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Ace fishing wild catch guide.Ace Fishing Guide

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Ace fishing wild catch guide.Ace Fishing Hack, Cheats, Tips & Guide


Developer’s Description.Ace Fishing Hack, Cheats, Tips & Guide – Real Gamers


With My Game Guide you will learn exactly what you need to know in order to become an expert player and catch all fish types! This is a complete guide with everything you need to know about the game. – Overview & Basic Information. – Professional Tips and Strategies. – Fishing Equipment. – The Fishing Report. – Tournaments and Quests. – Fish Types. Apr 01,  · Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Cheats and Tips: The Strategy Guide, Page 3. -When you are participating in the fishing tournaments, don’t spend any of your cash to “redo” any fish other than the one that you’re supposed to catch for the tournament. Doing so will be a complete waste of ted Reading Time: 2 mins. r/acefishing: Ace Fishing: Wild Catch. Mobile game by, Com2uS USA Inc.


Ace fishing wild catch guide.Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Cheats and Tips: The Strategy Guide, Page 3 | WP Mobile Game Guides

Mar 06,  · Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Guide. Added: Mar 6th, 1. Don’t Overspend on Low Class Gears Upgrading is easy in this game. Simply pay up some coins and pretty much any gear will be upgraded effortlessly until it reaches level 6 onwards where signs of consecutive upgrade attempts will progressively fail. It costs a bit of fortune to upgrade. Ace Fishing: Wild Catch for iOS. By Com2uS Free. Developer’s Description. By Com2uS Journey to the world’s most beautiful destinations and fish for real in paradise. Jump into paradise blue and. Rockport, TX Fishing Guides, Rockport, Texas Fishing Guides, Fishing Guide along the Texas Coastal Bend offers guided hunting and fishing trips – specializing in redfish, speckled trout and black drum, deer, duck, dove and javalina hunting. Boat fishing or wade fishing with artificial lures and live bait. All tackle is provided and fish is cleaned and bagged.
Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Cheats and Tips: The Strategy Guide
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Minggu, 24 Juli Mind you, the distance between you and the fish is not an indicator of how tired the fish is. The rarer and bigger the fish, the further it will swim away and the more pulls it will need before getting exhausted.

This bar can be fille with two techniques, one is by doing consecutive spins, and the other is by getting the tension gauge to the limit reaching the P letter at the end of the meter, you will hear a sound when you do so. This can only be done when the fish has a green icon on top of it, otherwise you rish cutting off the line if the tension gauge goes off the limit. Sometimes, the fish will jump out of the water, when it does so, you will see a big arrow pointing either left or right, at that right point, you need to swipe the reel button left of right to yank the fish back, this way you will get the fish a bit more tired and gain a bit of line, which is sometimes crucial if the fish is really far away.

The amount of damage inflicted is affected by 3 factors, the rod damage score and extra properties , the booster you have loaded, if any, and the type of line as well. Having a high damage output means you will have to pull or yank the rod a lot less, thus taking less time to capture the fish. Boss fishes will swim really far away and require a lot of line extension.

This technique is absolutely a must when dealing with rare fishes, since the longer it takes to get the fish exhausted, the further away it swims, risking the line to cut off in the process. Instead try to pull in the fishing rod as many times as possible in the shortest amount of time, either by pulling the fishing rod up or yanking the fish, the objective is to get the fish exhausted, not to get the fish closer to you.

After catching the fish, you obtain a fishing grading scale;. The higher the rarity property of your fishing rod, the greater chance you have of catching a 5-star fish. Notice this rarity is different from rare fishes, which are simply fishes that are hard to come by. The longer their length, the higher their grade. Your chances of encountering a larger fish increase with a higher Big Fish Chance.

You can also pleace your fish in the Fish Tank and sell them for a higher price when they get bigger. Fish Growth rates differ fro every fish, and the maximum price and growth rate are determined by the number of stars and their Grade. Some fish can be sold for Cash when fully grown, so pay attention. Also, rare fishes yield a lot of gold, but also take days to fully grow up. Rods, Reels, Lures, Fishing Lines and Boosters are all the items you have to deal with fishes, and except for Boosters, all of them must be equipped before fishing.

You do have with you Basic Fishing Rods, Lines and Lures, these have unlimited uses, but they also have much less damage output, rarity fish caching chances and line length. For each location, you have a 3-tier set of lures and lines, two of them cost gold, the other one costs cash. When spending gold, you always have enough to purchase both a line and a lure of the same grade, because if you get a high-end lure with a regular line, chances are the fish will cut off the line because of it being too short.

Fishing Rods. Unless you are using your basic rod, all the other rods require repair every 20 uses. Rods have special properties, which increase the damage in certain fishing locations. You can reset a fishing rod properties by getting a property reset ticket a treasure chest golden ones preferably Power-Ups: common power ups increases your fishing rod or reel damage, but an advanced power up gives you additional properties.

Advanced ones cost cash, while common ones cost gold. Unless you are using your basic reel, all the other rods require repair every 20 uses. Reels have special properties, which increase the damage in certain fishing locations. You can reset a fishing rod properties by getting a property reset ticket a treasure chest golden ones preferably Lure. There are 3 tiers or lure for each fishing location. Common, Rare and High-End. Rare and High-End lure increase both the rarity fish catching chances and the big fish catching chances.

Fishing Lines. Each one having a better line tension and line length than the previous one. Unlike lures, you can actually use high tier line for lower locations. The tension prevents the line from cutting off when you reach the end of the tension gauge.

The line length is crucial when dealing with boss fishes and rare fishes. More damage is inflicted with a higher line tension. But careful, your line will snap if the fish swims beyond your line length. There are also boosters that increase your big fish chances, rarity chances and damage chances, but all of them cost a lot of cash. Big Fish Tournaments give out premium lure, lines and cash to those that catch the biggest fish of a certain type or catches the most amount of a target fish.

These tournaments can be found in all locations, and all of them are scheduled, being opened for a single time during just a few hours.

Of course, each tournament has a min level and a cap level to be entered, that always correlates to the location where the tournament takes place. There are two types of Tournaments;.

In the case of a tie, the first person to reach the record wins. The Tournament Reward will be sent to your Mailbox within 2 hours after the tournament ends. The tournament reward will be sent to your mailbox within 2 hours after the tournament ends. Quests should be your primary concern during the early stages of the game, because the XP they yield will allow you to level up fast. Main Quests. Waikiki Beach, Hanauma Bay, Lahaina Beach, etc has its own set of quests, exactly 10 quests per region.

You always get XP points and gold for completing a quest, and sometimes cash. Daily Quests. You can spend 1 cash to reset it, and also receive a reward for doing so.

The fish tanks are where you place your fishes when you decide they are worth the time waiting to be sold at a much higher price if you are willing to wait a bit more.

You can have multiple fishing tanks at once, some of them cost a lot of gold and some cost cash. You can also expand them individually, by adding new fish slots. Two tanks are enough until you reach the Mariana trenches. By then, fishes need a lot more time to grow and you will probably need a summer lake tank as well. Ace Fishing Milestones are commonly known as achievements in other games.

Each time you complete one, you are rewarded with premium items, such us rare or high-end lures. Each fishing region has a fish book, which not only contains the list of fishes you can find and that are only revealed once you actually capture them but also reward you with a special item each time you complete a tier. There are 4 different locations so far in the game, Hawaii, Lake Minnetonka, Mariana Trench and the Amazon River, with more coming soon Each location contains 3 different fishing regions, each one with its own min level requirement to enter.

You get 5, gold for the first 10 friends you get to install and play Ace Fishing, another 10, gold for the first 20 friends and 3 silver keys for the first 30 friends.

You need to connect with Facebook to invite your Facebook friends. Diposting oleh Unknown di This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items. Fishing Made Easy – Get hooked on fishing with simple, one-touch controls! Just 3 seconds is all it takes before heart-pounding action! Jaw-dropping 3D Graphics – Interact with catches so life-like they could fly off your screen! It doesn’t get any more real than this! Venture through the entire map to catch them all!

Global Rankings – Reel in the biggest fish and break records! Compete in fishing tournaments and go head-to-head against users from around the globe! Coming Soon! Stay tuned for more updates! This is a singleplayer game. Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may be refundable depending on the type of item. Ace Fishing Tips Tricks Hints.

Boss Strike — Save your best gear for Boss battles. You will need to catch the boss in every area to unlocks quests in next area. Lately though there seems to be many free gift of 5 star gear making getting stuck less likely.

Boosters — Save these for when you really need them. For example use the Big Fish Chance Booster with your best gear for catching big fish to maximize your potential. Damage would be good for tough Quests. Gold pays out more late game.

Cash — Some Boss fish and bigger ones will be worth cash instead of gold if you let them grow in a tank. You can also get cash from leveling up, quest rewards, free offers, and by purchasing it with real money. This is a good tip for catching everything.

Easy Catch — To catch many fish very easy stun them when they jump in the air and purple icon appears, then fill your power meter easier with consecutive reels. This should be done on all fish battle asap to minimize playing time and is a must during boss fights. Energy — You should save your Energy gifts when they appear in your Mailbox. This will help you keep playing when energy runs out.

Energy Drinks — These can be purchased with Cash and free offers for more Energy to play with. In reality over consumption of sugar, lacking Vitamin B17, and malnutrition are the main causes of Cancer deaths. Keys — Save all your keys for when your really having a hard time.

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