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A tale of two guardians quest.A Tale of Two Guardians

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A tale of two guardians quest.A Tale of Valor


Marvelous Musings.Destiny refer-a-friend quest hands out high five and duo dance emotes | GamesRadar+


Nov 24,  · Adorable Exclusive Destiny Quest: The Tale of Two Guardians is available on Xbox One and PS4. By Simone de Rochefort November 24, January 25th, No Comments. Sep 12,  · A Tale of Two Fathers: Silas Marner on the True Meaning of Fatherhood. At a time when many children grow up without the love of their biological father, the sacrificial love of the men who willingly fill that void demands recognition. Randall Smith recently published a two-part Public Discourse essay on Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov. Nov 18,  · A Tale of Two Guardians is expected to headline Destiny‘s new referral program, though we’re still waiting on Bungie to make the news official. [Sources: Destiny DB Tracker, Eurogamer.


A tale of two guardians quest.Question about “Tale of Two Guardians Quest” : DestinyTheGame

A Tale of Valor. Highlord Tirion Fordring at Crusaders’ Pinnacle has requested that you locate the hero, Crusader Bridenbrad at the Silent Vigil, in northeast Icecrown. His fire pit will likely be the most obvious indication of his location from the air. Dec 04,  · This is a video on the whole Refer A Friend Questline “A Tale of Two Guardians”. The Quest started on November 23rd, and we finished it on November 27th. Nov 18,  · The questline is named A Tale of Two Guardians, and each step requires you to finish objectives with a “Linked Friend.” It’s not clear how players link up, but Bungie is positioning it as a way.
Destiny refer-a-friend quest hands out high five and duo dance emotes
All that is known of the secret history of the Guardians of the Cave
Destiny’s New Quest “A Tale of Two Guardians” Info Leaked; Rewards New Emotes And More
Adorable Exclusive Destiny Quest: The Tale of Two Guardians is available on Xbox One and PS4
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I am only able to collate a small portion of this vast archive per week which I try to deliver as a Blog each Sunday.

If you wish to research a particular character or genre of stories, then the drop down menu should lead you to all the blogs related to that key category. I do hope that you can find what you are looking for on this site and I apologize in advance for any confusion or difficulty in accessing what you may require. Some journey, dust, sound, they went, they traveled, it was not hot, it rained.

They were together and yet in the rain fell shadows not is with the shining armour to rust, to decay, to stifle. There is a darkness that watches, a mind that sees. The darkness cloaks upon the road to the city of Az, can it know that its dark wall will be breached and broken, the city attained?

The darkness, threatened, is intelligent to it. The darkness can act, impede, thwart, misguide and deceive. Also, there is a distant star or are stars that watch in silence. They can neither throw rocks nor smooth the rapids. Their weapons, the seeds of invention, the warm winds of encouragement and the airs of facility.

Impartial in all but extremis. These two, neither opposites nor alike, yet ranged in opposition. The one, dark, provocative, and potent. The other, lighted, stands apart and quiet, mourning the fallen and holding the travellers in hope. All over the place, along the roadside, dust. The city of Az is on the hill, we must come to it. The city is clear, is clean, is greener in the streets. The city is heated by the air and cooled by ice, high on a hill to gather the wind and sun.

We must come to it. Down below, down below, under gradually inherent, integrated, diverse, layered, flexible, many stranded, resilient, respectful, fountain. By the road, on the road to the City, along the road, travelling along the road, what road, this road, separated, together. An obstacle, a stand or cliff or a robber, a barrier, many barriers, challenges. Put your hand to it, it sinks in like soft smoke, deathly cold. Sucking light and life away, take the hand away, walk away in pain, retire, retreat, consider.

This cannot be passed, it is entering my mind, do not enter, we must not enter the dark wall or we shall perish. Try again, new hand, cold, colder pain and hurt, numb hand retracted like death life, feeling returning. Cut it with a sword, for a moment only a slash of lighter remain to be soon closed over the sword, frozen and dropped in pain.

We must pass, we cannot pass, must break, cannot understand. Look closer to see the grey dark grey swirls of smoke like clouds of frozen dust making loose patterns, no patterns, only swirls, whorls, beyond words, only silence. No, wait! I will consider, sit with closed eyes on the saddled horse, face to the sun, face relaxed and clear of all emotion.

Hands holding the reins lightly in gloves most supple. Horse nibbling at the roadside, sitting, back straight, breathing now regular as the rising and setting of the sun, only more often. Ears, head, neck, shoulders, torso, trunk, loins, thighs, legs and feet. It is the colour of no colour, this wall, it is the smoke of the pyres of fallen warriors, slain for no gain.

Of homes put to the torch, towns destroyed. It is cold wind from hearts filled with fear beyond reason. Make a place for our union, our accord, our respect and regard. We can radiate our loves to combat this. Joining hands, ridding, reins loose, heels persuading, they joined hands, eyes closed, Vivainne at the left, Constance at the right, the Blue Knight in the centre. They held each other and held each other in their minds with love which radiated from one to the other, coursing.

The Blue Knight glowing from light, from left, from right. Entering the dark wall, shining with warmth in the dusk. Salving, saving. The smoking wall of dark dispersed into and above the airs until it was away and gone replaced by evening sunlight blowing clear, clear and bright around once more. No more dreams, no more visions, the Blue Knight sought travel to the castle that was the stronghold of the Guardians of the Cave there whence Vivainne Desegur and her beloved Constance kept their vigil for the world.

He came that he might shew to them in speech that Shining City which he had seen in his vision and speak plain of the colour of a Greener Man that he was become. As he went, the name of the Shining City was the City of Az because it held for him all things from beginning to the end. In time passing he came to the great castle, situated as it was, high, high upon an impenetrable crag there.

Climbing to it on small paths that switched this and that, he arrived to them with great welcome and feeling. The Blue Knight, Vivainne and Constance had passed together through many perils in the past to come to this future and their minds were often as one to the trials that the people of the world had inherited. After some small time in talking of his time in the circle of stones, the Blue Knight came to his vision of the City of Az and its cloaking shadow which he intended to breach so that he might come thither and join with the people of Az in their great projects.

He spoke how he expected that many obstacles would surely be thrown to his path that he might fall and fail but that it was his intention to give his life in service of the great windmills in the City of Az that he had seen in his dream. When Vivainne and Constance heard this, they talked together for some time together and then came to their friend and companion the Blue Knight. They spoke thus, saying, We have not seen this vision, nor have we heard tell of this City of Az, but in you, dearest and faithful Knight we have full trust.

If this is a journey upon which you feel that you must embark, then we shall ride with you, one on each side of you to protect you and make clear your path so that you may come through the darkness to this place of which you speak.

With this agreed there was much celebration and drinking of wine in toast. They took a last meal together, leaving half eaten flowers on each trencher to shew the mysteries and fine words were spoken. The three Knights Exemplar and Guardians of the Cave made an oath together that the purpose of each was as the purpose of all. The three were as one. When the time was passed to the day of leaving, Vivaine and Constance bade farewell to their retinue who kept safe the stronghold and three set forth unto a journey that which came to them they knew not, but through it they must come together.

Is there a star or are stars that will watch this journey in silence? The Blue Knight was tired of sleep and unwilling to dream. He tended to his horse, Prosek, and made him to saddle. He vowed to move on from this stone circle of visions and to act he knew not what. When it came, the dream was of a different kind.

A vision more of feeling than of tale. Darkness was all about in the air and in the ground. The darkness was thick to make a great figure swaying like smoke in the breeze.

It came not near but moved each way that the Blue Knight turned his head or eye, such that all was hidden in its dark. The figure, slow, made to hide the view of the knight so that he must turn his eyes, quick, quick, to look away before the darkness covered his way once more. In the corner of his eye, he perceives a light in the far distance, a spark of bright, high on a hill and he must moved there yet the great dark figure came again in his path.

Running now to the left and right, urgent to perceive this light more clear, wiping the dark from his view and vision, he saw the spark to become a shining bright city there, far, not far. Also, in the light between the dark binding him, he saw buildings, great temples for men and women in a city, with cloisters of contemplation, halls of governance and open market places most finely conceived. The tiled rooves and plastered walls all reflecting the glory of sunlight onto the productive slopes of the hills surrounding, where agriculture was sustained, and the rivers flowed clean.

Neither smoke nor effluent came from the city, all fine windmills and plaques to capture the light of the sun adorning the high places of the metropolis. The Blue Knight knew, in his heart straight, that he must come to this shining place. Sure, that he, the Blue Knight, now a Greener Man, would find warm welcome there. But he could not come out from the shadow or shake the suffocation of the darkness.

Pausing, he stood to look close at the foul dark figure who stood to prevent his journey. Clearer, when examined, it came to show many facets, each a tiny dark figure all unto itself. Each figure dressed in finery and fine cloth with the glowing cheeks. Each holding tight a purse of treasured gain, yet shielding the purse behind a dark cloak that, as many, made the darkness of the whole.

Each showing a fearful face, frighted that, if the example held in the bright city beyond might take them, they might lose their positions of power and they be levelled to responsibility for the earth and with them with all the peoples of the earth. The Blue Knight awoke with a certainty in his heart and mind that had not been present. He knew that he must come to the Shining City and if he should break himself against the Dark Figure to come safe to that place, then let it be so.

He packed away his few things and, mounted once more on his faithful Prosek, took himself away from the Circle of Visions that had found him many new thoughts. The Blue Knight entered his dreaming ill at ease. A man, the colour of a man. Sensing that all control was lost, neither sword nor spear in his hand.

He was not the master of this place. Seeing a city on the hill, smoke rising into choking air, foul water falling from its fingers. Below, a forest, down below a wood, Across the river a marsh, beyond a savannah, near a copse, under a tree, behind a bush, upon some moss. The earth, its richness, its complexity, and yes, its beauty, turning to dust whilst the man covets the colour of his blood.

Standing on the pedestal of the earth, glorying in his self, he ignores the earth at his peril. Too late, so late, maybe too late, he feels his pedestal shift and he sways, arms in the air to balance, but the footing is broken, the pillar has lost its integrity, the resilience is wasted away. Standing stiff, in fear of the fall, he has forgotten himself at last, but the sea has no fish, the sky no birds, the forest no game.

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