program on the display if you turn to stations that offer Visual Radio service.

Page 52 Available options: Settings Page 53 Page 54 Page 55 Turn on the switch to activate this function.

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